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Activate STARZ on Roku, Apple TV


How can I activate Starz on my Apple TV, Roku, Fire TV, Sling TV, Xbox, or Amazon Fire Stick? You may enjoy videos, music, movies, and sports by connecting your TV or home theatre to the internet using streaming media players. Simple TVs with built-in streaming apps are known as shrewd TVs. You have a variety of alternatives for watching video on your TV when you use specialized streaming media players like an Apple TV or a Roku TV. You may now create a personalized collection of movies from your preferred channels, series, and other interests.

You must follow a few quick steps in order to create an account for your Starz subscription, and they are as follows:

Roku Starz

Here’s how to activate your Roku TV’s account.

Hurray! Your activate it on Roku TV will refresh after it’s finished, and you can then start watching your preferred  programming.

Activate Starz on an Android TV

Here is how to activate it on Android TV if you have an Android TV device:

Make Starz available on an Apple TV.

Here are the steps you need to follow in order to activate the code on your Apple TV are listed below:

Your favorite Starz programs are now available to view on Apple TV.

Activate Starz on an Amazon Fire Stick

There are two ways to activate on Fire Stick:

You can start viewing your favorite series on it as soon as you sign in.

Activate on Starz for Sling TV?

To add Starz to your Sling TV service, follow these steps:

How can I activate Starz available on Xbox One?

If you use your Xbox One to view TV and movies, follow these steps:

How to get Amazon Prime to work with Starz

You can stream content on several Amazon products, including the Fire Stick, Fire Tablet, and Fire TV. To make it work on your Amazon device, follow these steps:


I hope you followed all of the instructions, and you should now be able to quickly activate it on your device. Send this guide to your friends if you find it helpful so they can begin their entertainment journey.

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