How to Create Apple ID on Android Smartphones

You can use your Apple ID, which is akin to a Google ID, to log in and access all of Apple’s online services. ITunes, the App Store, and other services require an Apple ID before they can be used. True to popular belief, you do not need an Apple device to create up an Apple ID. Apple Music, for example, is available on the app store for Android smartphones. But you also need an Apple ID to log in to the app. Our primary objective here is to teach you how to create Apple ID on Android Smartphones device.

Apple ID can be used for different services such as App Store, Apple Books, Apple Arcade, Apple Music, Apple News, Apple Store app, Apple Podcasts, Apple TV, FaceTime, Family Sharing, Game centre, create iCloud account, iMessage, iTunes, etc. In addition to using it to access services, you can also use Apple Pay to make in-app and retail payments and also offline buying.

How to Create Apple ID on Android Smartphones

In this article, you can know about create apple id. here are the details below;

How to Create Apple ID on Android

There are two ways how to create an Apple ID without an iPhone. To create up an Apple ID on an Android phone or tablet, you have a choice of two methods.

  • Browsing the internet
  • Using the Apple Music app
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How to Create Apple ID on Android Using Browser

1. Open a browser on Android smartphone. Google Chrome is the browser of choice.

2. Create an Apple ID at

3. Fill the following details: such as First name, Last name, Country, Email Id, etc.

4. At last, type the Captcha and press enter the Continue button.

5. Enter the one-time password you received via email and click the Next button to proceed with the method.

6. Now, enter the OTP that you received on the phone number and click Next.

7. Using your Android smartphone, you’ve now successfully created a new Apple ID.

8. You using this ID to login and use any of Apple services either in MAC, iPhone, iPad, iTunes, etc.

Using Apple Music App

1. Install the Apple Music app on Android devices via the Google Play store.

2. Open the app by clicking Open once it has been installed.

3. Click the Continue key.

4. Click Agree after you’ve read the Terms & Conditions.

5. Next, click the “Try It Free” button to be get started.

6. Press the Start Trial button.

7. In the popup, choose the Create New Apple ID.

8. Click the Next button after entering your email address and password.

9. Here enter your security question and all other details. Finally, click Next.

10. Enter the OTP code you received through email and click Next.

11. The first three months of Apple Music are now available for free.

12. Press on your profile and note down your Apple ID. You using this ID in any of your Apple devices.

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With the above guide, you can create Apple ID online sign up successfully without iPhone or iOS devices. Creating an Android Gmail account is as simple as signing up for a Google account. If you have faced any queries, mention them in the comments section.

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