Top 5 Best DDR5 RAM for Gaming in 2022

It was time for an upgrade considering DDR4 has been around since 2014. The DDR5 upgrade was introduced by Intel’s Alder Lake chips, the first generation of desktop CPUs to support it. What advantages does the new standard offer, then? Significantly higher frequencies, better power management, and potential improvements in productivity and gaming in the future. Even while the best DDR5 RAM for gaming is currently hard to find and expensive, it offers an exciting preview of what is to come.

Top 5 Best DDR5 RAM for Gaming in 2022

DDR4 finally surpassed DDR3 in terms of RAM market share after two years. Over an even longer period of time, it underwent improvements that turned it into the highly developed memory we use today. The popularity of DDR5 is still in its infancy, so don’t expect the chosen kits to perform noticeably better than their more affordable DDR4 equivalents. Rapid progress and increased accessibility could, however, drastically alter this situation. DDR5 is experiencing a time of excitement as 2022 has just come to an end.

1. G.Skill Trident Z5

G.Skill Trident Z5

One of our top picks for DDR4 RAM is G.Skill. We are happy to see that they did not make a mistake with the design of the subsequent generation. The Trident Z5 has all the aesthetics you’d expect from a generational upgrade, including new looks, enhanced performance, and a steep price tag. In addition to being the best DDR5 RAM for gaming, this kit is essential if you put in double the effort at work and play. The Z5 also represents a further advancement in terms of looks. It changes the Neo’s design into a new silver and black combination that looks much better than the original.

The series’ distinctive fins are more subdued and are best to see when used with an RGB diffuser. It is unlikely that interference with the majority of CPU cooling systems will occur due to the 42mm height of the DIMMs. The Z5 is offered in basic and RGB variations. We advise choosing the second option if you want colourful lighting because it is currently not more expensive. The diffuser, which is milky, does a wonderful job of fusing distinct LEDs into a lovely, uninterrupted glow. For extensive RGB customization, G.Skill offers to provide the Trident Z Lighting Control program. In addition, you can always rely on the RGB synchronisation tool on your motherboard.

Setting the Pace

The renowned Samsung B-die was used in earlier high-end G.Skill memory kits, and it is still used in this kit but in DDR5 form. This enables the kit to operate between 4800MHz at CL40 and 6000MHz at timings of 36-36-36-96 CL. Because DDR5 runs at lower voltages, the 1.3V is required to maintain the Z5’s XMP profile above average. An additional 0.1V is required for overclocking. As a result, overclocking produces very little performance improvement. The fact that the first generation of DDR5 RAM can be overclocked by several hundred MHz without compromising timings is encouraging.

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The top three contenders on our list of the best DDR5 RAM for gaming performance are comparable. In contrast, the Z5 sets itself apart from the competition by dominating it in areas like memory latency, image retouching, and 3D rendering. This should encourage you to work harder, but it also means that our remaining two options are viable if you can find them for less price.

2. Kingston Fury Beast

Kingston Fury Beast

All the DDR5 RAM choices we have highlighted so far come in 32GB kits. Why not get something smaller and more reasonably priced when you don’t need as much to play games effectively and probably won’t for years? This is Kingston’s Fury Beast’s goal! Comparable DDR4 options are less expensive than this 16GB kit. However, it puts things into perspective because its price is half or less of the competitors’. Keep in mind that this is the 4800MHz entry-level model. The 6000MHz kit is the most powerful but also the most expensive Fury Beast module, with other modules being offered in 400MHz increments.

The Fury Beast’s design harkens back to a place before PC components needed heat spreaders and diffusers that resembled armor. Despite the fact that it is a 35mm high, RGB-free kit, there is a lot going on, this does not imply that it is ugly or boring. Matte black metal with a lot of accents that are even darker and a lot of square cutouts on top. If you want discrete memory that doesn’t sacrifice style, this DDR5 RAM is the best option. While some kits go as low as 4400MHz, the lowest JEDEC requirement for DDR5 memory is 4800MHz. Since there isn’t an available XMP profile, the kit’s default settings are being applied. These only draw 1.1V of power and operate at 4800MHz at CL38. Micron A, which we have already encountered in Corsair memory, is the die that is being used.

Primal Potential

The Fury Beast has room for overclocking in contrast to its factory-overclocked rivals. It is possible to increase the frequency by 400MHz to match the Dominator Platinum RGB without increasing the timings. Consider it an investment, as higher-tier kits will perform similarly but lack the lowest-tier kit’s overclocking boost.

Then how does 4800MHz DDR5 RAM affect your regular gaming? The differences between it and kits with higher frequencies are hardly audible. However, there is a clear distinction compared to the best DDR4 RAM currently on the market. Therefore, in games like Far Cry 6, you can expect the “gap” to be no wider than a few frames per second.

3. Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB

Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB

The majority of DDR5 RAM is still pricy and in expensive supply. The situation is critical when we list affordability as a perk for a kit that costs more than $350. This could change in the future. The Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB DDR5 edition is an upgrade over an earlier favorite. With DDR5’s increased speeds and power efficiency, anticipate the same breathtaking RGB news. The performance difference between this and our best DDR5 RAM for gaming is much smaller despite the low clock speed.

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Owners of the Dominator Platinum DDR4 variant won’t be able to tell the two apart easily because there aren’t many visual differences. This memory is still tall at 55 millimeters, with an angled heat spreader and an odd LED height. Corsair also offers the new kits in that color for those who have a white case. The top RGB light is still Capellix, which made a splash when it was first introduced.

Due to their price, Capellix and Dominator are the best DDR5 RAM on their own. Why? Because they consume the least space, are the brightest, and barely affect the power needs of a stick. It is unfortunate that they cannot be made to work with non-Corsair lighting via a motherboard. ICUE, on the other hand, makes up for this more by providing subtle colour adjustments and useful temperature or frequency information.

Dominating control once more

Corsair selected the more widely available Micron A-die for this kit. The advantages outweigh the drawbacks, even though this led to a very low XMP frequency of 5200MHz at CL38. The RAM only needs 1.2V of power to function at these settings. The LEDs are included. Unfortunately for overclockers, this is the fastest speed that can be obtained without compromising stability.

Further positive outcomes are obtained when the Dominator Platinum is put through its paces. Frame for frame, it matches the performance of our top rivals in games like Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. At framerates in the hundreds, even when it does perform worse, the difference is typically less than 3fps. Unfortunately, the kit performs the least well for specialised productivity tasks like performance editing. You might not be affected by that, though.

4. Teamgroup T-Force Delta RGB

Teamgroup T-Force Delta RGB

Redesigning one of Teamgroup’s cherished memory lines allows it to enter the conflict. The newest T-Force Delta DIMMs and the fastest XMP speed currently available are distinguished by their appealing look. Let’s say you can find them and are willing to pay the market price. Following the G.Skill model, it is the best DDR5 RAM for gaming. Given the situation, it is sensible to take advantage of what is available and worry about aesthetics later. Despite this, you don’t need to worry about the Delta RGB’s aesthetics. The sticks have a sizable heat dissipator and are tall and strongly armed.

They differ slightly from their DDR4 predecessor only in having a few extra cutouts and a more identical illumination diffuser. The RAM of Teamgroup is 4mm longer than that of G.Skill. Most coolers should still fit, though. Even double-checking is a good idea before committing. Teamgroup should be commended for increasing the Delta’s already outstanding illumination. One is that you can see more of it and that there is more lovely light than previously. The diffuser protrudes beyond the heat spreader’s ends, and an R-shaped cutout adds decorative flair. RGB management is not supported by this kit. Alder Lake motherboards, on the other side, are compatible with all significant board manufacturers.

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Valuable Competition

There is no information elsewhere on the ICs this RAM uses. Since M-die is the only DDR5 die that SK Hynix is currently manufacturing and we know they are from that company, they must be M-die. The fact that M-die can compete with B-die in terms of performance and overclocking is excellent news for enthusiasts. The Delta RGB clocks in at a reliable 6400MHz with latencies of 40-40-40-76, so its performance is already good.

You can further alter these numbers by keeping the timings and increasing the clock speed by about 200 MHz. As a result, there can be a few extra points during the testing simulation. Even if you are already running games at 1080p Ultra in the triple digits, it is debatable whether it is worth sacrificing stability for a potential improvement of one frame per second or less in gaming.



Our newly created top-three list is completed by XPG’s best DDR5 RAM for gaming. The Lancer has all the necessary components to compete with our top two picks, and if you’re willing to overclock to the max, it might even slightly outperform either. It is more affordable than our forerunners, fits any construction, and has the distinctive XPG appeal. For about $50 less, you might be able to find a 5200MHz kit from XPG. It’s a great option if you want to save money for a new GPU and don’t mind a few percentage points of performance loss.

Famous for its strange geometric patterns is XPG RAM. This is one area where the Lancer excels, as evidenced by the heat spreader’s abundance of acute angles and deep diagonal cuts. Additionally, the diffuser’s placement is intriguing. Diffusers frequently occupy the top section of other DIMMs. Here, the diffuser leaves the RGB in a triangle area while the spreader covers the top near the edges.

Here, subtly rules supreme in contrast to the Dominator’s dazzling Capellix lights. The Lancer’s LEDs produce a soft light at first, and the diffuser significantly increases dispersion. The ambient glow that leaves may be just as impressive as the most intense light show. Due to its ability to synchronise the RAM with other coloured components on any significant motherboard, Alder Lake is ready. The 40mm-tall sticks can be used with any AIO or air-based CPU cooler.

Unique Appearance, Superior Performance

The second DDR5 RAM we’ve come across actually uses the SK Hynix M-die. Its initial XMP timings of 0MHz, 1.35V, and 40-40-40-76 are impressive. These numbers essentially match the Delta’s values. Therefore, skilled overclockers may be able to match the frequency even without changing the timings.

The timings could be made CL38 tighter while still maintaining 6000MHz, though. But for this, you’ll need a particularly good motherboard. The additional cost is less of a burden because, as an early adopter, you already pay a fortune for RAM.

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