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Do you currently use or plan to intend using the supply service? Do you intend on visiting to learn further knowledge about the thdhr schedule? Use this manual as a reference to learn more about the ESS Home Depot service.

Check to view your work schedule, review orders, and monitor shipping status updates. In addition to the advantages and mythdhr the timetable features that allow you to check when your next shift is coming up, you will also get mythdhr login protections for your account privacy.

You will also, naturally, be eligible for an affiliate discount from mythdhr. As a result, we will provide you with everything you need to know about schedule, including your schedule details, my apron pay statements, and depot login, to name a few things.

A Brief Explanation of MyTHDHR

One of the largest retail chains in the world, MyTHDHR Home Depot specializes in home improvement. My THDHR employs over 400,000 people in over 2200 locations across the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

On the official website (, employees can access “Mythdhr Your Schedule” with their username and password.

All employees can access the platform at www, ess with their own login details.

On the other hand, this article will shed light on the inner workings of the famous Home Depot’s Human Resources department. My THDHR training will also be incorporated into your course load. The Home Depot sells the Home Depot ESS and the MyTHDHR Apron.

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Your Time, Our Demands, MyTHDHR.

As an employee, you can use this resource to preview your upcoming work week and schedule accordingly. You need to keep an eye on this section of your employee account constantly to make sure you don’t miss any shifts.

Those of you who work for MyTHDHR, here’s how to log in to your account and view your work history on

  • Check out, the site’s official domain name, first (Home Depot My Apron & Home Depot ESS).
  • Click the “Your Schedule Link” option.
  • Third, access your work schedule online by entering your User ID, password, and store number.

When you log in to your account at, you’ll be taken directly to the page where you can check your work schedule.

Adapting Home Depot’s Employee Portal (ESS)

If you’re an employee with My THDHR, you can access your profile at Visit and look for the menu item that directs you to the Home Depot ESS login page, where you will be prompted to enter your employee username and password.

After you log in, you’ll have information to your profile and can view changes as needed. As long as you’re logged into the Home Depot ESS, you can update the following parameters.

  • Take some time to go over the job description.
  • View and print past pay stubs and tax forms.
  • Make your tax withholdings; details can be found at this information.
  • You have the option of modifying or initiating direct deposit.
  • The next step is to get a payroll card and activate it.
  • If your mailing address has changed, please update it.
  • Join the Homer Fund or make your contributions here.
  • Read the information provided and print the necessary LOA paperwork.
  • Check that your Leave of Absence has been processed (LOA).
  • You can safely access and update this information.
  • Always be cautious when entering a new network.
  • Make sure to use a secure printer for all of your important documents.
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Information presented should be verified for accuracy, so it’s a good idea to keep an eye on it. Make sure the email, mailing, and contact information are all correct.

Home Depot THDR ESS Account Access Instructions

MyTHDHR ESS provides two different URLs for employees to access in. To begin, go to US&appUrl=/ESSOPS/ to access your employee account. If the first link doesn’t take you where you want to go, try the ESS link and log in with your user ID and password there.

Places Like Home Depot Problems Accessing ESS

If you are a Home Depot employee and you are unable to check into your account at to access your schedule, please call MyTHDHR at 866-698-4347 for assistance.

Benefits of Home Depot and ESS

The MyTHDHR includes all of your benefits, whether they be monetary, occupational, medical, and so on.

Financial Benefits:

  • Put simply, direct deposit and the bank don’t exactly go together.
  • Keep a Spending Account
  • A 401(k) for the Next Generation of Construction Workers
  • The Employee Stock Purchase Plan (ESPP) (ESPP)

Employees on a Regular Basis, Both Hourly and Salary:

  • MediCal
  • Vision
  • Accessible Health Coverage for Disabled Individuals
  • Term life insurance
  • Expenditure Reports
  • Cosmetic
  • Death and dismemberment coverage (AD&D)

Flexibility at Work:

  • Payback of educational expenses
  • Aid in Moving
  • Team Depot Offers Volunteer Possibilities
  • Consider offering to double donations.
  • Care/Long-Term Answers
  • Help With Adoptions

Helping Individuals Who Rely on Others Who Have Special Needs

  • Associate Discounts
  • Methodology for Reducing Cigarette Use
  • Tax Preparation Services at a Discount
  • A Helping Hand for Those Who Need It
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Who to Contact at MyTHDHR

Both a phone number and an email address are provided on the MyTHDHR website for your convenience.

For instance, you can reach them at 1.866 myTHDHR.

(1.866.698.4347) is the email address for myTHDHR.

Please visit if you are unable to view your schedule at my Home Depot location. for support.

Putting on My Apron

It’s possible to look elsewhere for Home Depot’s online employee services. Employees can access their payroll, work schedules, benefits, tax documents, and other personal information through My Apron, which is similar to MyTHDHR in its information.

If you’re already working for My Apron and want to move up the ranks, you can always apply for a different employee opening. If you don’t enter your user ID and password into a computer in a Home Depot store, you won’t be able to access My Apron. That means you can’t use My Apron to access in to MyTHDHR from your own computer, tablet, or smartphone.

MyTHDHR Business Hours

After perusing the weekly schedule, MyTHDHR, along with all other online and offline facilities, is open every day of the week except Saturdays and Sundays.

Human Resources Service Center (M-F, 8 a.m. – 8 p.m. (EST)

From 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. (TAC) Monday through Friday (EST)

Weekends are off-limits due to being closed.

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