iDope Alternatives: 30 Best Similar Torrent Sites

If you use torrents, you may already be familiar with iDope. However, despite being the best torrent search engine, iDope doesn’t work as effectively as it should. It was made as a tribute to KickAss Torrent, which shut in 2016. Instead of iDope, you can use these apps. Start now!

As a result, iDope torrents quickly established itself as one of the top torrent search engines in 2017. IDope s movies did not immediately become well-known. It had to be shut down after a famous period since it became too well-known. The site received a lot of attention and was run by a person who wanted people to keep coming back before it was banned.

Describe iDope.

IDope is an open torrent search website. People who visit the website to view the torrent files can download them using the links it contains. The website contains a sizable torrent collection that includes a wide range of free independent content in numerous languages. It can also be obtained through a Google Play app. Its database contains a large lot of peer websites and a network of uploaders who frequently post independent torrents.

How safe is iDope?

IDope has an SSL certificate, which makes it safe to use, which is a must for a safe torrent site. Examining a website’s Domain Score (DS) and Trust Score makes it easy to check the legitimacy of a website using tools like SEOQuake and MOZ (TS). Look at tools like these to quickly complete this (TS). The website has a better domain score than most other sites, at 18, and a higher trust score, at 34. There are numerous sites with a TS of under 40 and a DS of under 15. However, the fact that iDope Poulsbo was able to obtain a DS of 18 in only four years shows that the website will undoubtedly reach 30–40 in the following 3–5 years.

What can you anticipate from iDope?

Even while iDope does not control any of the free great content on the website, you can still profit greatly from it. This makes your experience with the website. They’ve arrived.

No limits on torrents

You practically never run out of torrents if you use iDope,se because there are so many of them. The peer directory of the website features hundreds of the most well-known torrent websites. You search through the free indie content collection of iDope’s websites when you look for a file. Some uploaders add fresh links to independent torrents to the site in addition to peer websites.

Diverse free independent content

The fact that iDope Portland offers a lot of free independent content is one of its best things. The website offers a wide variety of content types and categories in numerous languages. Free independent movies, TV shows, games, music, and other things can be found on websites like XXX. On the website, you can make free Hindi and English movies and TV shows that are made by unpaid people.

many genres

Additionally, it lets you select torrents from the site’s content catalog in a variety of genres and categories. You may find dramas, sci-fi, history, crime, thrillers, and more in movies and TV shows, as well as action and adventure films and thrillers. The most well-known English songs from popular genres, including pop, rap, R&B, club, etc., are included. There are torrents available for every game and movie kind and genre in the XXX and Games areas.

Easy download Procedure

Because it doesn’t take long, it is straightforward to download torrents from iDope. On the website’s home homepage, perform a file search. Click here to go to the page that has all of the different files. To access the page with the torrent file link, click the title. Click the link in the middle of the page to download the torrent file. Just that.


One of the most crucial things to consider when downloading torrents is speed. If a website hosting a torrent has a large lot of people who wish to share the file with others, there will be more seeds and leeches on the website. On the servers of the peer websites you use, IDope lets you find many versions of a file. To get the best download speed, pick a file that has the ideal ratio of leeches and seeds.

IDope in figures

According to SEOQuake, iDope is among the top 170,000 websites, with a ranking of #168,690. With an average of 69,300 unique visitors per month, it receives more than 187,000 visitors per month. Each person visits 5-8 pages on the site during their average visit, which lasts more than 9 minutes. All of my hopes about iDope in terms of getting people to talk are met. It can keep its bounce rate at 19.72 percent since users engage with it so well.


It makes to be the same thing because the Google search page resembles the iDope homepage. The font, color, and presentation of the website’s buttons and options are the only things that differ. It is simpler to utilize because there aren’t many items on each page.


This is only visible in the desktop version. You can see this, as well as other things like my dope, login, and feedback, in the mobile version. They enable users and uploaders to view the available site versions.

Internal Pages

The website’s internal pages are likewise straightforward. Only tables, text, icons, and links are present. These things make it easier for users to navigate the website and find torrent files. It looks straightforward on the mobile version. There are a lot of ads on the desktop version.

Free independent media:

On iDope status, creators of content can find it. Its peers include numerous websites that host a large number of files. Even millions of files are stored in the databases of some of them. The site also has a sizable network of uploaders that search the internet for files to be added. If you need to find a specific file, IDope lets you make requests. Write the file’s name in the feedback area to do this.

Mobile and desktop usage:

You may use iDope. se, one of the best torrent websites, on any of these devices. The website’s features are optimized for the user’s device, it is lightweight, and it displays well on the screen. For instance, the website’s desktop version appears to be relatively empty. The desktop version has fewer things on each page.

The mobile version of the website, in contrast, has a more condensed appearance with more things being close to one another idope apps secret lover. Users can use a website more quickly and efficiently when the layouts are uniform.

In terms of how they work, function, and what you can do with them, the mobile and desktop layouts are extremely different from one another. On both PCs and smartphones, they provide a wide variety of options that make it apparent what the website is for. The desktop version displays the most popular uploaders of the site, while the mobile version displays the most popular torrents beneath the search field. Both layouts need to have the same features, and iDope needs to make their designs.

My suggestions for iDope

Although iDope is well-liked by many users, several improvements may be made. The website initially has ads on the top and sides of the internal pages. This can be a big problem for someone using the website for the first time. As a result, the website must make that the placement of the ads avoids confusing people.

The best iDope alternatives available to you



A torrent site called RARBG offers links to download torrent files. Bulgaria is represented by the abbreviation BG, which identifies the site’s origin. One of the first websites to provide excellent English-site videos is this one. It is a server that is reachable. Even though you can register, registrations are currently closed.

Except for those countries where the government forbids it, the site has been accessible everywhere. The site RARBG, which sells movies, music, videos, games, software, and other things, was blocked in India in 2019, but with Sophia VPN, you can still access it.

2. Zooqle

Torrents are now indexed by a brand-new website called Zooqle. There are around 5,324,618 verified torrents in its enormous database. The best place for software, apps, games, TV shows, audiobooks, PDFs, web series, and many other things.

Because it contains links to torrents that have been examined and are safe, it has a sizable following. As a result, downloading the content virtually eliminates the possibility of contracting a virus.

3. TorrentFunk

One of the locations to find things to download is a search engine called TorrentFunk. The site lets you download a large selection of the most recent TV shows, movies, games, software, anime, and reliable torrents.

It is thought to receive roughly 4500 unique visits every day, which is a lot considering it is one of the safest domains. Although the website is a new player in its industry, it is currently operational, has a tonne of content, and is error-free. Due to how simple it is to access, the site has gained popularity quickly.

4. Torlock

Nowadays, a lot of people believe that Gush is a reliable place for software and other things. Gush sites are still visited by people. It’s also true that several of the websites mentioned above are employed to encourage users to attempt novel experiences. This includes 1337x, TorLock, The Pirate Bay, and many others.

TorLock used to be the best torrent site, but that has changed. It is simpler to download because the website has long been known for its selection of nutritious foods. 2016 saw the implementation of a mass torrent ban, but it had no effect on the website. After this, the site lost its reputation.

TorLock has a lot of issues overall, but one of the biggest ones is that it is not particularly stable. TorLock frequently has outages, which is one of the reasons it isn’t among the best sites to get gush.

5. BitSnoop

When you download a file, it transmits it to other people so they can download it as well. What it does is irrelevant if these gush data are false. It is filled with information on gush. The best thing about BitSnoop

is that it can only display information to users that genuinely came from a torrent file. It makes it safe for individuals to know that they will receive the appropriate downloads and installation files in the quickest time possible. Click on this link to view more articles.

At this point, around 24 million documents have been located, and the website itself is constantly being updated with fresh gush documents. Due to the information that it obtains its data from other leading gush service providers, gush files make up a top part of its database. However, it is based on the over 300 gush-based websites that are already available.

6. SumoTorrent

It will always be present as long as SumoTorrent contains real gush files. BitTorrent claims to be the best gush provider since it offers the best seeds and leeches for gush files. People appreciate SumoTorrent since it allows them to download all of their gush information and is also a torrent client. No matter how bad the files are, an automated system will fix them first. People will be able to download and install it independently in the following phase.

7. Mininova

Mininova is the best search engine and directory for people looking to purchase or sell things on the internet. Users will find it easy to make all different kinds of gush documents thanks to a directory site and search engine. This means that people of the BitTorrent tracker-free site Mininova can post torrents there.

For many other things that people enjoy reading and playing, such as anime, publications, and games, there are gush files. Additionally, Mininova includes files for gush songs and movies. Additionally, there are gush files for TV publications. Mininova doesn’t have as big of a torrent library as some of the other providers. Finding the declaration you desire can be tough, which can make you sad.

8. 1337x

The second-best site for downloading torrents of movies, games, TV shows, music, anime, and software is 1337x. It looks great and has a simple-to-use interface. A website that welcomes both free people and those who wish to pay people is referred to as a global server.

In 2016, the site achieved fame. As a site that lets people download pirated movies to watch at home, it is banned in India. A lot of the videos and other content on 1337x are easily accessible with VPNs, even though they can protect online browsing.

9. Torrentz2

Torrentz2 This Finnish-based metasearch tool was developed. It started in 2003. As the second most popular site, TorrentFreak attracted viewers of movies and videos. August 2016 saw the idope downing of this site. It has been running for 13 years thanks to the user-friendly UI.

Torrentz.EU had existed as of 2011. This link is linked from one of the 2016 clone and mirror sites. It has more than 60 million torrents in its initial index. Unfortunately, a backup domain was active until November 20202 and the idope new domain was shut down running in July 2020.

10. LimeTorrents

You may be sure that is one of the safest locations to visit when you use one of the most well-knownlimetorrent search engines and directories. Because there are more than 10 million active goods, including movies, music, games, and TV shows, it is easy to use. And it’s free.

It can therefore take a while for people to idope download when the old torrent is no longer popular. Since this is a peer-to-peer seeding site, this is the case. You can also create an account on the site or access it as a visitor at no cost.

11. Thepiratebay

This site is TPB if you wish to search for movies and other digital content. One of the longest-lasting sites is this one. The Pirate Bay supports many other languages, although the two most widely used ones are English and Swedish. There is a never-ending amount of data to search through with over 75000+ pieces of content added each month.

It was started in 2003 and lets users quickly search through a lot of content. The thing to download from the magnet links is one of their best features. The site allows users to sign up or utilize it for free. This is because the easy access and excellent content make the user experience even further!

12. IsoHunts

In terms of holding the most latest torrent files, this site isn’t the best in the group. Not just that, though, makes isoHunt a wise thing. Users frequently discover torrent files for the newest and most well-liked movies and TV shows. This website is not as popular as the iDope website in people of usage. In general, you should give this website a try.

13. YTS

From this website, you may download YTSFree movies. It is referred to as a “Yify mirror site” or “Yify torrents.” The site only features high-definition resolution. As a mirror site, it provides easy, direct access to YIFY torrents without requiring you to do any additional actions.

On this site, there are currently more than 25000 popular movies. The best idope torrent sites are those like these. One of the safest sites to watch movies is YTS. However, since it is banned in India, you must utilize mirror sites, a VPN service, and other domain extensions to circumvent the prohibition.

14. KickassTorrents

The largest community sometimes referred to as KAT, receives daily unique visitors. It’s a straightforward and easy-to-use site that let’s access wide music of movies, songs, games, series, and shows.

The quality of the website declined as a result of Artem Vaulin, the site’s proprietor, being detained in idope 2020. kickass torrent site is on its way to making improvements so that it can run normally once more, which is the best part. The content is HD quality and available in more than 30 languages, with sign-up and a free download option.

15. ExtraTorrent

ExtraTorrent, or ET, was first started in 2006 under that name. One of the best sites to find digital entertainment and software content is here. The user can quickly download a huge selection of movies, music, videos, software, and games that contain magnetic links that can be shared with the aid of the peer-to-peer sharing module.

If you visit the site right away, you can access the main site without having to manually unblock it by using an idope proxy or a mirror site. The speed at which the links download is unmatched by anything I’ve ever experienced. Use a VPN for even better results.

16. EZTV

There are many different TV shows and series available on the proxy site for the main EZTV site. One of the best mirror websites, it lets you download high-quality content without encountering any problems or restrictions. It is easy to use and has excellent content.

This website is the best place to go if you want to see the most recent TV shows, web series, and anime! With the use of magnet links, the user can quickly download the torrent file for the show they want to watch while browsing the web.

17. TorrentDownloads

This is one of the easiest ways to search for torrent files of all the easy BitTorrent systems. One of their preferred TorrentDownloads links is this one. There are torrents available in the torrent community for everything from software, games, and ebooks to movies, TV shows, and web series.

No malware or virus could affect your computer because the torrents that one downloads from the site are 100% idope se movies safe. It is simple to access the website without being blocked thanks to the proxy TorrentDownloads and mirror links.

18. Nyaa’s service is no longer available idope se safe. It was a service in Japan that offered anime movie movies via BitTorrent. Visit the website if you enjoy animated movies from all different kinds of groups. They will be able to watch all different kinds of anime movies while they are at the Nyaa.

Adult-themed anime movies will also return to the top of the list. The existence of Nyaa was crucial for people of anime movies idope down?. Animation-based movies can also be checked for the documents, the sound, the software, the graphics, and more.

19. Library Genesis

People of the search engine Library Genesis can download and install books and articles on a variety of topics. LibGen is more commonly called LibGen idope download. It is not difficult in any way. The app contains a large number of ebooks and is regularly updated with fresh content to ensure that you have the best experience possible.

The writings and ebooks on this site are all several various groups. For every category, there are both brief articles and ebooks. You may download them right away without thinking them much thought because you don’t need to think about them first idope mirror. There is a search bar where you may find the name of the book you’re looking for.

20. BTDigg

A search center with a full-text search is available. It searches the DHT network to find BitTorrent digital content that you can search for idope cc. Additionally, it has torrents that are still active and unblocked in both Eastern and Western languages.

BTDigg is a legal system because it possesses two key components—decentralization and unicity, for example—that make it one idope idope se. People can search inside or outside of the isoHunt space and trackers using the isoHunt hub. Unicity asserts that since every person has a unique set of characteristics, there are no “likes.”

21. Toorgle

A Google-powered search engine is called Toorgle. It enables users to find any information pertinent to their content and displays torrent files for download idope site online?. The site simultaneously checks over 450 isoHunt-related websites that pay for the top outcomes for each search.

Toorgle presently has more than 55,000 000 gush indexes added. Additionally, there is a search bar for the firebox and a Facebook app. On the web, it is one of the most popular locations to search up gush other websites like idope. It has a search bar that resembles one, unlike Google. You may use it to search for and download a variety of items, including movies, videos, games, and more.


The online torrent system is known as Qtorrent, and it lets individuals download a wide lot of video clips, music data, software, books, and other content. You don’t have to pay anything to use the system to download any torrent files. Users only need to find. To look at and download something, all they need to do is write it down and click find.

When a system is finished, this occurs: Both the name of the data and its size are displayed. Also, this is what takes place. Other options for buyers include selecting the method they’ll use to download the movie after deciding how they’d like to do it. This makes it easier for individuals because they can independently attach the torrent file to uTorrent software.

23. Picktorrent

People can download and install any songs, movies, TV shows, or software they desire using Picktorrent-Proxy. Additionally, it enables file sharing. Users must write down the precise title of the movie or song they want to download and install. The app then displays a comprehensive list of that song or movie. People can choose from a list of people’s documents to download and install.

The documents you search for are displayed with seeds and leeches on one side of Picktorrent‘s straightforward interface. This includes making it easier to find what you’re looking for. To receive the best download files, users can select the files with the most seeds. When people open uploaded files, they may see what type of file it is and how much category space it takes. The identity of the person is also visible.


Anyone could utilize whatever torrent they downloaded and installed through, a torrent data source that permits this. Because it had a lot of data that was similar to a torrent, the Isohunt data company was among the best. There are all the movies, TV shows, songs in mp3 music, and more.

Each category of thing on the site has its section, including movies, software, anime, and so forth. People can also check to see what new files have been added to this category. To view the data, they can also click on the primary category, but that’s not the only option.


It’s called SCI-HUB, and it lets individuals read publications and research documents for free. When using a system, scientists can find the appropriate documents without thinking about copyright. Users can also download the research paper, which means they read it and then retain a copy of it.

You can search for research papers based on their authors, the year they were written, the magazine they were published in, or their membership in one or more groups of people. People can quickly find the best paper with this search tool.

26. Utorrent

People of uTorrent who download files were already aware of it. It was a well-known tool for that before BitTorrent, Inc. purchased it. A straightforward, open-source client wasn’t popular with BitTorrent a few years ago. When they closed it down, they made it with ads and spam offers. Because so many people still use it, some people who dislike the way uTorrent operates hunt for an alternative app to use.

Fortunately, there are many open and paid-for BitTorrent clients available. As you can see, many of them resemble the uTorrent app in both appearance and functionality. However, some of them might have additional features that uTorrent does not. As a result, picking the best uTorrent client may be challenging because many other uTorrent clients include malware that might harm your computer.

Several iDop alternatives are beneficial and not all of them are as bad. To find it easier for you to choose the best one, we’ve made a list of them. Even while some still do, you may prevent it if you’re attentive because some still have Adware on them. You can learn more about them from us.

27. ETTV

For gushing websites that are unavailable on iDop, ETTV users should utilize ETTV instead of iDop. I first thought the site was great. Because COVID-19 is approaching, everyone should visit ETTV on the quarantine day to watch thrilling and lovely movies. There is a lot of information regarding meta torrent files on this group of reliable torrent trackers. It allows thousands of people to upload and share 100% certified gush files.

I’m afraid not. maybe it’s out of your reach. Breathe easy. You can use the best torrents and proxy services on our list, which we have put together. On ETTV, a section has been set up for people who upload and seed torrents. Many torrent websites were shut down by the government shortly after they gained popularity. These proxies and mirror sites are the best thing that could happen to users. You can access these torrent websites via the following means.

28. FrostWire

The most sophisticated free and open-source BitTorrent client, FrostWire, was introduced in September 2004. With some new tools that make it superior to others, it is comparable to LimeWire and provides all the essential features. For example, a precise built-in torrent search, a sophisticated download manager, a music player, a media library, etc. You can find what you love quickly, and download movies, music, and videos directly to your smartphone quickly and without size or speed restrictions thanks to the integration of all these features into one free application.

You may play playlists to listen to your music without an internet connection when you’re offline. The important feature of this approach is how quickly it downloads via the decentralized P2P file-sharing torrent network. By dividing the files into multiple chunks and simultaneously downloading from a large time of sources.

29. qBittorrent

Bittorrent is a C++-based, cross-platform P2P BitTorrent client that is free and open-source. It serves as uTorrent’s substitute and features an extendable search engine that is seamlessly incorporated into the program. You can do several simultaneous searches and category-specific search requests with this BitTorrent client for a variety of different file and multimedia types.

The program includes both the Qt4 and web user interfaces, enabling remote control for downloading search results. It supports practically all of the BitTorrent extensions, such as peer exchange, DHT, and full encryption. Additionally, qBittorrent features advanced RSS support with download filters, IP filtering, and IPv6 compliance as well as UPnP and NAT-PMP port forwarding compatibility.

30. Deluge

The best BitTorrent client for Windows, OS X, Linux, and Unix is called 0 Deluge. It is a solution with many features is idope apps safe, using libtorrent as a backend, and provides a variety of user interfaces, including web and console. This particular BitTorrent client was created utilizing client-server architecture, and it has a daemon process that manages all the main BitTorrent operations.

Deluge aspires to be a safe and compact client idope proxies, and part of its features are written in plugin tools created by different developers. The user interfaces can always connect remotely from any platform and the client is capable of running on headless machines.


The top 30 iDope alternatives are listed below. As an alternative to the iDope sites, we believe this will enable you to select the best one. It was difficult for us to put this list, but to better serve you, we looked at more than 100 BitTorrent and uTorrent websites. Comment below and tell us what things on this list are your favorite and how it went. If you give us good ideas in the comments, we will keep this list up to date.

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