10 Best Call Recorder Apps for Iphone 2023

Are you looking for the best call recorder apps for iPhone? This post will show you the 10 greatest call recorder apps for iPhone that you should be aware of. Call recorder iPhone apps come in handy when you need to examine a critical call several times. The best iPhone call recorder comes in helpful when you need to train customer service representatives or keep track of important information from clients.

Apple phones advertise military-grade security, and iPhones do not come with a voice call recorder application preloaded. This is also done since the free call recorder may violate individuals’ personal privacy.

It is recommended that you use a third-party iPhone call recorder app. We’ve also included a list of the best iPhone call recorder apps.

10 Best Call Recorder Apps for Iphone 2023

1. Tape A Call Pro

Tape A Call Pro

Tape A Call Pro is a free iPhone call recorder that lets you to record continuous calls and then safely save or share them. Tape-recorded calls are saved on the Tape A Call server and can be watched as soon as the call concludes. The audio call recorder app lets you record incoming and outgoing calls.

Tape A Call App’s Distinctive Features

– Unrestricted voice recordings
– You can create and preserve an unlimited number of voice recordings with the Tape A Call Pro voice call recorder.
– Recordings can be easily shared.
– Tape A Call is a free iPhone call recording app that allows you to share your call recordings via SMS or social media (Facebook, Twitter, and so on).
– Converting audio recordings to MP3 format.
– Once you’ve saved a file using this mobile call recorder, you can transmit the MP3 file to yourself.
– Simple uploading of call recordings.
– This app lets you to rapidly upload call recordings to Dropbox, Google Drive, and other similar apps.

Applying labels to recordings.

2. Call Recorder App for the iPhone by Profuse

It is one of the most popular free call recording apps for iPhone, and it can be used for both business and professional purposes. You may record outgoing, inbound, local, and global contact rapid activities with this free iPhone call recorder.

Features of the iPhone Call Recorder App.

– There is no duration limitation on calls.
– This entirely free iPhone call recorder app allows you to record calls for an indefinite duration of recording.
– Secure recording preservation.
– Profuse’s Call Recorder App for iPhone allows you to easily store recordings on your gadget as well as on the cloud.
– Save the MP3 recordings to your computer.
– You can also save recordings made with this app in MP3 format to your gadget.
– Improved client service.
– Call recorder app audio call recorder provides far superior customer service to users in the case of a complaint.

Ongoing updates.

3. Automatic Call Recorder by Arun Nair

Automatic Call Recorder, one of the most proficient call recorder iPhone apps, provides an interactive interface that novices can use to record all of their calls. This best iPhone call recorder guarantees high-quality audio recording.

Automatic Call Recorder’s Unique Features

– Sort recordings into categories.
– You can save separate recordings in different classifications to make retrieval easier.
– Editing within the app.
– This voice call recorder app includes in-app editing options for cutting off sections of your recordings.
– Integration with Slack.
– This mobile call recorder integrates well with Slack and lets you to share your recordings.
– Speech to text recording.
– This audio call recorder offers speech-to-text recording in over 40 languages.

Functions nicely with and without a connection.

4. Call Rec Lite

This free call recording app for iPhone includes a free version that allows you to listen to only the first 60 seconds of each recording.

The Call Rec Lite call recorder for iPhone allows you to record all of your calls in high quality, and there is no limit to the number of calls you may record. This app is concerned with the three-way teleconference design.

Call Rec Lite’s Distinctive Features

– Calls are securely stored.
– This audio call recorder app stores all information on its server rather than a third-party server.
– Simple transfer of tape-recorded files.
– You can email a link to your inbox and open the file on another device using this voice call recorder app.
– The ability to modify the title.
– On the Call Rec Lite app, users can change the title of a recording after it has been recorded.
– Several backup options are provided.
– Call recording may be rapidly backed up to apps like Google Drive, Dropbox, and others – Record all types of calls.
– Call Rec Lite lets you to record both international and domestic calls.

Pricing for Call Rec Lite.

5. Call Recorder iCall

Call recorder iCall is a highly rated iPhone call recorder app that lets you to record inbound and outgoing calls with a single tap. This is one of the best free call recording apps for iPhone, with excellent customer service in the event of a case.

Call Recorder iCall’s Distinctive Features

– Simple to use interface.
– You may rapidly record all calls using its one-click user interface.
– You can access saved calls at any time.
– Recorded calls are also preserved in the app and are easily accessible.
– Flexibility in making calls.
– This application can make calls using your iPhone or a personal ID.
– There is no time cap on the duration of a tape-recorded call.
– The premium edition of the iPhone mobile call recorder app allows you to record a call for the complete duration.
– Making international calls.
– This free call recorder allows users to make international calls using its platform.
– ICall Call Recorder Pricing
– After three days, you can also receive the premium variety for $749.01 every week.

6. Call Recorder Lite

This is one of the greatest iPhone call recording apps since it directly uploads your saved call recordings to the cloud. It has a 3-way call combine mechanism and lets you to share your taped calls via e-mail and social media platforms.

Call Recorder Lite’s Unique Features

– Recording unrestricted calls
– You can record an unlimited number of calls by using call recorder light.
– Sturdy controls.
– This app includes useful options such as the ability to bypass forward or backward call contents.
– Changing the playback speed.
– You can change the speed of your call recordings by using the rate modification tool.
– Recordings can be exported.
– This app allows you to easily export calls recorded on one device to another.

Ongoing updates.

7. Call Recorder- IntCall

Call recorder- IntCall is also regarded as one of the best free iPhone call recorders. This voice call recorder app records incoming calls and saves them locally on your phone. In comparison to other call recorder iPhone apps that store recordings on a third-party server, this makes your information secure.

Call Recorder IntCall’s Unique Features

– Capture national and international record calls.
– This app lets you to properly record national and international calls.
– Sharing iTunes files.
– This app’s recorded calls can be transferred to your desktop through iTunes file sharing.
– Calling within the app.
– The call recorder iphone app lets users to make actual calls via its platform.
– Each recording’s title.
– Users can assign different titles to each recording for easy storing.
– Calls are routed through a VOIP server.

Calls made through this application are routed through a VOIP server, which provides high-quality audio at no extra cost.

8. Rev Call Recorder

Rev Call Recorder is one of the greatest iPhone call recorders. There is no period cap on the length of the call that can be tape-recorded with the Rev Call Recorder. This free iPhone call recording app allows you to record both inbound and outbound calls.

Rev Call Recorder’s Distinctive Features

– Transcription within the app.
– You may even transcribe your calls using the Rev call recorder because the app can convert any audio to text.
– Multiple sharing options are available.
– This iPhone app’s recordings can be shared by e-mail, Dropbox, and other services – no ads.
– Rev Call Recorder avoids annoying advertisements, allowing you to rapidly record calls.
– Excellent recording quality.
– Rev Call Recorder provides high-quality replay without the use of call merging.
– Dates and timestamps
– While having your calls recorded in the Rev Call Recorder, you can also add timestamps to the transcription.
– Pricing for a Rev Call Recorder.
– Rev Call Recorder, one of the greatest iPhone call recording apps, is available for free download.

9. Google Voice

Google Voice is one of iPhone’s greatest completely free call recorders, and it lets you record calls without sacrificing audio quality. You may also handle additional phone functions with Google Voice, such as creating call logs and banning undesirable calls.

Google Voice’s Unique Features

– Device synchronization.
– Google Voice can be synchronized between devices, allowing you to access the app anywhere.
– Individualized settings.
– You can also configure forwarded calls, text messages, and voicemail.
– Effective search.
– Google Voice offers an effective search option for locating previous call recordings.
– Transcription.

This app provides transcription services; the transcribed document can be checked out in the app or emailed to your inbox.

10. No Notes Call Recorder

The No Notes call recorder is one of the finest free call recording apps for iPhone since it can record incoming and outgoing calls and backup them to the cloud. You can share your audio files via e-mail or social media using the application.

No Notes Call Recorder’s Distinctive Features

– Transcription of phone calls
– The No Notes call recorder lets you to transcribe all incoming and outgoing calls.
– Diction.
– This mobile call recorder app also has dictation capabilities.
– Call recordings of exceptional quality.
– Calls recorded with this app have excellent quality and minimal disturbance.
– Multiple sharing options are easily available.

Calls captured on one device can be seen on other devices using this audio call recorder.

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