How to Change Netflix Profile?

A well-known subscription-based streaming video provider is Netflix. Netflix original content, TV programs, movies, documentaries, and more are all available for streaming in one location. Best method for leaving Samsung smart TVs are only one of the many devices on which Netflix is accessible. You can stream the content you wish to view by installing Netflix on your Samsung TV. By default, Netflix allows you to create up to five profiles per account. This means that different family members will have unique Netflix experiences. On a Samsung TV, you can swap between different profiles. In this section, learn how to modify your Netflix profile on a Samsung Smart TV.

Change Your Netflix Profile on Your Samsung Smart TV

How to sign out of Netflix on TV is covered in this post. The specifics are listed below;

Netflix not working on Samsung Smart TV does not allow you to switch Netflix profiles with a single swipe, in contrast to PCs and mobile devices. You must sign out and back in to your Netflix account in order to swap profiles.

Note: Verify that the Netflix account you used on the Samsung Smart TV has at least two profiles. I can’t get Netflix on my TV.

(1). Open the Netflix app on your Samsung tv.

(2). When you see the Sign Out option, tap it.

(3). Await the procedure’ conclusion. Once you’ve signed out, select the Sign in option once more.

(4). Use the same login information to complete the relevant fields.

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On some TVs, you might be required to enter the verification code from this Netflix link page in order to activate the app.

(5). Choose your desired Netflix profile when requested, then select watching.

In Our View

There is no easy way to swap profiles on the Netflix app for Samsung TV login. You can use many Netflix profiles though using the procedures mentioned above.

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