5 Best DDR5 RAM For Gaming To Try

DDR4 has been around since 2014, so it was time for an update. Intel’s Alder Lake processors were the first generation of desktop CPUs to support DDR5. So, what are the advantages of the new standard? Significantly higher frequencies, superior power management, and the promise of future gaming and productivity breakthroughs. The greatest DDR5 RAM for gaming is still uncommon and expensive, but it provides a tantalising preview of what is to come.

5 Best DDR5 RAM For Gaming To Try In 2022

It took DDR4 two years to overtake DDR3 in terms of RAM market share. The enhancements that made it the finely-tuned memory we rely on today took place over an even longer time. We are still in the early stages of DDR5 adoption, so don’t expect the selected kits to perform significantly better than their cheaper DDR4 counterparts. However, rapid development and expanded availability may radically change this situation. 2022 is an exciting moment for DDR5, as the year has just finished.

1. Teamgroup T-Force Delta RGB

Teamgroup T-Force Delta RGB

Teamgroup enters the battle by reworking one of its most treasured memory lines. The most modern T-Force Delta DIMMs and the fastest XMP speed are distinguished by their appealing design. Suppose you can find them and are ready to pay the going price. Following the G.Skill model, it is the finest DDR5 RAM for gaming. Given the circumstances, it’s best to grab whatever you can and worry about aesthetics afterwards. However, you need not be bothered about the Delta RGB’s aesthetics. The sticks are tall, strongly armed, and equipped with a huge heat dissipator.

They are essentially identical to their DDR4 predecessor, with the exception of a few extra cutouts and a more visible illumination diffuser. The RAM on G.Skill is 4mm shorter than the RAM on Teamgroup. The majority of coolers should still fit. The term “electronic commerce” refers to the sale of electronic goods. Teamgroup deserves credit for improving the Delta’s already impressive illumination. For one, you can see more of it, and the lovely light is brighter than before. The diffuser extends beyond the heat spreader’s ends, and an R-shaped cutout adds visual interest. This kit does not support RGB management. Alder Lake motherboards, on the other side, are backwards compatible with all major board manufacturers.

Worthy Competition

The ICs used by this RAM are not stated anywhere. We know they’re from SK Hynix, therefore they must be M-die, as that’s the only DDR5 die the business presently produces. This is good news for enthusiasts, since M-die can compete with B-die in terms of performance and overclocking. Its out-of-box performance is already great, as the Delta RGB clocks in at a steady 6400MHz with latencies of 40-40-40-76.

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You may tweak these values even further by increasing the clock speed by roughly 200 MHz while keeping the timings the same. This might result in a few more points during simulated testing. However, it is debated whether or not it is worth compromising stability for a theoretical improvement of one frame per second or less in gaming, especially if you’re currently running games at 1080p Ultra in the triple digits.

2. G.Skill Trident Z5

G.Skill Trident Z5

G.Skill is one of our top DDR4 RAM recommendations. We are so relieved to see that they did not screw up the design of the next generation. The Trident Z5 has everything a generational update should have: new looks, increased performance, and a hefty price tag. Not only is it the best DDR5 RAM for gaming, but it’s also the kit to have if you work as hard as you play. Furthermore, the Z5 marks a significant advancement in terms of aesthetics. It changes the design of the Neo to a new silver and black colour scheme that looks considerably better than the original.

The series’ distinct fins are more subdued and may be seen best over the RGB diffuser. Because the DIMMs are 42mm tall, they are unlikely to interfere with most CPU cooling systems. The Z5 is available in both basic and RGB configurations. Currently, the second choice is not more expensive, so if you like vivid illumination, we recommend going with it. The diffuser is milky in appearance and does an excellent job of combining individual LEDs into a nice, continuous glow. G.Skill continues to provide the Trident Z Lighting Control application for advanced RGB customization. Aside from that, you may always use the RGB synchronisation utility on your motherboard.

Blazing The Trail

Previous high-end G.Skill memory kits used the well-known Samsung B-die, and this kit keeps the DDR5 type. This permits the kit to operate at frequencies ranging from 4800MHz at CL40 to 6000MHz at 36-36-36-96 CL timings. DDR5 runs at lower voltages; consequently, the 1.3V is essential to keep the Z5’s XMP profile above normal. An extra 0.1V is necessary for overclocking. As a result, overclocking yields minor performance increases. Nonetheless, the fact that several hundred MHz may be used to overclock the first generation of DDR5 RAM without losing timings is encouraging.

Our top three finalists for the best DDR5 RAM for gaming performance are very comparable. In contrast, the Z5 separates itself by outperforming the competition in areas such as memory latency, photo retouching, and 3D rendering. This should push you to be more productive, but it also means that if you can locate them at a lower price, our following two options are possible.

3. Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB

Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB

The bulk of DDR5 RAM is still pricey and scarce. This may improve in the future, but the fact that we include affordability as a perk for a kit that costs more than $350 indicates that the situation is dire. Corsair’s Dominator Platinum RGB DDR5 is a version of an old favourite. Expect the same RGB-awesome news with DDR5’s increased speeds and power efficiency. Although its clock speed is modest, the performance difference between this and our best DDR5 RAM for gaming is substantially less.

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Owners of the Dominator Platinum DDR4 will have difficulties differentiating between the two due to minor aesthetic differences. This memory is 55 millimetres tall, with an angled heat spreader and an unusual LED placement. For those who have a white case, Corsair also provides the new kits in white. Capellix generated quite a sensation when it was first introduced, and it remains the best RGB light.

Capellix and Dominator’s pricing makes them the best DDR5 RAM on their own. Why? Because these lights are the brightest, take up the least amount of space, and have the least impact on the power needs of a stick. Unfortunately, they cannot be configured to work with non-Corsair lighting through a motherboard, which is a drawback. The existence of iCUE for extremely delicate colour tweaks and meaningful temperature or frequency information, on the other hand, more than compensates for this.

Dominating Once More

For this kit, Corsair used the more accessible Micron A-die. Despite the fact that this resulted in an extremely low XMP frequency of 5200MHz at CL38, the advantages outweighed the disadvantages. The RAM requires only 1.2V of power to run at these levels. The LEDs are included. Overclockers, on the other hand, are out of luck because this is the highest speed that can be obtained without compromising stability.

Putting the Dominator Platinum to the test yields even more good results. It matches the performance of our major competitors in games like Assassin’s Creed Valhalla frame for frame. Even when it performs poorly, the difference is typically less than 3 frames per second at framerates in the hundreds. Unfortunately, the kit performs poorly in specific productivity tasks like as image editing. That might not apply to you.



Our brand-new top-three ranking is completed by XPG’s best DDR5 RAM for gaming. The Lancer has all it takes to compete with our top two picks, and if you’re prepared to go all in on overclocking, it can even slightly exceed both. It has the XPG aesthetic, fits any structure, and is less expensive than our predecessors. A 5200MHz kit from XPG may be available for roughly $50 less. If you want to save money for something like a new GPU and don’t mind the performance difference of a few percentage points, it’s a good alternative.

XPG RAM is noted for its unique geometric patterns. The Lancer does not fall short in this regard, since its heat spreader has deep diagonal cuts and sharp angles. Furthermore, the diffuser’s placement is fascinating. Diffusers are frequently seen in the top area of other DIMMs. The spreader covers the top towards the sides but leaves a triangle region for the diffuser to display the RGB in this case.

Unlike the Dominator’s blazing Capellix lights, subtlety reigns supreme here. The Lancer’s LEDs provide a soft light at first, and the diffuser adds a lot of dispersion. This results in an ambient glow that is possibly as striking as the brightest light display. Alder Lake is ready since it can synchronise RAM with other coloured components on any major motherboard. The 40mm-tall sticks may be used with any air-based CPU cooler or AIO.

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Unique Look, High-End Performance

The second DDR5 RAM we’ve seen uses the SK Hynix M-die. It features initial XMP timings of 0MHz, 1.35V, and 40-40-40-76, which are rather amazing. These values are roughly comparable to the Delta. Skilled overclockers may be able to match the frequency even without adjusting the timings.

However, it is possible to keep 6000MHz while tightening the timings to CL38! However, this will take an extraordinary motherboard. As an early adopter, you are already spending a premium for RAM, so the extra expense is less of a burden.

5. Kingston Fury Beast

Kingston Fury Beast

So far, all of the DDR5 RAM alternatives we’ve identified have been available in 32GB kits. You don’t need as much to play games successfully, and you probably won’t for years, so why not acquire something smaller and less expensive? This is Kingston’s Fury Beast’s goal! This 16GB kit is more expensive than comparable DDR4 options. Nonetheless, its price is half or less that of the others, putting things into perspective. Keep in mind that this is the 4800MHz base model. Other Fury Beast modules come in 400MHz increments, with the 6000MHz kit being the most powerful, but also the most expensive.

The Fury Beast’s design harkens back to when armor-like heat spreaders and diffusers had no place on PC components. This is not to say it is ugly or dull, since there is a lot going on for a 35mm high, RGB-free kit. Matte black metal with several darker highlights and square cutouts on top. If you want discrete memory without sacrificing aesthetics, this is the best DDR5 RAM for gaming right now. The lowest JEDEC minimum for DDR5 memory is 4800MHz, however some kits go as low as 4400MHz. Because there is no XMP profile to select, the kit’s default settings are utilised. These operate at 4800MHz at CL38 and draw only 1.1V of power. The die utilised is Micron A, which we have already met in Corsair memory.

Primal Potential

In comparison to rivals that are already overclocked from the factory, the Fury Beast offers additional headroom for overclocking. To achieve compatibility with the Dominator Platinum RGB, an increase of 400MHz in frequency is conceivable without introducing any noticeable timing differences. Don’t look at it as a cost, but rather an investment, because higher-tier kits will be similarly equivalent but will lack the overclocking increase of the base-level kit.

What difference does 4800MHz DDR5 RAM make in day-to-day gaming? Its variations from higher-frequency kits are negligible. However, when compared to the top-tier DDR4 RAM, it falls short. Consequently, the “gap” in games like Far Cry 6 will likely be no wider than a few of frames per second.

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