42 ExtraTorrent Alternatives & Proxy Sites for 2023

There are many torrent sites, but extratorrent proxy is the most popular for finding new films, collections, TV shows, and music. It was created in 2006 and quickly became popular among those who want to use P2P file-sharing to download and install files, movies, and video games. Many torrent websites have been down in recent years, and they can now only be accessible using a proxy, VPN, or the Tor web browser.

That is why extratorrent proxy websites exist, to allow clients to access the original Website via these unblock services. It helps you in discovering and enjoying your favorite home entertainment on your own. It is one of the most well-known gush websites on the internet, where many websites just repeat themselves, but this one has a major impact, making it one of the most famous.

Top 42 Best ExtraTorrent Alternatives & Proxy Sites for 2023

In this article, you can know about extratorrent proxy here are the details below;

ExtraTorrents has a large collection of magnetic links as well as torrent links for a wide range of content. The advanced search feature of the overflow website was one of its most important features. There was nothing you couldn’t come up with just typing something into the Extratorrents search box.

How to Access Extratorrent Proxy Sites?

Use extratorrent proxy sites to access the internet. A proxy site is a website that links to other websites for clients. Outsiders can see that you connect to the proxy website, but not if the proxy website is sending data from Extratorrent to you.

Commonly misidentified as Extratorrent mirrors. Unofficial Extratorrent mirrors use a different web address and host code than the original site. Extratorrent proxy is a site that allows you to connect to the original Extratorrent and other places.

How to Unblock Extratorrent Proxy?

It’s hard to completely restrict every site and its proxies because there are several ways for visiting a blocked torrent site. We have three methods for getting access to extratorrent proxy websites.

Extratorrent Proxy and Mirror Sites in 2022

Unblocking restricted websites with a web proxy or mirror is an option. That includes torrent proxy sites and mirrors.

Like Extratorrent, new game trailers, TV, music, and other apps are free. That makes it a vital and popular download source. The only way to access it is through extratorrent proxies.

Rather than using other pages, this system can use. Some nations, like Canada, the UK, and the USA, have banned it owing to copying difficulties. But don’t worry, Extratorrent unblock.

Extratorrent Proxy Sites in 2022: A List of 20 Working Extratorrent Proxy Sites.

ExtraTorrent Proxy/Mirror URLs List Status
ExtraTorrent proxy 1
ExtraTorrent proxy 2
ExtraTorrent proxy 3
ExtraTorrent proxy 4
ExtraTorrent proxy 5
ExtraTorrent proxy 6
ExtraTorrent proxy 7
ExtraTorrent proxy 9
ExtraTorrent proxy 10
ExtraTorrent proxy 11
ExtraTorrent proxy 12
ExtraTorrent proxy 13
ExtraTorrent proxy 14
ExtraTorrent proxy 15
ExtraTorrent proxy 16
ExtraTorrent proxy 17
ExtraTorrent proxy 18
ExtraTorrent proxy 19
ExtraTorrent proxy 20

Extratorrent proxies or mirror sites include and; users may easily download their favorite films using these proxies. An extra factor that helps in the creation of a secure Internet connection. This is another tab that hides the IP address. In the year 2022, this gives an easy-to-open IP address for extratorrent proxy access.


A VPN is a private network that sits on top of a public network. It sends and receives info as if directly linked to another network via their computer. VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. To connect to Extratorrent with a VPN, you must create an account. However, it does not imply complete freedom or risk-free action. Paying for a VPN service with a proven track record is beneficial. Extra torrent proxy data is needed. VPN service providers should reserve restrictions and transmission capacity.

In which countries, Extratorrent is blocked?

ExtraTorrent websites and extratorrent proxies are mostly blocked in the countries listed below.

1. the UK

2. India.

3. Pakistan.

4. Russian Federation.

5. Turkey.

6. the USA.

7. France.

8. Italy.

How do Extratorrent Proxy functions?

Everyone has to use the internet these days because of the free updates. Whether you get access to illegal and reasonably incorrect video recordings and content is not a done deal. Nonetheless, you can get a lot of free stuff over the network from places like extratorrent.

With the use of such created content and solid material found in extratorrent proxy websites, it was difficult to do so in both situations. There are just a few options for doing so. Managing internet intermediaries is one of the most key ways working.

Top 42 Working Extratorrent Alternatives in 2022.


Let’s say you want to see the most recent movies as well as a variety of other entertainment options such as music, television shows, gaming, and so on. It uses the BitTorrent process to allow friend folder of its web site of gush data because it is a main interest of the most recent movies as well as the best alternative website of ExtraTorrents. To avoid a Google search restriction, the Website has changed web addresses at least once; now, it uses the to web domain as its main site, but it also uses when the main site is unavailable

The Pirate Bay


The Pirate Bay was created in Sweden in 2003 and is called ExtraTorrents’ most acceptable alternative. Users may quickly download the most recent films, music, TV series, video games, and software. They spoke with, the Pirates Bay, which tops the list of popular mentor sites, with over 300 million active users in 2017. Creating is one of the most popular websites on the internet.

Pirate Bay is a non-profit group based in Seychelles  in 2003 by Swedish pro activists. It is one of the few torrenting services that have passed the test of time and found a way to stay inside legal limits– showing that it cannot be held responsible for any copyrighted content that occurs through the platform.



There are many ExtraTorrents alternatives, but YTS is the most popular, with recent movies, collections, TV shows, and music. Since then, the site has had several different domain names until settling on YIFY Torrents was founded in 2010, and its creator is Yiftach Swery. He was a New Zealand archery champion and an app and internet developer. Most ISPs have made it illegal in some nations. Many yify proxy websites, similar to extratorrent proxy, may be found online.

In August 2011, the YIFY brand became well-known enough to support an official YIFY Torrents website. The security forces in the United Kingdom, on the other hand, were unsatisfied. yify-torrents is a backup website. I’ve been created to allow people to get around this restriction.



If you want to view an excellent torrent website, you’ve come to the right spot since EZTV is the largest and best Extratorrent alternative. EZTV Torrent is a collection of TV shows and animation that covers years. As a result of safety and personal privacy concerns, EZTV has lost some trust in recent years. For many years, the website has been effective in adding new services, filters, and far better graphics, among other things. Keep in mind that the site itself recommends using a VPN before implementing the solution.

Is EZTV banned, and are you looking for a different way to unblock it? When EZTV is blocked, there are many options available. However, EZTV Proxy & Mirror Sites are the most effective method. However, discovering the functioning EZTV Proxy and Mirror is not so easy.


Torrentz is a powerful online search tool and the most popular torrent site, with the latest movies and music collections. is a replacement for Torrentz.EU and a matching user. It used to be one of the most successful took great options. It’s a challenging and fantastic torrent meta-search engine with connections to several torrent sites, many days after the first Torrentz.EU website, Torrentz2 debuted. It has better handling with a vast 75 torrent sites in their list and an overall of 55 million gushes. Counting options such as absolute best quality voting are also available (fake, password, virus). Also also, it’s a list of most recently tested music, films, and TV shows.


RARBG is a famous ExtraTorrents alternative website. It contains a large variety of new movies and computer games. It allows you to download movies, TV series, music, video games, and more from the internet. Some countries, like the United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, and Australia, have banned it. Using a VPN will allow you to skip these restrictions, allowing you to view material with caution– but we do not support cheating. If you want to watch the latest movies online, RARBG proxy may be the website you choose to visit if the original website is down.


It is the most popular torrent site and an excellent alternative to Extratorrent. LimeTorrents has a login system that is easy, stylish, and easy. Fresh releases benefit from fast speeds and many torrent sites, while older gushes are usually ignored and become unhealthy. It’s a good backup option if the fav video streaming content  has just been shut down or is no longer available. Customers may easily download series, television shows, movies, and music, although there are a few minor issues. But, it performs better than all other sites in terms of costs because of its well-organized and user-friendly design, which provides a fantastic client experience.


Torrent9’s user experience is far greater. Using the menu selection, you may search for your preferred goods from TV shows, movies, cards, animes, melodies, and books. Aside from that, the method is extremely basic.

It’s good to remember that there isn’t a lot of society on the internet. You may, however, contact the support team with any queries you may have. It’s similar to Extratorrent in terms of features. This is a very basic internet site that allows you to watch different movies online, as the title suggests.

Fast Torrent

Fast Torrent is very different from the other torrent sites. It’s a magnet link website on the internet. It means that the website has magnetic connections from torrents of all types.

The finest of the site is clean, speedy, and simple to use. Furthermore, a brand-new thin user experience with tiles of famous series was recently shown, as well as a brand-new search bar at the top.

In addition, the website has an extensive array of magnetic connectors in a variety of designs. As a result, The Pirate Bay is a perfect option for ExtraTorrent.


TorrentGalaxy is a new torrent site, but its performance is excellent, and it provides a friendly alternative to Extratorrent. Plus, the Website is just a few months old. Its owners are excited. The site was created by previous members and workers of the former ExtraTorrent. Thus they’re no beginners to the torrent world. Even though they believe that torrents alone are no longer a choice, they’ve begun to expand their site to include digital services to bridge the gap between the two– an unsettling move for Hollywood.


It was created as a review of the 13377x torrent website, with a similar style and  features for providing premium video clip downloads. It may be used as an alternative to Extratorrent.

It’s written in black and brownish, and there are a few more mirror sites help the parent’s website. It should put it to the test.


This website features a large selection of video clip services. This is another torrent site. Films. However, it focuses mostly on HD installations. It is the most suitable replacement for extratorrent.

When comparing the file available on this system to other torrent pages, many papers are less in size. This may be a challenge to the viewers who do not want all of the episodes of a single collection in one archive; but, it may show that people who seek to keep material are help the user. Whether you want to watch a single TV episode or a short video clip, Demonoid is the place to go right now. The official web site design is not only simple to use, but it is also brand-new.

Sumo Torrent

SumoTorrent was created as a brand-new torrent platform for today. With its beautiful design and quick web service, this is an excellent alternative to extratorrent. To find the most popular function, go to the right-hand trending sector. Moreover, the trends section has the most-seeded content, allowing users who have downloaded the online content to access the proper link.


The site is unavailable everywhere; it has been blocked in Australia, the United Kingdom, and other countries. Kickass Torrent is a popular, safe, and secure torrent portal. With a VPN, you can avoid location and stay closed when accessing extratorrent by connecting with a service in a specific area.

The website is quick and creative in searching for all of your favorite shows, movies, and products. If you don’t find what you’re searching for, you may also read the remarks of over 165,000 customers on the internet.


In terms of brand-new gush collections, Monova is presently the critical overflow platform and the most formidable challenger to ExtraTorrent. As a result, Monova is one of the most widely utilized torrent systems. You can obtain whatever you want with a group and pick and choose what you want. Despite being dormant for several months, the Monova is still healing from Phoenix damage. So you’ll be able to keep up with the latest trends with the Monova. The Monova has it all: movies, sports, and games.


The only website that offers an Android device and a Chrome plug-in in addition to the internet is one of the much better options. It was founded in 2016 and indexes torrents from various sites with a global audience. Different proxy websites, such as extratorrent proxy, can be used to access it.


ISOHUNT is an excellent choice for ExtraTorrent. When Kickasstorrent was first released, Isohunt became well-known. Isohunt, being one of the most popular torrent sites, routinely informs clients about new security updates that change what happens in a peer-to-peer context. We don’t know if Isohunt will build an Extratorring Mirror Platform in the future, but you may do so now before the current Extratorrent App becomes helpful. Because ETTV and ETHD are related to Extratorrent, we may expect them to be released on the ISOHunt system in the future.


Torrentbit, while it has an extensive movie collection, is designed to share TV shows directly. There is a calendar with all future launch dates and a countdown for significant events.

Torrentbit offers a large team of people who are all prepared to provide  help, even if you aren’t sure what you’re watching. There is also a whole FAQ tab. Furthermore, you may always find multiple gushes on extratorrent.


If you are a horror fan, you may visit the Toorgle website. Given that Toorgle has the same movie collection in the marketplace as ExtraTorrent.

People commonly use the Toorgle website to publish or watch television programs and move. Furthermore, the technology only provides verified and real leak data.

As a result, Toorgle is the most effective extratorrent alternative for you. If you want to share 100 % genuine gush files, it’s also a good alternative to ExtraTorrent.


TorrentProject is a torrent search engine that works on the internet. The website collects data from many websites, such as extratorrent. TorrentProject has a very minimal web page. You’ll definitely go to the website right away to look for your favorite gushes.

The Website also promises to update its data source with one of the most popular torrent proxy websites, well-known torrent index, and niche pages. There are no other tools on the website, such as a login page or a forum.


Are they looking for a well-designed and well-managed ExtraTorrent alternative? After that, go to torrentdownloads; it’s very similar to Extratorrent. In the last five years, they’ve made great contributions. They do have a group of extratorrent users.

Customers can type the keyword phrase they want to access into the search field or hit the groups listed below the search bar to see what fresh gushes are available.


Torrentfunk has a strict policy of no duplicates to provide the most up-to-date movies. There are 720p, 1080p, and 3D versions of the Torrentfunk film. Even better, they’re in the smallest sizes, so you can be confident that your download will be getting faster.

Torrentfunk would like to offer its members good expertise in the design of their culture. As you scroll down the page, you’ll notice a bold sign promoting the use of a VPN while accessing data. Torrentfunk’s discussion page may address all the complaints.


If you’re looking for the best extratorrent alternatives, you may trust btdigg since it’s worth it to find some fake leak links on this website.

The system includes an extensive list of torrents that have been verified. Btdigg is mainly interested in ensuring that users have access to only real torrents, which is why it advises you on what to expect when a user discovers a wrong flood.


It’s a flowing internet search engine with twelve million gushes of movies, apps, TV shows, tutorials, and brief articles, among other things. Simply enter your search phrase and click get in to see hundreds of torrents.

These are the most helpful extratorrent gadgets available right now for gaining new items. To avoid promoting such sites in any way, I’ve created a list of alternative torrent websites.

For many years, has topped many of the other torrent websites. It’s possible to say it’s one of the most popular torrent sites and the closest competitor to extratorrents. .Due to its unique graphical interface and quick download, Torrent is one of the most popular websites. The finest video clips, music, and other gushes may be found in torrents.



Torrentreactor is known as the world’s most popular torrent search engine and an advanced and safe search site. It is one of the most significant links, including billions of torrent documents that nearly three loads of gush carriers have continuously downloaded.

Torrentreactor is a fast data internet search engine and a free torrent service provider. Many other big torrent sites are supported and have their own unique torrent internet search engine. Those who wish to contribute their own created gushes may do so and share them with others.



From Torernthounds videos watching online Web site, you will see and download video clips in high-definition and at the smallest possible file size. The website is designed specifically for movie fans, such as extratorrent, who regularly want to watch HD movies. It features a large selection of HD online content and updates it regularly with fresh stuff to ensure that it contains the most up-to-date information. Other types include action, wit, fight, battling, romance, and various others. Each division has its own set of options.



Bitlove is one of the majority’s first top item players, as well as one of the best players to ever play the role. The good news is that Bitlove is back after a short time of absence. It makes our list of the top options for extratorrent not only as a powerful torrent archive but also as a control system with a clean look.

Several Internet solution providers have reached a small positive head-up-Bitlove in the past. It means that you will not be able to visit a website since your ISP has blocked it. The VPN, on the other hand, will very probably be successful in unblocking the tab.

Library Genesis


Library Genesis is a simple search engine for finding items and e-books on various topics. The Library Genesis is often referred to as the LibGen. The Search Engine is free to use and offers thousands of e-books and daily updates of fresh content to give you a detailed and practical journey.


While the website is not well-designed, it is one of the most engaging for its neatness and attention to detail in the gushes it employs. Unlike extratorrent, the system allows you to sign up and join its group by sending signals on the news linking to flows or by offering brand-new torrents. Each team’s top 10 gushes are available as well.


It was founded in 2003 and has since been one of the first popular websites to provide streams for almost every class, including television shows, music, movies, and other products. It includes a friendly, easy-to-use interface, as well as magnet links for your fav gush searches.

Torrents in movies, television, software, video games, anime, and novels are one of the most popular. Download torrents, movies, music, video games, software applications, television shows, and a variety of other files. For free, you can get a verified BitTorrent. It is one of the most useful and also functional extratorrent options.


Not all torrent sites are as similar as you would imagine. Based on what you’re searching for, each includes a checklist of tests. On the other hand, slight differences in data identify different internet search engines. The home screen has a very standard interface with a visible search bar when it comes to torrent clients. However, you’ll be surprised to discover that there’s another level that’s just as extratorrent.

The main feature, Torrentseeker, is a helpful tool for managing search results. You can include, remove, and arrange the search engine results in various languages. You may also decide at some time whether you want to display the most critical or most recent information first.


Glodls provides its users with over 3 million tested torrents over a range of categories such as sports, films, and television series, among others, Glodls is a popular alternative to kickass torrents, and torrent fans will likely check it out right away.


Suppose you’re looking for an excellent response to a Movcr leader. It first debuted in 2008 and has since become a neighborhood favorite. A 10 million gusher, it is constantly improved and purified. Neither can a Movcr sell an SDK.



Torrentking is a great place to get TV shows, movies, video games, and software. This is a fantastic website. It has a lot of buzz on the internet. It does not force people to sign up. Gush is available for download via the magnet web link.


Torrentcouch is a public torrent site that provides media files, among other things. The shocks of Torrentcouch are the website’s foundation and online content, the structure of each flow, and its own detailed explanation. If you are unable to use any extratorrent proxy, Torrentcouch is a good alternative.


It’s almost completely hype, and you can find it at Megapeer if you’re looking for the latest movies or video games. It shows you every well-known activity and provides the most useful simple installation links for your favorite stuff, such as extratorrent me. The website’s browser is similar to that of a normal internet site, making it simple to search and download everything you want while on the go.

LegitTorrent/ Welltorrent

You may search, download, and install everything for free using legal downloads. LegitTorrents is one of the top kickass websites, even if your staff does not install the system on a regular basis. Visitors must test it out in order to look for such papers that are legally available.



Pirateiro has been around for a long time, but it was only recently identified as one of the top extra torrent eu options. It quickly grew in size due to the excellent quality it provides and the significant data source. If you are unable to run Pirateiro, it provides a wealth of material from many methods. The current flow deal’s health and wellness example offer a lot supplied by LimeTorrents to its clients. You may use these data to see if the content you’re downloading is worth sacrificing time and energy.


MagnetDL time is more of a filtration system service that uses P2P methods to gather data from torrenting websites than a torrent system in general. It is a one-of-a-kind and user-friendly design that allows you to download HD and SD popular films and TV series without buffering or delays. Using a MagnetDL, you may access your favorite stuff even if it is restricted in some countries around the world. The brand-new movie clip product is available for free via excellent kickass alternatives as well as a fantastic video service.


Zooqle is a top-ranked ExtraTorrents alternative site. It is simple to set up and offers high-speed, high-quality service. There are over 37000 movies and 600 TV programs to choose from. It enables users to search for the most recent video clips, collections, TV series, music, and computer games. Zooqle already has many loyal users, and it will likely continue to develop at a quick rate in the future. Finally, you may get almost everything from this website.

Because of brilliant web piracy and copyright laws, I’m sure that’s why you’re all still in love with zooqle. Several IP’s has banned zooqle. As a result, zooqle is unavailable to a lot of customers. If you’re one of them, you’ve come to the right place.

Is Extratorret Illegal?

Several states have strict charges on torrenting websites, and you could believe that all kinds of extratorrent com torrent are illegal. However, uploading is not unlawful in and of itself. Planting and download are generally legal, except for copyrighted material. Extratorrent proxy sites choose in the same way.

Why Use a VPN to Access ExtraTorrent Proxy?

A VPN can keep you safe from viruses and let you get around annoying downloads limitations, prevents, and ISP throttling. To get access to ExtraTorrent alternatives, some aspects need users to use a VPN.

Unblock connections necessary pages, for example. Stay out of the way, protect yourself from viruses, avoid blocking, and protect your privacy. Finally, we can say that we only use a VPN for security reasons.

The Best VPNs for Torrenting (Extratorrent VPNs) There are a few crucial qualities to look for when looking for a VPN to use with an ExtraTorrent alternative: Peer-to-peer (P2P) servers (P2P), Unblocking skills that are second to none. Unimaginably high speeds, Pro software is a tool that identifies and protects against viruses and adheres to a strict no-logs policy.

We recommend a few of the best VPNs for viewing ExtraTorrent options.


NordVPN is the best provider of personal virtual private network (VPN) services. It features desktop versions for Windows, macOS, and Linux, as well as mobile apps for Android and iOS and an Android TV app. For wireless routers, NAS devices, and other systems, manual setup is available. We can visit the extratorrent cc unblocked site with the help of a VPN. You may use this to easily search extratorrent proxies and download tv series, movies, games, and other content.


ExpressVPN removes content restrictions and limitations to provide unrestricted access to video, music, social media, and more from anywhere in the globe. It cleans it up extratorrent site as it detects it.


Cyberghost has features such as an easily available block website, unblock subscription services, secure P2P Torrenting, and better online deals.


These 40 extratorrents selections will keep you happy and active with all of the content you want. The fact that torrent sites have been closing down is an unhappy truth. Most of us will need to change to extratorrents to have more alternatives. When looking for gushes, there are always other options. It may stop it from being used as a VPN in some countries. We may use an extratorrent proxy and receive access to unblock extratorrent with the support of a VPN. VPN stands for virtual private network, and it offers the most OK privacy.

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