How to Change Font on Facebook Posts

Social media is wonderful because it allows you to tailor your posts. Whether the customization option is pre-installed or was obtained from a third party, you can change it. On Facebook posts and stories, you can also easily change the font.

The most popular social networking platform on the planet is Facebook. You’ll need to be more inventive with many posts to increase interaction. Using a different font on your Facebook post may make it stand out because the majority of posts on the social media post utilize the default fb font.

How to change the Font in Facebook Stories and Posts

You may read more about font switcher for Facebook in this article. The specifics are listed below;

The Facebook fonts

Sadly, the Facebook platform had no built-in option to change the fonts. You must utilize Lingo jam, a third-party programs. In the Lingo jam, you can pick from a variety of fonts for your Facebook posts. Tab switching and copy-paste are the crucial techniques. As a result, we advise using the PC for simple control.

Facebook Font Change Instructions: Website

(1) Utilize a web browser on a Windows or Mac to go to Lingo jam’s Facebook Font changing page.

(2) Type your Facebook post in the Normal text goes here… tab.

(3) The text will now display in various fonts on the And fancy text will appear here… tab.

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(4) To view the available font styles, scroll down. Select and copy the appropriate font.

(5) Start writing an article on your Facebook profile.

(6) Paste the text into the text box that is on the Lingo jam website.

(7) A different style of font will be used. Click the Post button to post your Facebook status in a different font.

Using an app, change the font on Facebook

(1) Download the Fonts app from the Play Store or App Store.

(2) Launch the Fonts app on your phone. On Android, click the Enable Fonts Keyboard button. On iOS, click the Go to settings icon.

Turn on the Fonts button.

(4) A check mark has been added to the Enable Fonts Keyboard button. In iOS, the app will be installed immediately.

(5) Use the Facebook app to type text. You can choose from a wide variety of fonts on the top of the keyboard. Swipe left to access more fonts.

(6) Press the Fonts icon on the side to access a list of fonts on iOS devices.

Note: Users can also change the font in their Facebook stories using similar methods.

These are the several methods to altering Facebook’s font. Only a small number of social networking sites, including WhatsApp and Snapchat, offer different fonts. In the future, Facebook will also provide a unique font function. Meanwhile, let’s hope you’ll need to rely on Lingojam or the Fonts app.

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