8 Best Color Apps for Designers and Artists In 2023

This article discusses best colour apps. Visuals create a more fascinating website, and a good layout may get visitors to read material beyond the main page. Good graphics require creative colour schemes to create a layout without becoming harsh or boring. You can do it using colour picker applications.

8 Best Color Apps for Designers and Artists In 2023

1. Coolors


Coolors is a tool for making colour schemes for the web. You can change colour schemes by picking a colour and changing how it looks or by picking different shades of that colour. You can make a new picture palette by adding the updated colours to a file that has already been updated. This is another option for colour apps.

2. Theresa-Marie Rhyne

Theresa-Marie Rhyne

To produce certain effects, the experiments on this blog use a variety of colour tools. Utilize this website as a resource if you wish to design a colour scheme but want further guidance on how to do so.

3. Web Color Data

Web Color Data

Users can see the colours used on different websites by using this online tool. All you have to do is enter the URL of a website to see statistics about it, such as the breakdown of colours used, the hue distribution, which parts of the colour wheel were used on a layout, and other websites with similar colour schemes.

4. HTML Color Picker

HTML Color Picker

You may precisely determine the colour code for each each pixel in a selected picture with this online tool. To start the colour code extraction procedure, you may upload a file or specify the URL of a picture. Additionally, the HTML Color Picker shows the corresponding RGB, HSV, and HEX values.

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5. Brand Colors

Brand Colors

Do you want to understand and apply the official brand colour codes presented on the website? As an online tool for such, you may utilise Brand Colors. The colours used by well-known registered brands for their products or services are listed below.

6. HCL Wizard

HCL Wizard

This article describes the Hue-Chroma-Luminance colour space, how it varies from the RGB colour space, and how to utilise it successfully for your projects. Visualise your completed product in vibrant colours with the help of HCL Wizard.

7. Color Oracle

Color Oracle

For people who are colorblind, there is a free simulator for Windows, MAC, and Linux. By showing the user what visitors who cannot view the website will see, Color Oracle makes sure that any visual content may be read by as many people as possible.

8. Colordot


Colordot, a project tool, provides colours to utilise to guarantee that a design has a uniform look and feel across the project. If the hue, brightness, or saturation values of the colours are similar, this tool will suggest patterns utilising those same colours.

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