10 Best Torlock Alternatives Working Torrent Sites in 2023

TorLock is the tenth torrent website in our list of the best torrent sites in 2022. TorLock is a well-known torrent service with many different torrent categories to choose from. The first page of TorLock com website pack with the most recent and popular non-blocked Torrent sites in each category. You can view when files were uploaded, the size of the files, and the number of seeders and leechers. As with most torrent websites, it’s very conventional.

TorLock appears to provide Torrent data with all the contents of your search phrase while searching for a torrent. I can see how this could be advantageous, but it’s also a little inconvenient for me. I would also anticipate seeing the documents with the most seeders available at the front of my search results, so I don’t have to filter the results.

10 Best Torlock Alternatives Working Torrent Sites in 2023

Here are the details about the best torlock proxy torrent sites in 2022, which you can learn in this article:


EZTV is the ideal torrent website torlock2 to visit if you want to download and install TV shows in addition to movies. There’s something for everyone, from current TV shows to previously unwatched episodes. Users may watch EZTV and register for an account to keep track of their downloaded torrents and favorite shows.

It has a primary and user-friendly UI. In the search bar, type what you want to look for. A table format checklist is displayed, with a download link and magnet link symbol and the number of seeders, leechers, and data size. It may not be the most attractive non-blocked torrent site, but it gets the job done.

Although you may not find every Torrent you want on the EZTV proxy, customers report that the torrent files are of excellent quality. In my opinion, quality is far more critical than quantity while downloading and installing torrents.


  • Simple to use
  • Ideal for TV shows.
  • List of things to do in the countdown


  • Torrents of only TV shows
  • Look through EZTV.

2. is primarily a torrent search engine, but it also provides more, differs from Torrentz2 because it gathers information from other websites that also search for torrents.

The site provides a list of torrent websites tor lock com for the purpose you’re looking for. For instance, if you’re looking for a torrent site that’s good for movies or TV shows, it’ll give you a list of options. You can also go right to the category pages you’re looking for.

You can use non-blocked Torrent sites if you’re unsure what torrent you’re looking for. It will show how popular a particular set of queries and trending data is from floods.


  •  Search for current information in a user-friendly manner.
  • To research, there are several basic groups.
  • Torrent sites are listed according to their goal.


  • Rather than being precise, the search results page includes results for all search terms.
  • Start with
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3. LimeTorrents

LimeTorrents has over a decade of experience and offers its users many non-blocked torrent sites to choose from. Video games, TV shows, films, anime, and software are all examples of torrent data. Its content is updated regularly, making it extremely popular in the Torrent market.

It offers a good, user-friendly UI. You can look for something specific or get ideas by clicking on a topic. Each category displays a list of the top 100 torrents available on LimeTorrents.

It’s simple to choose which Torrent torlock proxy list to download and install once you’ve got your selection of floods. Filtering by seeders, leechers, dimension, or adding a page is simple. The helpful wellness bar shows how ‘healthy’ a Torrent is. Responses are available on Torrent, so if you come across one that’s exceptionally good or horrible, you can add to the community.


  • User interface that is simple and easy to operate
  • Torrents are classified into categories.
  • A beneficial health bar


  • The most effective Torrents do not automatically filter out-group listings.
  • LimeTorrents is a good starting point.

4. iDope

iDope is more of a torrent search engine than a torrent site that isn’t blocked. It provides direct magnet links to the torrents you’ve been looking for. It has a vast data source of over 18 millions torrents. Thus, it must be suitable for a wide range of users.

The user interface is simple. I have to admit that some torlock torrent sites are so complicated that they are challenging to use or stick with. iDope also features a mobile-friendly version of its website, making the whole experience much more enjoyable.

iDope is a “homage to unblock torlock ” and a revamped version of the previously expired You can download torrents with a single click, saving you time and effort by not having to browse through multiple websites and web connections.


  • There are over 18 million torrents available.
  • It’s simple to use and has a clean UI.
  • Each torrent downloads


  • There are a lot of unwanted advertisements.
  • Take a look at iDope.

5. Zooqle

If you enjoy gaming, Zooqle has a variety of pc gaming torrents to satisfy your needs. It is a relatively young torrent site, but it’s quickly gaining popularity due to its constantly expanding content. Zooqle, unlike many other torrent sites, is free of adverts, which provides a refreshing experience.

The Zooqle website is appealing to the eye and simple to browse. People can type in a variety of search terms into the search field, such as movie titles, stars, directors, and so on. Zooqle has approximately 40,000 videos in its directory, which are astounding for how new the website is.

Although there are a lot of flicks and also Tv shows, Zooqle has begun to get a distinction for itself for video gaming and also software programe applications. As soon as you locate the torrent you seek to discover, you may directly download or use the magnet link offered. There are convenient details available like data consisting of, in addition to opinions and also answers from the region.

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  • It is a fantastic website.
  • It’s simple to use and get involved in activities.
  • It’s ideal for video games and software.


  • Because it is new to the market, it may not have all torrents.
  • Explore around Zooqle.

6. YTS

YTS is a new Torrent website for movie fans that concentrates only on non-blocked Torrent sites for movies, YTS is simple and has a beautiful website design that will apply to a broad audience. The torrents available are excellent quality and include a wide range of old and current films.

When YTS/YIFY shut down in 2015, ( became its heir apparent (unofficially). As a result, YTS has a sizable fan base, with thousands of users rushing to it to download movies. Because of many people, finding Torrent files that do not contain seeders or leechers is usually not a problem.

If your ISP limits your data or information transfer, YTS may be the most efficient torrent website for you to use. Torrent files are supposed to be far more lenient in data transfer, so you won’t have to worry about going over your data limit.


  • A great number of motion films are available.
  • Various styles that can be downloaded
  • A large number of customers are following the rules.


  • Only Torrent may be used to download the movie.
  • Visit YTS.

7.The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay (TPB) has been one of the most popular torrent sites since its start in 2003. TPB is available in 35 languages and makes money through donations, advertisements, and cryptocurrency mining.

The Pirate Bay’s Trusted and VIP statuses are two features that I find particularly valuable. These are represented by a pink head icon (Trusted) or an eco-friendly head icon in a torrent search (VIP). Trusted folks have a reputation for releasing non-blocked Torrent sites that are trustworthy and of high quality. These are devoid of spam and malware, and the TPB area can trust them

VIP torrents are identical to regular floods; however, they are higher. If you download and install Torrent files with VIP status, you are much less likely to receive an infection or a harmful Torrent on your computer or device.

The Pirate Bay has one of the most basic user interfaces in the torrenting world. Its user interface hasn’t changed much (if at all) since its inception in 2003. Why mess with something that is working? People can enjoy a variety of documents, such as audiobooks, songs, films, video games, software, and much more.


  • Simple to use
  • There is no cost.
  • It’s simple to spot reliable torrents.
  • Web links to magnets are accessible.


  • Community feedback might be dishonest.
  • The content on the web is not restricted.
  • Visit the Pirate Bay website

8. Torrentz2

Torlock unblock is a Torrentz2 internet search engine that uses a unique approach on non-blocked Torrent sites. There will generally be more information on the torrent material you have selected. Torrentz2 replaces the former (now expired) Torrentz by searching over 90 torrent sites. Torrentz, well-known among torrent users worldwide, did not host torrents on its website instead of indexing torrents from various trackers.

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You can download a magnet file or a torrent file anytime you search for a torrent. For example, when looking for a movie, you can check through images, motion picture clips, and more. The only notice on the website states, “Torrentz was a free, quick, and powerful meta-search engine mixing results from dozens of search engines.” It’s effortless to use: type in the Torrent you’re looking for, and Torrentz2 will search torrent sites for the best Torrent file.


  • There is a ton of knowledge available.
  • It searches a large number of torrent sites.
  • Frequently finds a file


  • It is not a separate torrent website
  • Visit Torrentz2 for more details.

9. 1337x

1337x has been operational since 2007, and it provides a directory-style list of popular torrents. It has a safe environment with regular uploaders whose content can be trusted. 1337x features a lot of categories, and it also has top 100 lists in each of them if you’re looking for an opportunity.

1337x’s popularity grew after torlock com proxy Torrents shut down in 2016. Whether you’ve used other non-blocked Torrent sites or not, you’ll find 1337x to be extremely simple to use and navigate. For inspiration, in addition to providing popular categories, you may search for Torrent using filters such as Oscar Nominations and Trending Torrents.

The UI of 1337x clarifies what you’re looking for when looking for a Torrent. You can check how many comments the torrent document has, how many seeders and leechers it has, and when it was published by looking at it. Documents such as movies are also labelled so you can tell if they’re in HD or not.


  • Popular categories, as well as torrent recommendations
  • Exceptional user interface
  • Sorting by Torrent is simple.


  • Advertisements can be annoying.
  • There are various pop ups
  • 1337x is a site that you should visit.


RARBG, which first appeared in our browsers in 2008, has a large following for high-quality videos and movie releases, RARBG has a massive archive of both old and current Torrent data. The excellent quality of the Torrent freely available is one of its primary draw cards for customers

RARBG, like various other non-blocked Torrent sites proxy, has a top ten listing, which might be helpful for inspiration. The checklists provide users with the most popular and a large number of downloaded films on the web. The download size, when it was added to the site, who starred in the movie, several seeders and leechers are all contained in detail.

RARBG has a large following and a large community, despite not having the most precise or most modern user interface. If you come upon a film that entices your interest, there are a variety of websites where you may watch movie trailers and TV shows. If you’re not sure what you want to watch, this is a great tool to have.


  • Site with a blog and up-to-date information
  • Torrent of excellent grade
  • Torrent of excellent grade


  • On the site, there are a lot of adverts.
  • Take a look at RARBG.

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