Kickassanime: Top 34 Alternatives To Watch Anime 2023

KickAssAnime is the website to visit if you’re looking for a location to view a variety of anime. You can view anime online for free at KickAssAnime. On KickAssAnime, users may access all of the anime episodes for free.

In contrast, “KickAssAnime” often refers to Japanese animated shows. This type of animation comes from Japan and is made with the help of computer software. From the English word animation comes the term “anime.” It is frequently used in Japan to describe any animated kind of media. The phrase describes a well-known type of Japanese animation outside of Japan. Typical characteristics include vibrant character designs, engaging plots, and appealing themes.

Anime dubs and subtitles are available on KickAssAnime, a well-known anime streaming website. Most anime videos are accessible in HD versions, ranging from 240p to 1080p.

Kickassanime: Top 34 Alternatives To Watch Anime

Here is a list of the best kickassanime alternatives to watch anime.

1. AnimeHeaven


Compared to KickassAnime, AnimeHeaven is far and away the most visited anime website far and away. I enjoy it since it offers high-quality films and has a well-designed user interface. Many of the new releases are only available on this platform. Thanks to the newly added Dubbed area, you can navigate through all the most recent and upcoming episodes. Furthermore, new episodes of your preferred shows are frequently uploaded.

2. AnimeDao

One of the best ways to alternatives KickAssAnime is to view anime on other sites, like online. Use AnimeDao if you don’t want to see advertisements. Most importantly, it’s unlikely that you’ll find any on this website. It also features a sizable selection and an excellent user interface.

All the major anime, as well as a good number of the lesser known ones, are available here. The procedure is also relatively simple. Once you enter the anime’s name, it appears! Whatever connection there may be between the results and your search, you will see it.

3. Animefrenzy

It is another good site for watching anime online in 2022 besides Kickassanime. AnimeFrenzy is yet another unauthorized anime viewing website. Its extensive collection of non-Japanese anime may be the first thing many of you see.

Suppose you will anime from Korea and China. So, if you want to see more kinds of animation and broaden your horizons, this is the website for you. It has a nice look, many different shows, and great performance. I hope you enjoy looking around and reading while you’re here.

4. AnimeLab

Animelab is committed to providing the highest-quality new streaming anime programs. This alternative to kickassanime is free to use. However, it’s targeted at Australian and New Zealand users. There are people from all around the world who visit our website. The platform is also accessible for Android and iPhone devices.

For a select few simulcasts, Animelab works with Japanese studios. It allows individuals to view anime for free without endangering the Japanese animation studios. When you place your cursor over an anime image on the website, episode descriptions appear and are easy to navigate.

5. is a website where you can watch just anime series for free and alternatives to Kickassanime. On the list are only products licensed by U.S. firms. Additionally, useless or annoying advertisements are not presented to viewers. If you have the required hardware, you can stream your show in a quality of up to 1080p. Some programs available on this Television service are Wolf, Trigun, and Kite.

6. 9Anime

9anime is an excellent alternative for KickassAnime. This website is a must-visit if you enjoy anime because it offers a wide variety of films, cartoons, dramas, and television programs.

The only shortcoming of 9anime is that it doesn’t always include the newest anime releases. There is a wide variety of older animes and films available that are still well-liked today.

7. Soul Anime

An excellent alternative to KickAssAnime is to view anime online. Was this in the nineties? I wasn’t sure what to think when I first saw Soul Anime. Why? Because of the odd method, the website allows users to use it. With flashing lights and a cartoonish style, it resembles a website that a young child created for a class assignment.

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However, the website has well-known tracks like “Demon Slayer” and “Attack on Titan.” We can all agree that is a positive thing. But remember that you shouldn’t trust it because it is an illegal website. It might end soon, and you wouldn’t even know it. Please keep that in mind.

8. Tubi TV

One of the best free streaming websites is Tubi TV, where you can watch the new episodes of Boruto kickassanime and Fairy Tail alongside classics like Akira and You You Hakusho.

Keep up with your favorite shows by watching full episodes in HD and looking for new episodes as they become available. You may read our tutorial below for more details about Tubi TV and how to set it up on any device. It’s a great alternatives for kickassanime com.

9. AnimeSeason

The user interface of this best kickassanime alternatives website is pretty appealing. Additionally, it’s one of the top free anime streaming sites. Also, consumers aren’t bothered by ads and pop-ups that aren’t needed. This website has video players so individuals can view anime with subtitles or animations.

Even though this website doesn’t have a search bar, it’s easy to find all the kickassanime shows because they’re all in the right place. Even in this category, the shows are marked as Completed or Ongoing.

10. Cartoon Crazy


CartoonCrazy is definitely one of the best websites like KickassAnime. You can find popular anime here. Because it is open-source, users do not need to create a profile or log in to the website to use it.

Anime fans will find locating their favorite CartoonCrazy much simpler because of the website’s user-friendly design kickassanime anime. There are many different sub-languages and categories, like “Top Rated,” “Most Watched,” “Trending,” “Latest Episodes,” and so on.

11. 4Anime

The 4Anime website, like Kick Ass Anime, includes a lot of advertisements, which is a big turnoff for fans kickassanime’. But it appears to be quite orderly and straightforward. Additionally, this website offers a vast selection of great games such as “Demon Slayer” and “Mushoku Tensei” that we may all play.

Not surprisingly, there are no media files or video snippets from it. Instead, it obtains them from other programs. But overall, if you’re looking for some top-notch anime websites kickassanime unblocked, this is the place to go.

12. AnimePahe

A well-known website for fans of anime is Animepahe. They offer many free anime in various categories, including drama, history, and more.

Compared to other anime websites where people may view anime online, Animepahe is confident that it can stand out. We think this is the greatest software on the market and the best website like KickAssAnime because of the gorgeous interfaces and entertaining anime with dubs and English subtitles.

13. AnimeBam

A straightforward website with few commercials, AnimeBam is the greatest kickassanime replacement. Compared to most other websites, it features fewer shows, yet it is still easy to use. The videos load swiftly and play without any hiccups because there are no extra features to slow it down.

14. Funimation

Funimation is a must-have for anime enthusiasts thanks to its user-friendly interface and extensive library of anime and movies. There is even a location where anime fans can gather and discuss their favorite kickassanime app series in a forum created just for that purpose.

As an excellent alternatives for KickassAnime, Funimation offers a wide variety of entertainment choices.

15. Fire Anime

fire anime

The best sites like KickAssAnime let you see anime online. Despite not being a streaming website like the others on our list, Fire Anime does assemble excellent connections from anime websites all over the Internet. The main genres of Fire Anime are Extra, Popular, Latest Subbed, New Seasons, All Anime, and Settings. You’ll enjoy viewing Fire Anime if you have an Amazon Firestick.

16. AnimeSimple

A recent website with an expanding knowledge base is called AnimeSimple. This KickAssAnime alternatives website already boasts a substantial collection of more than a thousand shows. They have a variety of vintage anime, including the first Naruto. This website also provides some of the most popular anime from the seasons now airing in Japan.

The website’s navigation can be a little unpleasant due to the outdated kickassanime website design. The search feature is quite helpful. You might need an ad blocker because this website has so many adverts.

17. GoGoAnime

On the Gogoanime platform, viewers can search for anime by day, week, or month and view free new releases, dubs, and Chinese animation programs. This website offers various genres, including adventure, cars, terror, comedy, games, and children’s shows. It is currently accessible in the US, the Philippines, India, the UK, Singapore, and many other countries.

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18. KissCartoon

If you’ve been watching anime for ages or have just discovered it, the name “kisscartoon” is undoubtedly recognizable. It is a well-known anime streaming site due to its vast content library and catalog. Everyone who loves anime enjoys it. It’s one of the best 2022 alternatives for KickassAnime. You can view this information at your own pace because it is all offered in various forms.

19. MasterAnime

Another of the finest kickassanime io alternatives is to watch anime online. If you don’t have a lot of knowledge, MasterAnime can help. There are many shows to select from on this website, which are simple to use. You can download them in a basic size if you want to view them afterward.

If you want to view the most recent My Hero Academia episode but don’t have enough data, give it a try because this is one of the site’s best features kickassanime ro. Can we also take a second to admire the stunning red on this company’s website?

20. VRV

VRV is an alternate streaming site to KickAssAnime that features an anime channel. This website is for viewers who would instead stream their shows online than buy a TV package. Even several free channels not linked to anime or cartoons are included in this service.

Currently, a VRV subscription costs $9.99 a month. Before making a complete commitment, you may start with a free 30-day trial to get a feel for the service rwby kickassanime. The service is divided into channels, each relatively easy to use.

21. MyAnimeList


MyAnimeList, also known as MAL, asserts to have the biggest anime and manga database. It is a social networking site for anime fans kickassanime rs. You can read reviews of new anime series before starting them. You can also form a fan club with others with similar interests. As the names imply, you can create lists of the anime series you want to view. MAL also runs competitions to motivate participants to cross off their lists before others. It is the best kickass anime alternatives website.

22. Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll is yet another fantastic KickassAnime alternatives in addition to KickassAnime. About 15,000 hours and more than 25,000 episodes of popular anime are available there.

However, the highlight of Crunchyroll is this website is your greatest option if you’re looking for anime shows and films in just about every language. There are also English subtitles available here kickassanime baki. You can view all of the videos on this website in high definition (HD) and 720p resolution.

23. AnimeStream

To view anime online, there will be websites similar to KickAssAnime. On our list, The Colorful Anime Stream is the top site. People interested in current events should visit this website—every season, every genre of music, etc. Even with a few advertisements, he might do admirably.

Numerous other shows, like Demon Slayer, Attack on Titan, and One Piece, are available on this website kickassanime ru. Overall, it’s a fantastic website for you all. It isn’t appealing at all, though. It supports numerous filtering options. Beyond that, it appears straightforward and depressing.

24. Anime Rhino

Despite having a strange name, fans of the genre seem to like Rhino Anime. The finest replacement to KickAssAnime has a vast range of anime programs with almost every type covered. Any viewer would enjoy the wonderful collection of anime it offers.

Being unable to view your episode on our website can be annoying. Until they stop playing and you leave them, intrusive ads are in the way of watching the film. Although the videos run without interruption, this could be a very negative aspect.

25. KissAnime

If we go back a few years, KissAnime stands out among all the anime websites. It offers a variety of free content in all the most often used languages to anime fans. Its users could choose from various optimization choices and operate extremely quickly.

One of the best KickassAnime replacements is KissAnime. Because it is entirely focused on their preferred series and films, anime lovers will adore it. One of the best websites allows you to see or stream free animes, including cartoons. Thanks to this website, you may also view HD anime films in excellent resolution.

26. AnimeBee

anime bee

Another of the top websites for watching anime online is similar to KickAssAnime. Please hazard a guess as to what colors were used to create this website AnimeBee. You are correct if you claimed it was black and yellow like a bee. Almost precisely, the same is true of your thinking.

You should view My Hero Academia tonight if you haven’t already. Whatever way you look at it, this website was one of the top search results for people looking for places to watch a lot of anime simultaneously.

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Despite the numerous advertisements, I have to admit that the UI is gorgeous, complete with animations and lovely covers. I’m not lying. Beautiful as it is AnimeBee, the website engages in risky behavior.

27. Netflix

Netflix has noticed that anime has become very popular in a very short amount of time over the years. The KickAssAnime alternatives site now has an even more extensive library of anime. This category has both subbed and dubbed anime in it. There are a lot of popular titles, like Vampire Knight, that you can stream.

As of 2018, the streaming site began making its anime. Also, they have made a western movie based on the popular anime series Death Note. The site plans to promote anime and hopes to make money from its popularity. It is one of the best anime-related websites and sources of information on the web.

28. AnimeVibe

The collection of AnimeVibe contains both subtitled and dubbed anime TV series and movies, and the site’s intuitive navigation makes it easy to visit any part. Furthermore, it adds new releases continuously to its database. An excellent alternative to kickass anime movies is ad-free and offers anime streaming in a faster and more lightweight manner.

29. CONtv

There will be another option besides kick ass anime for online anime streaming. If you appreciate Comic-Con, you can’t resist CONTV. This place was a digital hub for everybody who went to Comic-Con. Additionally, it contained many excellent details about how pop culture relates to it. It has several superheroes, like Batman, Superman, and others, as well as anime.

A few good games are available on the website, including Fist of the NorthStar and Digimon. Sadly, there isn’t much else to say at this time. On the other side, this venue is like paradise for a true Comic-Con lover.

30. WatchAnimeMovie

Another great alternative to KickAssAnime is WatchAnimeMovie. The site has an alphabetical list of anime films and television shows that you can view for free. The site is very famous and has some great information on it. You won’t get bored at all, that’s for sure. The UI is intriguing as well. The best thing about this site is how often it gets new content. Because of this, you’ll always get the most recent information.

You can choose what you prefer most readily from a variety of genres. So, if you don’t know what to view, go to the genres section and choose from options like Action, Comedy, Adventure, Thriller, Romance, Horror, or Suspense.

31. AnimeFlix

AnimeFlix is the greatest kickassanime alternatives website only frequented when watching anime online for the bulk of anime enthusiasts. The reason for this is the vast number of films and episodes available on the platform, some of which were posted just a few days after being the first broadcast in Japan. It features a clean interface, and the top menu shows how the information is arranged by genre, films, most recent postings, and other categories.

32. Darkanime

Darkanime is a great website to view anime online. With a name like that, you know you’re in for a fantastic time. With this site, you may instantly stream more than 100 shows from a sizable library. This alternative to KickAssAnime is compatible with most nations, so you may view your shows wherever you are.

Many OVA series are available on this site, though they can occasionally be hard to find. Additionally, it includes certain anime films that were only ever seen in Japan. The ads on this site are appealing, which makes it a more enjoyable place to watch videos overall.

33. KuroAni

One of the best replacements for watching anime is online rather than through KickAssAnime. Good luck to everybody who reads this! Last but not least. One of the more recent additions to websites that offer anime streaming is this.

It’s an excellent, safe anime site with fewer advertisements where you can find practically any old anime, as those who follow us know. The website deserves a minimum of one visit from otaku of all ages, in my opinion. You might select to chat on this website as well. (Films that are both animated and live-action)

34. Anilinkz

Another great place to view full episodes of almost any animated show is Anilinkz. An animated series with high-quality video is available daily on the greatest kickassanime alternatives website. However, since there isn’t a download button option, you cannot download videos. The fact that all of the website’s videos are dubbed in English is its biggest feature.

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