43 Best Hotstar Alternatives To Watch TV Shows & Sports 2023

Are  you trying to find Hotstar substitutes? If you’re looking for the greatest Hotstar alternative, you find to come to the right place. Star India Private Limited and Novi Digital Entertainment Private Limited created the internet video streaming service known as Hotstar. On Hotstar us, we can watch a wide variety of TV series, movies, and even cricket events. Users can visit the hosted content by using the app (download the Hotstar app here) or the website. Even if you’re looking for a Hotstar substitute, keep reading since the best one is at the end.

All TV and video fans should turn to Hotstar as their best resource. With the help of this app, users can watch live games, videos from across the world, TV series, and much more in 17 different languages. Thanks to its user-friendly layout, Hotstar usa is accessible to everyone, everywhere, and at any time. To do this, all you need is a smart smartphone with an internet connection.

The finest app across all operating platforms, including Android, iOS, and PC, is Hotstar in usa. You can watch free channels including Star Plus, Star Bharat, Star Sports, Fox Life, Star World, Nat Geo, HBO, Star Maa, and many others. To access more features, you can alternatively select the premium edition of disney plus Hotstar. blockbuster movies before they were released, ad-free TV series, and much more.

43 Best Hotstar Alternatives To Watch TV Shows & Sports

1. SonyLIV


Still in need of the top Hotstar Alternatives in 2022? You may watch free movies, TV series, and sports on Sonyliv! You may watch live games of many sports, including cricket, football, WWE, and Hotstar UFC, online. Here are a few of the most well-known sporting competitions in the world. Subscribers to SonyLiv have access to a vast library of well-liked movies, TV shows, and sporting events. On the other side, some users are not happy with the website because it does not provide any free content. As a result, you will need to pay if you want to see the best content.

2. Stream2Watch


One of the best Hotstar alternatives is Stream2Watch when it comes to living sports streaming. You may watch all of your favorite sports on it. Sporting events can be viewed live and for free by viewers. On the website, you are still able to watch live sporting events even if you don’t have an account. Just click one of the supplied links to start streaming an event. Usually, you may watch live streaming on this website. It offers links to numerous websites where users can watch sports online.

But many of the links on the website go to advertisements human hotstar. This free instance relates to the website’s ability to permit users to upload content at no charge. One of the finest places to go is Stream2Watch if you want to watch free live sports.

3. LiveTV


If you like to watch live sports, it’s a great alternative to Hotstar. The LiveTV platform provides information to viewers about forthcoming sporting events, past game results, live streaming, and other topics. Not just a few, but all nations on the planet have access to it. Additionally, this website provides places for fans to discuss any sport.

You can view live athletic events on LiveTV without needing to register, in addition. LiveTV also provides mobile apps for iOS and Android hotstar app download, making it simple to stay current on sports news wherever you are. Before using any of the streaming links on our page, make sure you have read them all. During the streaming process, pop-ups and advertisements may appear.

4. Sportsurge


One of the best Hotstar alternatives, Sportsurge, provides free live sports streaming. It is one more website in a growing list that provides free live streaming. One of the many exciting sporting events is an option for viewers. The site’s extensive calendar allows you to look at events from the past, as well as those that are happening now and those that will in the future. If you have a high-definition television, you can watch the most recent athletic events.

It is a fantastic platform for real-time viewing of sporting events hotstar customer service. One of the main selling aspects of this sports streaming service is the dearth of advertisements. It can be highly rewarding to watch sporting events and competitions live.

5. Facebook Watch


Because it enables users to watch free sports highlights, Facebook Watch is one of the best Hotstar alternatives. You can look for videos of a range of sports. You might wish to discuss the sports videos you view online with other people after you watch them.

Additionally, it is possible to comment and share videos submitted on the site by other users. Users can watch sports-related video content on Facebook Watch, a user-simple, and a cost-free social media platform hotstar telugu movies. It is a similar video-sharing website to YouTube, albeit with fewer features.

6. FromHot


Are you looking for the best websites to watch live sports events online that are similar to Hotstar and other choices? Links to a huge selection of live sporting events are gathered by FromHot, a large and free streaming service. They are categorized and made publicly accessible for public inspection.

This section is an excellent place to start if you are viewing live television on other websites, so take a look at it. Since fromhot is an indexing site, it does not possess this information and will not give it to you. A link to an event will instead take you to a different website where you can view it.

7. LiveSoccerTV


You may watch videos from several sources for free on Live Soccer. On the internet, you may watch a wide variety of sports for free. For instance, you may watch cricket, rugby, and soccer tournaments if you sign up for a live sports streaming service hotstar best movies. This website also provides information about upcoming sporting events.

One of the most trusted Hotstar alternatives for watching live sports is LiveSoccerTV. This strategy will offer free internet access to a variety of sporting events. You may register sports videos on our website without even registering for free, by the way!

8. Streamhunter


A flexible and reliable sports streaming service, StreamHunter is regularly updated and arranged to make it simple to find the most recent live events and sports videos. Additionally, the website is made to help you easily track every game on your tablet, smartphone, or computer system and doesn’t limit information based on where you are. The site’s user interface is easy and simple to use, and you may use it to connect with a range of sports enthusiasts.

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USTVGO is the name of the simplified 123TV version. Although both sites offer live streaming from US television networks, USTVGO scores better than Hotstar since it is simpler to use despite having a less appealing site. Access to multiple networks, including Fox Sports, YES Network, Olympic Channel, and many more, is available through this website. USTVGO does not have much to offer fans of cricket and field hockey because it is marketed to Americans.

Watching live sports is one of the best Hotstar alternatives. The websites of USTVGO feature a TV Guide, unlike 123TV. When a specific sporting event will be broadcast on television can be anticipated. Access to 94 additional channels is available with a USTVGO membership. Examples of news, entertainment, and children’s networks include MSNBC, MTV, and Nickelodeon. Thus, USTVGO might provide for all of your family’s entertainment requirements in one area.

10. CricHD


One of the best options for watching live sports, it is a top Hotstar alternative. One of the top live sports streaming options is CricHD TV, which is ranked in the top six. It’s another website dedicated solely to cricket. In addition to basketball and baseball, this website also offers free access to a large number of other sports, such as volleyball and basketball. Make sure you are informed of the places and operating times of the activities. League tables and match data are also available on the website. The chatbox on CricHD enables you to connect with people from various streams.

11. CricFree


Are you still trying to find the top Hotstar substitutes to use for online streaming? Cricfree is a network that broadcasts sporting events. On the website, users can watch a wide range of athletic events. There are many sports accessible, such as football, hockey, and cricket. There are many different categories of sports. Although Cricfree is free to use, it does feature a lot of advertising. You will need to avoid the advertisements very regularly if you want to watch sports for free.

12. Reddit Sports


If you want to watch free live sports channels, Reddit Sports is among the best Hotstar substitutes to utilize. Members of Reddit can access a sports news channel through Hotstar YouTube rather than TikTok. Users can share live stream highlights from sports like the MLB, NHL, MLS, and NBA on this platform. Additionally, Reddit users share entertaining moments from important sporting events that are being streamed live. However, you should avoid away from this station if you wish to watch live sporting events.

13. Crackstreams


The next website on our list of Hotstar alternatives for free live sports streaming is Crackstreams. It offers free entrance to a variety of renowned sporting events. Additionally, a lot of people use the streaming service to watch boxing, UFC, and other combat sports like MMA.

Additionally, you may watch live Canadian Football League and XFL games on the website. This amazing website makes it possible for viewers to watch sports online. If you have a quick Internet connection, you can view sporting events without having to pause and resume the video repeatedly. The number that there are only a few live sporting events that can be seen in real-time on the streaming website is one of the site’s drawbacks.

14. Laola1


Laola1 is a top place to start if you’re seeking some of the best Hotstar substitutes. Laola1 subscribers have access to free live sports broadcasts. If you have a web browser, you can watch live sports for free. The free sports program offers a range of sports, such as basketball, handball, and ice hockey, among others. Unfortunately, has decided to stop offering its streaming service. Visitors can access some of the most well-known and top-notch free sports streaming websites through the portal in addition to receiving content

15. CBS Sports


Live sports feeds and other sports-related contents are available through CBS Sports’ video and news streaming service. All of the National Hockey League (NHL), the National Football League (6streams NFL), the NCAA football games (6streams NCAA), the Mixed Martial Arts (6streams MMA), and the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) are accessible.

If you have access to the mobile app or the internet interface, you can watch live sport events from anywhere. However, you must first register for a CBS account to access the content. A wealth of other sports-related information, such as live scores, match results, schedules, and highlights, is available on the finest alternative for the Hotstar website.

 16. fuboTV


FuboTV, as its name suggests, used to be a service that streamed soccer events; today, it is one of the most popular websites that compete with Hotstar. On the other hand, it has developed into a sizable live sports streaming network with more than 100 channels and 1,000 live matches. You may watch a variety of sporting events online, including those from the NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA, and NASCAR.

You can also watch collegiate sports, tennis, golf, and boxing matches. All football fans may watch important football tournaments like the UEFA Champions League on FuboTV.

17. Hulu


Ranking among the top six, Hulu is one of the best live sports streaming services. Users can view movies and television hotstar series online thanks to the service’s streaming platform for these movies. It is owned and run jointly by Comcast and The Walt Disney+ hotstar Company. The site boasts one of the largest libraries of streaming content among websites with premium online content.

Hulu also provides a huge selection of other programs in addition to over 75 live and on-demand sports channels. A seven-day free trial is offered by Hulu. You will then need to pay for the remaining portion of the service.

18. BossCast


It is one of the best Hotstar substitutes for watching live sports. BossCast is one of the best Hotstar options when it comes to watching live sports. You can view live sports broadcasts from numerous organizations on Hotstar, a distinct website. Almost always, you’ll be able to find what you’re seeking.

The website offers a chat feature that lets users communicate with one another by exchanging text, media, and links. If you utilize a scheduling tool, you won’t have to worry about missing your favorite live streams or athletic events.

19. VIPLeague


For streaming live sports, this site is among the best Hotstar alternatives. Through VIPLeague, you may access all sporting events as well as the main Hotstar substitutes. The variety is simple to use and provides access to many enjoyable streams.

In addition to the usual commercials that play while watching movies, you will encounter advertisements when attempting to watch the movie on the website. Perhaps you’re already aware of this. Additionally, VIPLeague offers a variety of free TV channels to the general public. The available channels are minimal, even though there are some of them.

20. ESPN


ESPN gives its viewers access to the most unforgettable moments from athletic events all across the world. However, it prohibits the free viewing of live events. You can participate part in a wide variety of other sports thanks to this service, which offers free streaming of many events. You can read articles, watch video comments, and much more in addition to browsing ranks. Additionally, ESPN serves as a thorough encyclopedia of sports-related topics.

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It is one of the top six options for live streaming sports and other events. There, you can learn information on practically any subject that interests you. There are several articles and videos on the website Hotstar that cover a variety of sports. The service does not, however, offer live streaming of athletic events.

21. RedBull TV


Extreme sports enthusiasts should register for this. accessing Hotstar Red Bull’s participation in the Olympics, auto racing, snowboarding, and skating have made it one of the most well-known brands in the world. Several of these events are being streamed live for free on Red Bull TV, the company’s website. You may therefore start watching live sports on our website right now without making an account.

The best Hotstar alternatives feature a wealth of information about top sports, athletes, and upcoming events in addition to live sports streaming. This is a fantastic tool for adventure sports enthusiasts who wish to learn more about the sport and stay up with the most recent data.

22. Social442


Another great 6-stream option is Social442. Yes, you may watch pop-ups and advertisements when watching any live game online. Like a social media network with a football theme, you may also register and talk with other users.

The ESPN website also offers a customized iOS and Android app for your favorite sports. The broadcast will continue in excellent quality, and if you subscribe, you’ll get an email alerting you to all the exciting upcoming matches. The user interface of the website is made quite good.

23. FootyBite


When talking about the top Hotstar alternatives, FootyBite should be highlighted because it is one of the most well-liked live sports streaming options on Hotstar. People can watch free live sporting events on this website. Mostly international football is the world (or soccer in America). In addition, a lot of sports lovers can watch live internet streaming on Hotstar ufc 264 of their preferred events.

You can watch a variety of sports live, including football, volleyball, basketball, ice hockey, professional wrestling, pool, and other games. Unfortunately, there are a lot of bothersome pop-up advertisements on this sports streaming service. However, if you want to watch live sports streaming, FootyBite is one of the greatest websites to visit.

24. StreamEast


The National Football League, Major League Baseball, the National Hockey League, the Canadian Football League, and the Ultimate Fighting Championship are just a few of the sporting events that can be watched live for free on the website StreamEast. The user interface of the website is extremely well-designed and polished. You can also view any live streams that are presently being broadcast on the website.

This is a fantastic addition to your Hotstar if you want to watch live sporting events at home. The live video loads quickly and has high-resolution picture quality. The best service of its kind, StreamEast, lets you watch free major American sporting sports on desktop and mobile devices. In addition, the service’s premium edition has no advertisements.



For streaming live sports, it is one of the best Hotstar alternatives. SportRAR. Another sports streaming service, Sports TV, compiles and arranges live sports streaming content from many sources in a convenient style.

When you click on a game on SportRAR.TV, a new window will open with the game footage. For the most well-known sports, like football, baseball, and basketball, this new window provides all the information you require. Look for a link that reads “More links from this game” if you are having trouble playing the game. This link will connect you to more video sources if it is available.

26. BilaSport


You may be familiar with Bilasport if you are familiar with free streaming services, such as the best Hotstar alternatives. To keep up with the latest developments in a variety of competitive sports, sports lovers must use this premium streaming service, which is also free. On this website, you may watch any sports event live and for free at any time of day or night, seven days a week.

It doesn’t matter if you watch sports closely or casually. It is not necessary to create an account to watch free sports broadcasts on our website.

27. JokerLiveStream


Customers can watch high-definition access to some of the most well-known competitions on JokerLiveStream, a sports website. The Zorro live stream looks for links to other athletic events on the internet if the content is stored. JokerLiveStream has a small but devoted fan base because it is still a relatively unheard-of website.

It is one of the best Hotstar alternatives when it comes to live sports streaming. JokerLiveStream is a fantastic tool to have at your disposal if you want to watch important sporting events. With the top Hotstar option, you may watch El Clásico and the Warriors vs. Raptors game with high-quality connections.

28. MamaHD


It is a free Hotstar alternative that enables viewers to watch sports for nothing. The popular MamaHD streaming service is a great option for watching sports online. Among others, it features UFC, WWE, cricket, Formula 1 boxing, and MotoGP events. Using MamaHD is completely free, and users can show a wide range of incredibly high-quality images. Participants in the event can also participate part in events like gymnastics, horse racing, and other sports. The live chat feature appears to be disabled when there isn’t any user activity on this website.

Numerous accounts of the broadcast unexpectedly ending have surfaced. However, data from study suggests that each month, about 20,000 people routinely utilise the site. Isn’t that a sign of important advancement?

29. First Row Sports


Users of FirstRowSports, a game-focused Hotstar substitute, can take part in sporting events like football, WWE, tennis, baseball, hockey, and cricket. It was created for devoted sports fans who want to watch live streaming from around the world and receive live-time score updates. The site also offers several sports categories that anyone can access by clicking on the links.

As a virtual scoreboard that displays both static and earned bonuses on daily statistics, it’s an excellent tool for learning about different moves. Enrolling as a primary account and supplying an email address, username, and password will grant access to an SMS login. One of the innovative features allows customers to quickly and easily gain access by scanning QR codes with a smartphone camera.

30. Streamwoop


For streaming live sports, it is one of the best Hotstar alternatives. Competing with the best Hotstar, StreamWoop is a top online sports streaming service. It allows users to watch a variety of sporting events without charge. Additionally, it will schedule every sport so that you never miss a game featuring your preferred team. Any live athletic events that are currently taking place will also be broadcast to you.

The website offers replays and highlights throughout the day. They are accessible whenever you wish. Additionally, there is a sizable selection of high-definition sports programming here. By reducing the amount of advertising displayed, SteamWoop improves the user experience. Consequently, when watching any sporting event, no advertisements will show.

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31. YouTube TV


Streaming sports in real-time is one of the top six ways to watch sports. It differs from the other content that users have created and uploaded to YouTube. You need a cable television hotstar subscription to watch it. Access to numerous live television networks is made available. More than 85 live networks are accessible to watch.

For streaming live sports, this site is among the best Hotstar alternatives. Few live streaming services are as good as YouTube TV, particularly for sports and regional news. You may access a variety of sports networks on YouTube TV. In most places, it also provides access to Fox, ABC, CBS, NBC, and the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS). This product is expensive, but there is a fourteen-day free trial period where you may test it out without having to pay anything. The fact that there are no costs involved in gaining access to it is a significant free benefit.

32. StopStream


StopStream is a fantastic Hotstar substitute that offers a large selection of live sporting events. A wide variety of free sports events and channels are available on any device.

Additionally, you can choose your preferred channel and use the live chat feature to select other banners from around the world and learn what they think of the games.

You can watch and listen to sporting events anywhere with StopStream, a free service. In comparison to Stream East, the site is more organized and has a simpler, more user-basic design. Look into Sportsbay’s choices as well.

33. MyP2P


You may watch your favorite sporting events in high definition for free on MyP2P. This service offers live sports streaming. The content has a simple, basic design, and all of the streaming media is free.

It offers lessons in a variety of sports, including tennis, soccer, baseball, boxing, and MotoGP, unlike many other websites. There are various channels to explore and steam on each level.

Unquestionably the most relaxing and one of my personal favorites is the MyP2P website. Most significantly, all of the streaming that is offered here is completely free. The positioning interface is simple. Many of the broadcast schedules will follow the European timetable and schedule because the nation’s region is the European Union.

34. Fox Go


FOX Sports is a sports and entertainment network that broadcasts live sports and entertainment. Stations like FS1, FS2, Regional Network, Big Ten Network, FOX Deportes, FOX College Sports, and FOX Soccer Plus are part of this network. Customers can watch sports from almost anywhere thanks to the top website that offers Hotstar alternatives’ app for Android and iOS devices.

35. Airtel TV


Customers of Airtel can also access video-on-demand content. However, Airtel postpaid customers are the major ones who can use the service. This app like Hotstar contains a lot of content that you may watch on your phone. It offers TV shows, movies, and a lot of other interesting things, and it can be used on the most common iOS and Android smartphones.

36. Snaptube


Snaptube is another Hotstar alternative that you can use. It lets quick, secure access to as many videos as you want to watch and download. Additionally, a single location hosts all varieties of video hosting and sharing platforms. You may be confident that you won’t need to utilize a different app to find any content if you do it this way. Similar to Hotstar, Snaptube features TV series, movies, sports videos, and more. It contains a lot more in addition. On the other hand, Snaptube is free and lets you download HD content. On the other hand, Hotstar is not. Because of all this, Snaptube is one of the best apps like Hotstar.

37. Voot


Voot is one of the best Hotstar alternatives, and it’s one of the best. Voot users can watch a lot of Indian TV shows, movies, and web series, in addition to other things. Both a PC and a smartphone may use it. To listen to music, download the free Voot app. It is downloadable. You can watch all of the series on Colors.

 38. VidMate


You can download live TV broadcasts, music, and movies through a website called VidMate. It doesn’t require Google Play to run its app because it has a separate app store. The app’s primary function is to download live streaming videos from platforms like YouTube, Daily Motion, and others. So, are you trying to find a solution to download audio and video from numerous websites? The easiest way to do that is with VidMate! This app, which is similar to Hotstar, may also be used to watch live streaming on social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

39. YuppTV


YuppTV is one of the top apps like Hotstar in India if you want to watch live TV. It enables you to access all of your preferred hotstar TV shows without charge. You can record your favorite shows and watch up to 200 channels at the same time with this TV. YuppTV, which is similar to Hotstar, can be hotstar downloaded to phones and computers. You can watch more than just movies.

40. Netflix


The greatest option to watch Hotstar movies is through Netflix, which the majority of people are aware of. This app is available for both free and money. Netflix is an app that lets users view a lot of movies and TV series on their phones. Well, if you bought a Premium or Ultra HD account, you’d get a free month of service for that time. Due to its availability on both the Google Play and Apple App stores, getting the Netflix app is easy.

41. JioTV


You need a Reliance Jio account to use JioTV. Most Reliance Jio people get free access to JioTV, a TV service. Therefore, a wide variety of content is available for free viewing on the app. JioTV offers everything, including sports and TV shows.

42. Airtel Xstream


One of the platforms with a variety of streaming content is Airtel Xstream. Also, it has a lot of movies and TV shows. It has worked with platforms like Hooq, YouTube, Eros, Sony, and Zee. Unfortunately, Chromecast is not compatible with this app www hotstar com. Here, the channels are arranged by different languages and types of music. On the negative, it has a small fanbase and doesn’t let you watch the Star and Colors networks. There’s also the fact that Airtel Xstream can be used on both Android and iOS platforms.

43. Vodafone Play


Vodafone Play is free for Red postpaid customers to use. To offer its users a wide variety of content, it has collaborated with several different content producers, like ATL Balaji, Sony, and others. There are many popular movies and TV shows available on Vodafone Play. One of the greatest apps like Hotstar free trial is likewise incredibly easy to use. Overall, Vodafone Play is among the better substitutes for Hotstar.

Final Thoughts: Hotstar Alternates

Well, The primary goal of this article is to select the best Hotstar Alternative from among many. Read all of the information and choose the best.

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