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How To Login To Amazon Without Verification Code


Because of two-factor authentication, if your phone is stolen or lost, you may lose access to online services such as Amazon.

The good news is that we’ve discovered a way for people who are having difficulty logging in to Amazon without entering a verification code.

Login to Amazon Account Without a Verification Code

Before we get into the actual account recovery process, which we’ll go over in detail below, there are a few other ways to access your Amazon account. There are two in total. Even if you don’t have a verification code, you can still log in to Amazon by following these steps.

To obtain an OTP, call or text.

You will lose access to the SIM card if you lose your phone. Call your wireless service provider to switch to a new SIM card and request that your old one be turned off.

A different phone number, such as one belonging to a member of your immediate family, may have been given to you so that you could log in to Amazon without entering a verification code.

Click “Didn’t Receive the OTP.”

The page you see when you sign up for an Amazon account and enter your ID and password is known as the Amazon 2FA page.

Enter your sign-in information once more.

If the backup phone number is added to the list, Amazon will display the last three digits. All you have to do to use this number is log in with a one-time password (OTP).

Find a Reputable Device

On this device, don’t ask for codes; instead, have a checkbox next to it when you connect it to your Amazon account. You won’t need to enter the Authentication to log in to Amazon without Verification Code if you’ve already set so on another device.

Depending on where you work, it could be on a desktop or a laptop. It’s worth looking into.

How to Recover a Deleted Amazon Account

The process of regaining access to your Amazon account is surprisingly simple. Log in to the account recovery page using your Amazon password and provide verification of identity, such as a driver’s licence or voter ID.

To log in to Amazon without a Verification Code, you can upload the document as a document, a PDF, or an image.

Make your account for the future.

There are a few ways to get back into your account, but none of them are guaranteed to work. It’s possible that a trusted device is unavailable, or that your account recovery process has been disabled. Nothing is guaranteed.

Two phones for authentication

Amazon differs from many other websites in that you can add multiple authentication apps at the same time, and all codes will work. Using two phones for authentication will make it much easier to log in to Amazon on another device that does not have a verification code.

1.Launch Amazon.

2.Select Account and Lists.

3.Select Your Account from the drop-down menu to add Authentication.

Make a few more phone numbers.


It may not always work if you only need a few pieces of paper to confirm your account. As a result, enabling a secondary authentication device and a trusted phone number is a good idea. To make this from happening again, take the necessary steps to log in to Amazon without a verification code.

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