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5 Best Apps To Learn English Free 2023

Learn English

Best Apps to Learn English for Adults: Duolingo is a must-have for language lovers like myself. It’s the most popular language-learning app since you can study various languages for free.

Duolingo is a popular language-learning programme since it has over 500 million users and 10 million daily users. In order to teach you new words, phrases, and sentences, it first uses gamification. Daily lessons get you points.

Despite having a simple user interface and 40 languages supported, this programme might be better. Duolingo caters to English speakers, therefore the app seems unnecessary.

It’s better for youngsters and not ideal for language learners. Duolingo’s competitors seem promising. Best English apps are listed below.

5  Best Apps To Learn English Free 2023

1. Tandem

Tandem, one of the most well-known Apps To Learn English, revolutionises language learning by enabling you to learn a language via dialogue with real people. Tandem is a language exchange site, as opposed to Duolingo, which focuses on formal education.

It makes use of a chat system that allows millions of users to teach others their native languages. In addition, the Tandem app includes spoken and interactive tools for practising with a partner.

This is the greatest app for learning English speaking offline and is ideal for individuals who want to learn in a group situation. You may enhance your pronunciation by taking lessons with a partner who also acts as a coach.

In addition to the ability to connect with a partner, Tandem provides video, in-app correction, and a translator.

You may get started by downloading the app from Google Play or the App Store. To begin, register for free with a valid email address and choose the ideal language exchange partner.

2. Lingvist

Lingvist is the next app on our list of the best English learning apps. It accelerates language learning. Big data and AI map each user’s abilities and learning level and provide resources.

It’s one of the best language learning apps. Lingvist beats Duolingo because it uses numerous language analysis methods to develop concentrated course content that helps you learn 10 times quicker. Lingvist goes from a beginner to an expert level. Learning simple words and phrases is the first step.

Real-world listening and speaking practise may help you talk confidently. I like that Lingvist offers language, themed, and personalised decks so you can learn anything. Since you may study in multiple short sessions, you can choose how much time to spend learning. Users may monitor their progress and see how many words they’ve learnt.

Most importantly, switching between mobile and desktop apps is easy anytime. You may study wherever and anytime without excuse. In addition, the app may be downloaded via the iOS App Store.

3. Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone is an excellent option if you’re looking for apps for English language learners. If you’re looking for a language-learning programme, Rosetta Stone is a popular alternative to Duolingo. It stresses training in speaking that ensures total understanding.

In order to help you pronounce foreign words with confidence, Rosetta Stone uses a Dynamic Immersion and Contextual Learning strategy that combines interactive courses with its TruAccents Technology. You may enhance your pronunciation and practise speaking the language with the Stories feature by listening to native speakers. Duolingo lacks this capability, giving Rosetta Stone an edge.

To acquire a phrase or sentence’s translation, touch and hold the screen. This programme is ideal for folks with a tight schedule since you may take any of the 10-minute lessons anytime you choose, online or offline. You may always take a break from gazing at the screen by listening to the AudioCompanion courses, which I feel to be a very beneficial innovation of Rosetta Stone. Rosetta Stone is compatible with Apple Watch, iOS, Android, and Samsung devices. The registration process needs an email address in order to create an account and access classes.

4. Mondly

If you’re looking for a language-learning app like Duolingo, Mondly is your best bet. It offers 41 languages to linguaphiles interested in learning a language other than their native tongue and has more than 100 million registered members.

It’s one of the best learning apps for 2023. In order to make language learning as simple and enjoyable as possible, Mondly offers courses that are both interesting and interactive. It emphasises on your reading and writing skills in addition to your speaking and listening skills.

To enhance your learning, you will take part in short courses every day. About fifty topics are covered in each language session that are designed to help you learn the most common words and expressions used in daily life. You may also use the included vocabulary boosters to quickly learn new words. Last but not least, I like that Mondly offers real conversations so you may learn from and sound more like a native speaker. Duolingo does not offer this function.

Downloadable via the App Store, Google Play, and Huawei’s AppGallery, this best English learning app for beginners is free. The sign-up process is free and standard across all language-learning apps.

5. Drops

Still looking for the best and most popular Apps To Learn English? If you’re a beginner trying to learn a new language, check out Drops. The programme, like Duolingo, uses game elements to make learning new words and phrases fun. Drops uses fun word games and mnemonics to make sure that you remember everything you learn. With more than 45 languages and a variety of short lessons, you can take a class even if you have a busy schedule.

You can also match over 20,000 pictures with words to help you learn, which is especially helpful if you learn best by seeing things. I love how easy it is to use and how colourful it is. It also like how easy it is to learn on the app compared to other platforms, especially with the memory association exercises. Drops is easier for beginners than Duolingo because it breaks everything down and uses pictures to make sure the information sticks. Both iOS and Android can download Drops.

Final Words:

For learning a language, the apps reviewed above are the best. Babbel, with its numerous learning tools, is my top recommendation.

The software is user-friendly and offers language specialists. If you want to learn English without Duolingo, try the aforementioned apps.

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