Best 34 TorrentKing Alternatives & Similar Sites

One of the top websites for torrent file distribution is TorrentKing. The key attributes of this website are its robust meta-search engine, enormous database, adaptability, and lightweight graphic user interface, all of which make it much simpler for users to search for their preferred torrent files using TorrentKing.

On this website, in addition to torrent files, you can also find advertisements for several VPN goods that are highly useful to users, like the browser VPN online. Additionally, you can utilize custom filters to make the comfort of your work. You will be given presence to several options if you use TorrentKing. A wide variety of movies will be shown all at once.

You can use them to convert their formats for more compatibility if you’ve downloaded your favorite movies and need to play them on various things. This video converter program can convert videos to all popular SD and HD videos, including 3GP, AVI, FLV, MP4, MOV, M4V, MPEG, MKV, RMVB, TS, VOB, H.264, HD WMV, DivX, and XviD, among others. You might use TorrentKing, one of several online search tools, to find your favorite movies, video games, music, eBooks, and other content.

We are all aware that any content you can download for free from websites that resemble torrents is actually a pirated version. Many excellent torrent search engines were available, but because we live in a time when the internet is being more and more guarded about legal rights, many are currently offline. Many torrent search engine websites are constantly down. This is the case with sites like Torrentz, TorrentKing, Kickasstorrents, etc.

Some of these websites offer an updated version or an alternative for it. We are here to give you access to only the best torrent search engine websites in 2020. But in addition to the TorrentKing website, you can also browse some of the biggest torrent websites that can serve as TorrentKing alternatives. These unblocked TorrentKing options will then be included on this page. You can browse all of the websites listed and choose your favorite.

Describe TorrentKing.

Hosting torrent files is TorrentKing. A search engine that operates online. Every day, TorrentKing updates its database. With DHT, it may find fresh stuff and compare it to another essential element available on other websites. Torrentking offers access to a vast library of TV shows and movie content for its audience. They have 500,000 movies in their movie download that can be downloaded, and more than 70,000 movies can be watched for free online.

TorrentKing is frequently preferred by users above the two most popular torrent search engines on the internet, Piratebay and Kickass Torrent. However, this website will eventually shut down because downloading via torrents is considered piracy. Nevertheless, you can never predict when you may be met with the discouraging message “404 not found.”


Best  Alternatives to TorrentKing

1. LimeTorrents


Although LimeTorrents is very user-easy, it contains a lot of content that is absent from other torrent websites https torrentking. Users can look for popular TV shows, movies, anime, and games on LimeTorrents. Users can browse for popular things when searching for files, like new torrents, well-known films, the alphabet, and more. This site has proxy alternatives, so you can still use it if it goes down.

Users can sign in and then back in to change their BitTorrent clients, which is essential to understand. It’s important to note that it doesn’t support or encourage the search for adult movies, even though you aren’t required to use it to download TV shows and movies torrentking eu. They will need to search elsewhere for 18+ content in that case. Since 2009, LimeTorrents has been available and is a free source.

You don’t have to enter your credit card information or register for the website is torrentking safe. The only thing that keeps the website running is the advertisements. The site acknowledges that it has the potential to be deceptive, upsetting, and even harmful. Most of the time, they are pop-ups, and LimeTorrent tells people not to view them. The majority of these advertisements are for the website. They support running it operational and functional. They are bad for a good reason.

2. KickassTorrents

One of the top TorrentKing alternatives is Another name, Kickass Torrents, sometimes refers to it. After the Pirate Bay, it is the second-largest torrent search engine. When it does work, it is an excellent substitute for TorrentKing when it doesn’t. The goal of numerous cyberattacks to shut down Kickass Torrent, like its cousin PirateBay, was likewise successful. After a legitimate sale had been made, the owner and author were even tracked online and subsequently detained. On it, you can watch videos, movies, and TV shows. Additionally, you may watch tutorials on how to write content or play games while playing games.

It is superior to PirateBay since it makes a meta link. Users are free to download whatever torrent files they like. Another thing that makes Kicka$$Torrents from other torrent search engines is this. None of its torrents or even those from other torrent search engines are shared.

Every day, new online content was added to the website, causing Kickass Torrent’s database to expand significantly. Kickass Torrent offers the possibility of online file posting for anyone who offers to assist this site torrentking download. Regarding accessibility, Kickass Torrent’s content is free and only marginally supported by advertisements. But that’s not true—no need to worry about intrusive pop-up ads. The major drawback is that numerous duplicates of Kickass Torrent make it hard to distinguish between genuine and phony versions, and this site frequently experiences outages.


People who enjoy TV shows frequently use online torrent sites like EZTV. This app offers many options if you want to improve your TorrenKing skills. You may employ them. The top websites include a calendar that lists the premiere dates for numerous shows.

The website contains a wealth of information about using it and how to seek support if you need it. Because menu links open clean pop-ups when you click on them, it would be preferable to use a pop-up blocker when visiting the EZTV website.

EZTV, is it blocked? To get rid of EZTV and resume watching TV, you could wish to check for ETTV alternatives. There are a few options you can use to access EZTV. The most effective methods for watching TV are TorrentKing Proxy Mirror and Unblocked Sites. Unblocked Sites are the best way to watch TV, on the other hand. Then, finding available EZTV proxy servers and mirrors is difficult.

4. TorrentDownloads

People have had access to the most recent TV shows, movies, music, games, software, animation, books, and many other things for a very long time, thanks to the items on the site TorrentDownloads. On this site, new programs and TV shows can be accessed in a matter of seconds. It has a lot of content. Despite the number that there are fewer popular torrent things, many people continue to utilize our site to download free stuff.

People of Gush Downloads’ proxy sites will experience a similar user interface to those of their primary site, But they won’t be able to make use of it. This domain will show its appearance and similarity to the previous features. Use the proxy sites listed below to get around the inability to download torrents.

5. 1337x

When Pirate Bay, Torrent King, and KickassTorrent are unavailable, there is always 1337x. Hollywood’s top TV shows and films are available on 1337X. In addition, 1337X provides a simple User Interface that makes it simple to locate fresh torrents and upcoming movies. Furthermore, this site is not limited to TV shows and movies. Users can also find software, video games, and other things on it.

To support online, other sites, like TorrentKing, have advertisements. On the other hand, 1337X doesn’t have any ads. Isn’t it have more stuff on it than the others do? Despite not having all you require, it offers you more than enough.

6. Thepiratebay

A torrent search engine that people add to is called ThePirateBay. It is one of the most well-known torrent storage sites, and despite numerous lawsuits and closures, it has persevered and continued to offer fresh, comprehensive, and constantly updated online content.

For more than ten years, it has continued to offer a vast lot of content, including TV shows, movies, music, games, tutorials, documentaries, anime, and much more. It is one of the most important platforms and the origin of most piracy sites. The Pirate Bay contains numerous features that may deter users from using it. One of its shortcomings is that it doesn’t provide users with meta links when they attempt to download a torrent:

Torrent files must be downloaded to computers using BitTorrent clients because BitTorrent people are unable to save torrent files directly to their PCs. Another frequent occurrence is the site being shut down because it is constantly being attacked by security forces.

In addition, there have been instances when police have broken into the PirateBay office and detained staff people who were performing website maintenance. In contrast to the other websites on this list, the site doesn’t show pop-up ads and has a minimal number of ads overall.


Torrents. me is one of the better alternatives to TorrentKing that is good. There are several TV shows, films, anime, documentaries, games, manga, and other media. It doesn’t give a damn about having a futuristic design or a distinctive user interface, unlike other torrent streaming sites. However, looking for movies or television shows is simple.

Torrents. me is a fantastic alternative if any other services don’t work or are slow. People can access its services for free because advertising funds it. To acquire a trustworthy and quick download speed, users must search for things with people who want to share them. If the site is down, you can work a page that lists all the torrent sites. It’s easy to select one from these lists as a good alternative for you. To back it, there is a list of TorrentKing proxy servers.


A retro website is RARBG. All other TorrentKing alternatives are ineffective. Thus this is a good option if you need to download a TV show or movie rapidly. RARBG is a good option. Many categories of anime, movies, manga, TV shows, music, documentaries, and other media are available on RARBG. It should be noted that this site isn’t updated very frequently.

Because of this, many of the posts are old. It also happens from time to time that the site goes down. Additionally, its retro appearance isn’t appealing to everyone’s taste. Don’t worry; there are many good things to the website as well. It shouldn’t take long for someone to download a torrent they require because a torrent site has many users that share content.

In addition, RARBG features a blog where you can read about fresh movies, TV shows, and other content. People have been able to download torrents with RARBG since 2008. That being the case, it is accurate to say that it was the first torrent search engine site.

9. Zooqle

Google is a version of Google that a person may operate. Zooqle prefers watching TV shows over movies, though. The final season of the well-known medieval fantasy show Game of Thrones and HBO’s upcoming miniseries Chernobyl, which tells a faithful narrative of a catastrophe, are anticipated to be included on the list. Movies spanning various genres, including comedy, drama, fantasy, horror, sci-fi, and more, are also available for download by users.

It is not centralized, as we previously stated. When you sign up for Zooqle, information is requested. It contains a robust password-security encryption mechanism and a feature that removes use data 24 hours after the last time they were used. No one can follow you if you utilize this network. Of course, advertisements help to finance it. There will be obnoxious pop-ups, so be ready for them.


Movies from the YIFI content are available on is still operational even if it does not work with the YIFI group. However, it boasts a sizable movie collection that includes a lot of 720p, 1080p, and 3D movies and TV shows. Movies can be of many different types, including action, fantasy, comedy, horror, drama, and more.

The primary objectives of are to bring back the original YIFI movie and provide perfect-quality high-quality film. Various ads are displayed to support pay for the site’s work. Before they can download the movies they want, users will have to deal with them. Additionally, users can sign up for an account and rate movies. The accessible films also include a summary and their IMDB rating. The process is as follows:

11. ExtraTorrent

Even though ExtraTorrents was already well-known, they first made it in 2006 despite their presence. What occurred was that ExtraTorrents put a lot of effort into becoming, until a few years ago, the second-largest torrent site after Pirate Bay. This is what took place: Every day, tens of thousands of people visit it.

Due to its popularity, many people watch movies and TV shows on the website. The site was taken offline due to several complaints from hosting companies and domain name service providers. BitTorrent may have succumbed to legal pressure, but it is unclear whether this was the reason for its collapse.

12. Torrentz2

Because it doesn’t work for you, you cannot utilize It’s not just you in this case. The best torrent meta-search engines are no longer accessible to many people worldwide. Owners of websites were informed that a user had expressed concern about them. They were informed of this by EURid, domain’s computer registry administrator.

According to this paragraph, the Public Prosecutor’s order caused the domain names for to be deleted. Some claim the order will be the subject of a protracted legal battle.

Books, music, movies, and video games can all be purchased in many good stores. The best was at Additionally, some Internet users discovered it to be quite well-liked. The search engine browsed popular websites, including The Pirate Bay, LimeTorrents, RARBG, and others, in search of torrents.

13. Utorrent

People of uTorrent who download files were already aware of it. It was a well-known of TorrentKing tool before BitTorrent, Inc. purchased it. A simple, open-source client wasn’t popular with BitTorrent a few years ago. They made it with ads, and junk mail offers when they shut it down. Some people who dislike how uTorrent works hunt for another app because so many people still use it.

The good news is that numerous torrent clients are available, both for open and for a lot. As you can see, many of them resemble the uTorrent app in appearance and functionality. However, some of them might have additional features that uTorrent does not. Because many alternative uTorrent clients include viruses and infections that might harm your computer, it may be challenging to select the ideal one.

We’ve compiled a list of appealing ETTV alternatives that aren’t as bad as some of the other ones to aid you in your search. While some still do, you may prevent it if you’re attentive because some still have Adware on them. You can learn more about them from us.

14. ETTV

Regarding gush websites, ETTV is the most acceptable alternative for TorrentKing. At first, I thought the site was fantastic. Because COVID-19 is coming, everyone should visit ETTV on the quarantine day to view thrilling and lovely movies. There is a lot of information regarding meta torrent files in this collection of reliable torrent trackers. It allows thousands of people to upload and share 100% certified gush files.

I’m afraid not. Maybe it’s out of your reach. You need not be concerned. You can use the torrents and proxy services on the list below. On ETTV, a section has been created for people who upload and seed torrents. The government shut down popular torrent sites not long after they gained popularity. These proxies and mirror sites are the most pleasing thing to happen to users. You can access these torrent sites via the following means.

15. Torlock

Nowadays, many people believe that Gush is a great site to purchase software and other things. People still go to gush sites. It’s also true that many of the websites mentioned above are employed to encourage people to attempt novel things. This contains 1337x, TorLock, The Pirate Bay, and many others.

TorLock used to be the top TorrentKing site, however, that is no longer the time. It is simpler to download because the website has always been known for its healthy food offerings. 2016 saw the implementation of a mass torrent ban, but it did not affect the website. After this, the website lost its reputation.

TorLock has a lot of issues overall, but one of the biggest ones is that it is not particularly stable. Because it frequently goes down, TorLock isn’t one of the better sites for getting Gush.

16. BitSnoop

When you download a file, it transmits it to other people so they can also download it. What it does is irrelevant if these gush data are false. It is filled with information on Gush. The thing that BitSnoop can only show user data from an actual torrent file is its most vital feature. It makes torrent King safe so users can feel confident they will receive the correct downloads and installation files as soon as possible. Check this page to view more articles.

At this point, around 24 million documents have been found, and the site is continually updated with new gush documents. Due to the information that they obtain their data from other leading gush service providers, gush files make up a sizable portion of their database. On the other side, it is based on about 300 websites that use Gush.

17. SumoTorrent

It will always be available if SumoTorrent has genuine gush files. BitTorrent claims to be the top gush provider since it offers the best seeds and leeches for gush files. People appreciate SumoTorrent because it allows them to download their gush information. No matter how bad the files are, an automated system will fix them first. People can download and install it on their own in the following stage.

18. YifyTorrents

YTS, often known as YifyTorrents, is a site. This site is often used by people to download torrents. It contains a considerable lot of torrent files. Therefore, don’t consider using YifyTorrents to download legally purchased software, games, music, TV shows, or other programs. Use it only to buy movies; do not use it for anything else.

The best movies and even the most current videos in real-time can only be found on Yify Torrents terms of film. Because the YTS has recent and new content, most people use it.

19. Mininova

For those looking to buy or sell items online, Mininova is the most excellent TorrentKing substitute search engine. It also provides a directory for those who want to buy or sell items online. Users will find gush documents quickly because of a directory website and search engine. This implies that Mininova users of the BitTorrent tracker-free website can submit torrents there.

There are gush files for many other things that people enjoy reading and playing, such as anime, publications, and games. Additionally, Mininova includes files for gush songs and movies. Additionally, there are gush files for TV publications. Mininova doesn’t have as big of a torrent catalog as some other distributors. It could make you sad if you didn’t find the declaration you’re looking for.

20. Nyaa’s service is no longer available. It was a service in Japan that offered anime movie movies via BitTorrent. Visit the website TorrentKing if you enjoy animated films from all groups. They will be able to see all kinds of anime movies while at the Nyaa.

Adult-themed anime films will also return to the top of the list. The existence of Nyaa was important for people of anime movies. Animation-based things can check the movie’s documents, sound, software, photographs, and more.

21. Library Genesis

An online search engine called Library Genesis, called LibGen, enables you to download and install books and articles on various topics. It is simple to comprehend and easy to use. Its many features include free-to-use internet search engines. To give you a full, comprehensive experience, it also has a lot of ebooks and frequent updates with fresh content.

The posts and ebooks on this site all fall under different groups. For every category, there are both brief articles and ebooks. You can download them right away without thinking to stop and think about them. There is a search bar where you may enter the name of a book to find its title.

22. BTDigg

Look at the DHT network to find digital BitTorrent content that you may search for. There is a full-text search center provided. Additionally, it has torrents that are still active and unblocked in both Eastern and Western languages.

BTDigg is a legal system because it possesses two essential components—decentralization and unicity, for example—that make it one. People can search within or outside the Torrentking realm and trackers using the Torrentking hub. Unicity asserts that because each person possesses unique qualities, there are no “likes.”

23. Toorgle

Google underpins the search engine Toorgle. It lets users find information pertinent to their content and displays torrent files for download. The site simultaneously checks over 450 isoHunt-related websites that pay for the top outcomes for each search.

More than 55,000 000 gush indexes have now been added to Toorgle. Additionally, there is a search bar for the firebox and a Facebook app. It is one of the most popular locations to search for Gush. It has a search bar that resembles one, unlike Google. Movies, videos, games, and many more are among the things it may search for and download.


The online TorrentKing system is known as Qtorrent, and it enables individuals to download a vast lot of video clips, music data, software, books, and other content. You don’t have to pay anything to use the system to download any torrent files. Users only need to find. To look at something, they must write it down, download it, and click find.

When a system is finished, this occurs: Both the name of the data and its size are displayed. Also, this is what takes place. Other options for clients include deciding how they want to download the movie and selecting the appropriate method. This makes it easier for individuals to independently attach the torrent file to uTorrent software.

25. Picktorrent

Individuals who use Picktorrent can download and install any songs, movies, TV shows, or software they desire. Additionally, it enables file sharing. Users must write the exact piece of the film or music they wish to download and install torrentking safe. The app then displays a comprehensive list of that song or movie. People can choose from a list of people’s documents to download and install.

The documents you search for are displayed with seeds and leeches on one side of Picktorrent’s straightforward interface. As a result, finding what you want is simpler torrentking review. Users can select the files with the most seeds to receive the best download files. When people open files that have been uploaded, they can see what type of file it is and how much space it requires. The identity of the person is also visible.


Any torrent from, a source of torrent data, could be downloaded, installed, and used by individuals. Because it contained a lot of data, much like a torrent, Torrentking was one of the best data companies. There are all the movies, TV shows, songs in mp3 music, and more.

Each category on the site has its section, such as movies, software, anime, etc. People can check which new files have been added to this category torrentking down. There are other options besides clicking on the main class to view the data.


It’s called SCI-HUB, and it enables individuals to read publications and research documents for free wonder woman 2017 torrentking. Scientists can search for the appropriate documents without considering copyright when utilizing a system. Users can also download the research paper, which means they read it and then save a copy.

You can search for research papers based on their authors, the year they were written, the magazine they were published in, or their membership in one or more groups of people la la land torrentking. People can quickly find the most excellent paper with this search tool.

28. IsoHunts

Users of SCI-HUB receive peer-to-peer services and end-to-end data encryption from the service. It is acceptable for one of the greatest sites, such as TorrentKing. IsoHunt is added daily with fresh content. Different content categories are used to arrange it, including TV shows, movies, music, and games.

The torrent king legal site offers a reliable connection guardians of the galaxy 2 torrentking, which is useful when other areas are unavailable. In contrast to Kickass Torrent and the Pirate Bay, it is highly aggressive with ads. This makes it a big turnoff.

29. TorrentRover

The final alternative on our list that is superior to TorrentKing is TorrentRover. Additionally, people can find movies with the aid of the desktop app TorrentRover. There are no ads when using TorrentRover. This makes it from its rivals. To make up for it, the website has launched a contribution page so that it may continue to operate and continue running its visitor’s online content.

Using TorrentRover, users may search for music, movies, video games, TV shows, and more. The only negative aspect of TorrentRover is that it occasionally experiences outages. It makes a good alternative for TorrentKing, even though it goes back online.

30. Torrent Reactor

With millions of legal torrents, TorrentReactor is reportedly one of the most active TorrentKing substitute torrent distributors online. They often provide new torrents from around the globe to their users. You may find torrent files for various media, including adult, anime, music, movies, TV shows, seasons, and episodes.

You may search for torrents on the Torrent Reactor site using the most popular and latest torrents. The most pleasing thing about Torrent Reactor is that it has a cutting-edge TorrentKing search engine free download system that ensures users get the exact Torrent they enter. Users can share their torrent files on Torrent Reactor, making it preferable to other sites in this regard.

As a platform for torrent searching, Torrent Reactor offers a system that makes people contribute to it. Torrentreactor is already indexing millions of torrent files from the finest torrent provider because it relies on other torrent providers to complete the work.

31. Skytorrents

A clean and privacy-focused torrent search engine that was introduced in 2018, Skytorrents is still in development black panther torrentking. This innovative project is always maintained up to date by the intelligence linkage, and the manual interference is limited but can be accessed. There are tonnes of the latest torrents discovered each day, so they can be made available for investigation by everyone. Skytorrents also has a free service along with unlimited access aspect privacy.

32. TreeTorrent

This unblocked TorrentKing alternative website is a big platform TreeTorrent of torrent files now indexing over the ten major torrents offering websites like 1337X, The Pirate Bay, and BitTorrent. This feature makes this website unique from other websites. Moreover, you can quickly browse your favorite torrent files on this website by searching one file through the search box.

33. BitLove

This website’s name suggests that it is designed for people who only browse every form of the file using torrent files. Most of the torrent files supplied on this website are active and in functioning shape. That’s why this is a different, highly advantageous solution offered as an alternative to the TorrentKing website.

34. Bit Che

Like the TorrentKing website, this torrent website is famous for delivering torrent files of numerous documentaries in different languages. This could be an excellent replacement for the TorrentKing website or another great alternative.


We’ve put together a list of the top TorrentKing alternatives. We hope this information will help you decide which website to use instead of TorrentKing. It was challenging for us to put together this list, but to better serve you, we examined more than 100 BitTorrent and uTorrent websites. Let us leave which things on this list are your favorites and how your experience was by leaving a comment below. We’ll keep this list current if you leave valuable suggestions in the comments.

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