How to Clear Clipboard on Android [Delete Copied Items]

Operating systems such as ios smartphones are the most popular. For its simple, client interface, millions of people choose it. Despite the fact that it appears to be a low-option smartphone, it has a lot of interesting features. This section, for example, is all about the clipboard, one of Android’s most basic yet essential features. Every other Android phone comes with a clipboard as a built-in option. It’s a temporary holding location for all the contents you choose or copy. Text, links, photos, and other elements are included. The current entry will overwrite the oldest clipboard history. As a result, the where is my clipboard on my phone will include some entries. Fortunately, Android users can delete them with just a few mouse clicks. If you already know how to clear clipboard on Android, continue reading.

You might notice a pop-up saying “Copied to clipboard” when copying text on your Android smartphone. But what is a clipboard, and where can I find one on my Android phone? Clipboard, on the other hand, is a background app that temporarily saves all copied data. From the keyboard panel, you can launch the Clipboard app on your smartphone. Let’s look at how to manage and delete clipboard data on Android smartphones.

How to Clear Clipboard on Android [Delete Copied Items]

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Is it Necessary to Clear Clipboard

Clipboard data will not really take up a lot of space on your smartphone. When you copy text on your smartphone, it is saved to the clipboard and can be used later. Hit and hold on a text area, then tap paste to retrieve the clipboard data. The data from the clipboard that was copied will show. All clipboard data is saved on the Clipboard Manager in the most recent Android models. These data will slow down your smartphone in the long run, fill your device memory, and store a lot of temporary data. As a result, you must delete or erase all unwanted clipboard data.

How to Clear Clipboard on Android

Because there are so many different kinds of Android smartphones, the method for removing a clipboard differs as well.

  • On Android 10 and higher, you can clear your clipboard.
  • On stock Android, you can clear the clipboard.
  • Samsung Smartphones with a Clear Clipboard

How to Clear Clipboard on Android 10 and Above

The Gboard app is available on the Play Store for Android 10 and above smartphones. You can manage your clipboard history on any Android smartphone, including OnePlus, Motorola, Vivo, and other brands, using the Gboard app. If your Android smartphone is operating an older version of Android, be sure to update it to Android 10 or higher.

(1) On your smartphone, install the Gboard app from the Google Play Store.

(2) Select Gboard as the default input method in Settings.

(3) Now type any text into any texting app.

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(4) To open the clipboard options, tap and hold any word.

(5) Select Clipboard from the check option. If it does not appear, select Clipboard from the three-dotted icon.

(6) The clipboard history will now display. All of the texts, links, and images are included in this.

(7) To choose an entry, tap and hold it. You can select additional entries if desired.

(8) When you’ve finished making your selection, tap the Remove icon. The clipboard content you selected will be deleted.

You won’t be able to use Clipboard if you’re messaging with a third-party keyboard app. Google restricted third-party apps from accessing Clipboard data after the Android 10 update.

Aside from that, the Clipboard menu can be placed on the keyboard for quick access. To do so, tap the three-dotted icon on the keyboard layout. Drag the Clipboard option to the top of the screen. The Clipboard option will take the place of any of the other four options. All previously copied items will be displayed if you tap the Clipboard item.

How to Clear Clipboard on Stock Android

Stock Android is the most basic version of the Android operating system. Device manufacturers are unable to alter the stock Android version. Only Google will manage all updates in those versions. On Android, the simplest option to clear the existing contents of the clipboard is to copy new text.

(1) Install any app that allows you to copy text to the clipboard.

(2) Select the contents by lengthy a word and moving the slider.

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(3) Select Copy from the roll option.

This will clear all previously copied content from the clipboard.

How to Clear Clipboard on Samsung or Other Android Smartphones

Those who have a Samsung smartphone and an Android version other than the stock version can clear their data.

(1) Open any app that allows you to copy content. Say Messages is a Messages app.

(2) Select Clipboard by clicking inside the empty space on the text press.

(3) The contents of the copied clipboard will be displayed in a list. From the right corner of the text field, press the Menu icon (three dots or arrows).

(4) To delete all the contents on the clipboard, select the Delete icon at the bottom.

(5) Select Delete from the pop-up menu to clear all unselected clipboard data.

Alternative! Simply press and hold the clipboard you wish to delete, then choose Delete from the Clipboard option from the menu.

Third-Party Clipboard Apps for Android 9 or Below

If you’re using an older version of Android, such as Android 9 or below, you may clear and manage your data with any of the third-party clipboard apps. Clipboard Manager, Microsoft SwiftKey, Clipper, and Paste are just a few examples of clipboard manager apps for your smartphone.


To clear your Android clipboard in the easiest way, follow the instructions outlined above. If you’re having trouble deleting the clipboard on your Android device, help clean the app’s cache and data under Android Settings.

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