36 Best OneManga Alternatives Read Manga Online Free 2023

As everyone is aware, the well-known manga website Onemanga has been shut down. Forthose who enjoy manga, this is not good news. After all, Onemanga was renowned for having some of the most famous manga collections in the history of nearly all Japanese Manga. Furthermore, access to these mangas was free.

People did, however, occasionally encounter irksome issues like pointless security checks and pop-up advertisements. However, the site was incredibly user-friendly for everyone throughout the world. Try to open the “Onemanga com” location right now, but it won’t open because the site has been shut down.

You will receive a notification from the website informing you that it has been shut down due to copyright disputes. Additionally, the entire database is no longer accessible!

Read manga online for free at Onemanga in 2022.

The best site for online cartoon streaming is one manga. It’s among the best ways to pass the time and find extra enjoyment. There are numerous animations, which can instantly improve the entire day.

When discussing the top Manga websites, the user should without a doubt mention the Onemanga website. I hope you have a Onemanga alternative to utilize, and if not, let me know if you need any additional alternatives.

Best Onemanga Alternative for 2022

You now have a full list of 36 websites to pick from for 2022 manga content once we have finished compiling all of the sites that are comparable to Onemanga me. Some might be accessed with a free VPN, paid, legal, and illegal.

Fans of Onemanga have the best options on our list since, in the age of digital media, the closure of an app or the need for maintenance on a website should never prevent you from reading your favorite series. All you need to know is how what we have provided for you here.

1. MangaFreak


A popular and well-known website is mangafreak. You may read and download your preferred manga for free right here onemanga one piece forums. it  can be access the most recent manga list here by selecting manga with just one click. we may read manga in a variety of genres on the webpage, and you can discover excellent manga books in each category. The fact that the manga freak preserved the history makes it possible to find any manga by simply navigating the history is the best thing. If you can’t find what you’re looking for without spending money, use the search box.

2. MangaDex

There are several publications available on MangaDex. The best way to find this site’s manga magazine database is in this way. Select the manga dropdown menu on the homepage to access options such as a title, update, search, features, and random. The best feature is the add button’s ability to add manga magazines. You can create a group and active forums in the community section. On social media sites like Twitter and Reddit, you may also publish updates about manga. Sites like OneManga are examples.

3. MangaHere

Manga You may read the whole manga series on our great manga website. Spoilers and manga news are available on mangahere. cc. On this fantastic website, you may download free manga magazines. Open for the excellent manga books you’re looking for by selecting the rating tab. Each manga book is well-liked, and its fascinating material is scored out of 10. Although it is accessible to download and view the history of your manga on a mobile device. Sites like OneManga are examples.

4. KissManga

The best OneManga substitute for sexual manga is KissManga. You may read comics in addition to manga thanks to it. There are categories for the manga and comics files. There are all genres of manga and comics here. The most recent manga series are accessible for free on KissManga. Chapters of a manga can be read attentively. You must first register if you enjoy reading the manga in its entirety.

5. MangaPanda

One of the best alternatives to reading online manga comics is MangaPanda, which is similar to OneManga. Soon, will have Bleach 687, One Piece 907, and Fairy Tail 546 available. In addition, a sizable library of thousands of English-translated manga comics is available. There are many different genres of comics, including action, adventure, mysteries, romance, thrillers, and many more. Read popular manga and otaku up to the most recent release. You can also check for Japanese comics.

6. SenManga

The newest and most recent manga books are available from Sen manga. You must first register for a website account to read and download the most recent updated manga. Most recently uploaded, most popular, and manga of the day are the order in which the categories are displayed. The series list is extremely simple to find on Sen Manga. You can alter almost anything by adding your preferred episodes and chapters. It is one of the top OneManga substitutes.

7. Renta

Similar to the best OneManga alternatives, Renta enables you to distribute manga worldwide. One of the best online vendors of manga is Renta. You get to read the perfect manga to foster your imagination. The novels are available for purchase or rental. If you rent it out, you can still upgrade if you want to read it frequently. Excellent translation quality ensures that the original meaning of the text is preserved. Every manga book has a license, and the novels are licensed.

8. MangaTown

One of the best OneManga substitutes where you can find a variety of genres is MangaTown. Without registering, you may read all of your favorite manga comics online. The list includes a manga directory, the most recent releases, and popular manga. Including the Naruto manga, Bleach manga, One Piece manga, Air Gear, and more, you can find more than 15000 manga and manhwa series here in HD resolution. The website regularly updated the list. Search for free manga online by alphabet. Your favorite manga and comics are easy to find.

9. MangaKatana

Another user-friendly website to read free online manga is MangaKatana. Your favorite titles are easy to find. The manga on the website was updated hourly, which is fantastic and unquestionably the most recent manga of all genres available. If you’re looking for the fresh manga, Manga Katana is the best place to start among the OneManga alternatives.

10. Manga Rock

Because every manga and television series content is available on Manga Rock for free, it differs from other websites onemanga forum. You can access a variety of genres with only one click on the WIKI icon. Authors and manga characters can be found here. You could read your favorite character with ease. You can hunt for a specific manga author or character using the search bar tool to find results. Large navigation bars and prominent genres are indicators of manga. You must create an account to start reading manga. It is comparable to the book walker and one manga.

11. MangaPark

Another website where you may read manga online is mangapark. You must make an account and log in before you can read the manga on this website. These OneManga substitute websites provide a range of genres as well. By utilizing the search option for the genre, you can find the book. The page themes on the website are editable. Please keep a note of your favorite manga and refer to it as needed. The series is complete, and it has been posted.

12. MangaHub

The most recent manga is available on the website through MangaHub. To view every manga from a website, you must first log into your account. By Directory, Popularity, or Updates, you can search manga onemanga forums. Daily manga is released. It offers a sizable database where you may find your preferred manga. You can download whole manga chapters that have been dubbed and subtitled from the manga site in addition to reading. The most recent news and updates from the manga business will be sent to you. It is one of the top OneManga substitutes.

13. BookWalker

Through BookWalker, you may access all digital manga novels and series. It is affordable to access and buy manga and light novels. The best thing is that you can enter the manga title and add it to your shopping basket to buy it onemanga copm, or you can search for a particular genre or category. Both Android and iPhone users can download the book walker application. To benefit from the savings, add the voucher to the last purchase. Sites like OneManga and manga rock are the best.

14. MangaDoom

MangaDoom offers a huge variety of manga publications and anime. Manga is found alphabetically from A to Z. Its manga directory is where you may find the best manga onemanga com one piece. Additional search tools are available to locate specific manga and anime series. Every day or as soon as the most recent manga is available, Manga Doom has regularly updated the new manga.

15. Viz

This wonderful forum for OneManga alternatives has existed for more than three decades. For people of various ages, Viz offers a wide variety of manga novels. Some of the most well-known anime brands are represented there. The community section of Viz also provides information about the most recent books and what pleases and frustrates readers. It includes novels, TV shows, movies, and series.

16. Nine Manga

This top OneManga substitute website is a great resource for free online manga reading. The best book for you will be determined by your examination of the books. It would be helpful if you also made an effort to maintain a reading list to keep track of specific novels and read them as new chapters are released. To avoid getting bored in the middle, choose a novel based on your interests.

17. ComicExtra

You can read whole comics on the well-known comic website Comic Extra. You can find a wide variety of comic books and animated series on these top One Manga alternatives websites onemanga com bleach. The most well-known comic book publishers are DC and Marvel. Additionally, you may read and download a lot of anime series, so you might find what you’re looking for. Find your preferred comic book or cartoon here.

18. Read Comics Online

You may read a variety of comics online on the website read comic online. me. The whole list of comics and vocabulary listings can be found on this top One Manga substitute website www onemanga com. A wide variety of recently released comic comics and comic book series are included in this extensive list. On the other side, as fresh comics are released, the New comics category gets updated. Aside from that, you can find anything you’re looking for on this website, which is crammed with comics. Additionally, you can read the newest comics at no cost.

19. MangaStream

MangaStream has the newest manga available. If you want to read your favorite manga, you must first sign or login. Choose the desired manga from the navigation menu to begin reading it. You can search for a manga that appeals to you from a list of complete manga. Websites like these that are the best alternatives to One Manga are looking for writers and designers.

20. MangaKakalot

A famous website where you can read free manga online is MangaKalakot. You can discover the newest manga, popular manga, upcoming manga, and finished mango here. Each manga is released one chapter at a time; to access a chapter, open the URL and click the link. There is no reason to band together. Any Manga series can be chosen and read for free.

21. Mangago

For reading complete manga, brand-new manga, and the most recent manga, Mangago provides the best user experience. You can search for categories like adventure, drama, horror, and action. Romance, school life, Yaoi, Doujinshi, Shounen Ai, Yuri, Shoujo, and fantasy are among the other books covered in the manga. By selecting the manga, you may read the famous series chapter. On these OneManga substitute websites, you may read all of the most recent hot releases for free.

22. Manga Reader

The most popular OneManga substitute for users of all ages is Manga Reader. Based on its age, you can discover manga. Among people of all ages, from children to adults, Japanese manga is incredibly popular. Here, you may browse a huge selection of English-translated manga and learn more about otaku culture. The newest, most popular manga books are always being added to Manga Reader. The manga reader has an effective search feature. You can get the newest, most popular manga books as well as your favorite manga magazines.

23. NiAdd

NiAdd is a fantastic OneManga substitute website where you can read manga online for free. It includes a robust manga directory that lets you sort manga by release year, genre, status, and alphabetical order. There are also some original manga series there. This website also features several well-known videos. Novels and manga can also be updated in NiAdd.

24. MangaFox

You can search for the most recent and well-liked manga genres using MangaFox. Manga may be found in many different genres, such as action, comedy, drama, fantasy, romance, school life, shoujo, and shounen, and you can read it online for free at mangafox. The most recent manga releases are offered, but you must register up or log in to access them. There is also a mobile application accessible. For your iPhone, iPad, or Android phone, you can download free manga. It’s also among the top websites for One Manga substitutes.


Another well-liked Japanese manga website is Bata. The complete collection of Japanese manga and comics can be found here. Not only can you search for the most recent manga to read, but you can also upload manga. You must register before using features like content reading, downloading manga, and uploading. You must first create a chapter and a series of files before adding any material.

26. MangaInn

One of the best sites for free manga novels is Mangainn, where you can also chat with other manga readers. You can interact with people who are reading the same manga while reading online manga books and discuss individual chapters. For the most recent news, visit the daily update area of Mangainn. the most recent details regarding upcoming programming. You must first register to read the most recent manga chapter of the current series for free online. It is one of the top One Manga substitutes.

27. Web Toons

The most popular manga comics are available on Web Toons, a great One Manga substitute website. So you receive the best possible outcome. Choose from the various genres to discover one that you like.

28. MyAnimeList

A respectable selection of animes, including every episode, are offered by MyAnimeList. Additionally, it provides in-depth details on all animes, as well as information on each anime’s characters and voice actors. It also has a community section where you can read a lot of blog posts about anime and engage in forum discussions about various anime themes. To enjoy it in addition to the anime, it also has a manga component. All you need for streaming from MyAnimeList is a reliable, fast Internet connection.

29. Unixmanga

On the website Unixmanga, you may read Manga comic books online in the form of images or PDF files. The site is updated once per week with the most recent comics onemanga new site. In the new manga area, you can find popular manga series like Naruto, One Piece, Air Gear, Bleach, Selective Conan, Claymore, and others. Action, comedy, sports, yaoi, tragedy, the paranormal, school life, adult, horror, drama, psychological, one-shot, sci-fi, etc. are among the genres you can select. All things considered, Unixmanga is a fantastic site for reading free comic books.

30. MangaMe

With the use of an A.I.-powered function, users of the website MangaMe can create their anime or manga from an image. Users can transform their images into anime characters in the Japanese style using this onemanga download, which is always evolving. Users can also create a visual novel without any prior drawing experience.

31. Mangahome

On the website Mangahome, you may download free copies of both classic and contemporary manga comics. Among other genres, you can read historical fiction, romance, drama, yuri, tragedy, sports, and mysteries onemanga day. You could also be able to find the precise comic book you desire with the use of an advanced search engine. Chinese, Korean, or Japanese manga can all be searched for. Additionally, you can conduct a search using the series name, author or artist name, genre, year of publication, rating, and whether or not the series has been completed.

32. MangaPlus

MangaPlus is the second-placed website on our list of OneManga net sites. One of the most well-known series, Spy x Family by Tatsuya Endo, can be found at MangaPlus. Before being licensed to Viz, the majority of MangaPlus’s titles were available for free. Books that you wish to read will cost money. You may find their first three and most recent three, which allow you to read the manga for free if you watch their advertisements.

33. Honto

Honto, which is a favorite among manga fans in Japan, is the second-best OneManga read option on our list. which is a risky convenience shop and a popular site. it produces a large variety of comics in a wide range of genres. Additionally, Honto offers an easy-to-use interface that makes it simple to find your favorite manga comic. Only a few of the free Honto manga comics are available in languages other than English, even though all of them are available.

34. Merakiscans is next on our list of the top websites similar to OneManga tv where you can read manga online for free. For lovers of manga and anime looking for anything online, it serves as a one-stop shop. There is much excellent manga available to read and share there. The site was founded and published in 2017 by a small but devoted group of people, and it was initially very straightforward. The app currently has millions of users who may use it to stay up to date on the newest manga. People that are passionate about writing and editing material are always creating new and better ideas. By creating a series, you can demonstrate your abilities. It also includes a sizable collection of the top manga chapters from around the globe, organized into several categories.

35. Anime-Planet

For a superior and more pleasurable experience, Anime-Planet is among the best OneManga alternatives. Without having to sign for anything, you may watch more than 4000 different free and legal onemsnga animation movies from anywhere in the world. Your best option for any of your needs should be OneManga,co, one of the best sites out there. The website’s dependability and security have received high praise from users. In that, it enables you to search for reviews, manga movies, and reviews, this access functions similarly to the kiss me liar OneManga apk. The site has a section devoted to Japanese manga films. This is accurate. One of the best ways to enhance animation is to use potent filter options.

36. Egscans

You can purchase scanned images and websites from various comic books on The site OneManga. net often adds new comics as well as new chapters of comic books that are currently available. This material is created by a sizable group of people acting independently or in response to requests from other community members. Things like the categories, archives, and feeds are available for inspection. To find a specific comic book, you may also use the search bar is onemanga safe. All things considered, Egscans is a fantastic comic book shop that you should check out.


You can read the manga episodes you prefer on the best manga online streaming sites, which offer both the original and dubbed versions. To give you a wide range of options for where to find your favorite shows, we’ve included the ten best Onemanga alternatives in this post along with one extra website.

You are no longer concerned thanks to these voluminous options. Examine the Onemanga alternatives before choosing the one you believe best serves your demands.

This concludes the list of Onemanga alternatives, however, one of these will undoubtedly meet your needs. Knowing about alternatives is a good idea because Onemanga is beginning to be blocked in many places due to piracy. Please let us know if you already use any of the above-mentioned sites or if your favorite is missing from the list so that others can make from them.

On the website that the authentic Onemanga is unavailable on your site, we sincerely hope that we have provided some of the best alternatives. Please share a remark after trying any of these Onemanga alternatives with your thoughts. If we missed any sites that are comparable to Onemanga on this site, please share them with us.

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