10 Best USB Port Lock Software You Can Use 2023

Since flash drives and portable discs are easy to get, data protection has become risky. If you’re not at your computer, your friends or coworkers may steal information from it. Even if you don’t have anyone to do the annoying tasks, you will still feel tense while using a computer. USB Port Lock Software is a big help for people who have to worry about keeping data safe. It has made life without stress possible. A USB drive locker also gives you security, privacy, and ease of use.

How To Easily Secure Your Data?

Data is the most important part of any business. The data in a file is a person’s intellectual property. If you manage the data, you may keep your power. But it will be a lot less safe because people will use computers. To disable this from happening, you should lock the folder or turn off the USB drive. Your data might also be at risk because of how you connect to the Internet.

It’s possible that your folder is locked and your USB drive isn’t working, but that your internet connection is still on. All of your data can be sent by email. So, you must disable off your USB drive, lock your folder, disable off Bluetooth, share it, and use any other file transfer software. You should also look at how the mail and the Internet are used. Please remember that your data is your most valuable asset and that losing it means losing all of your data. Among the ways to keep data safe are:

Protect Individual File

We often type on office equipment, whether for personal or business use. Each office app can have its own password. The security for Microsoft Office is so robust that a regular user can’t find your writing. If you think you’ve viewed at your file, you can use the easy-to-use tool for free to find out.

Protect Folder By Folder Lockers

The Password Protect Folder Software for Windows and macOS is used by a number of shrewd computer users. If a password protects the folder, it will be put in the safe zone.

Protect Data By Basic Features Of Windows

Windows is one of the best operating systems for data security. From the system’s “Device Manager,” you can block all USB devices. The downside is that it will block all USB ports by itself. So, you should move on to the next step.

Protect By Programming Or Coding

The notion of this sentence is to imply that the USB port may be programmed to be locked. This concept is for sophisticated users. However, we must first adhere to the finest USB lock software and the following procedures.

Protect By Disconnecting The Internet, Bluetooth, And Other File-SharingSoftware 

These are the hilarious data protection choices. Using these methods requires you to repeatedly lock your computer (Windows Key + L). An example would be surgical surgery of headaches. Therefore, we must secure the data with USB security software.

Protect By USB Lockers

This is the most effective course of solution we should do. Our discussion will centre on USB security software that safeguards your data and provides a customised solution.

Best USB Port Lock Software You Can Use 2023

USB Port Lock Software is a tool that restricts unauthorised access to the USB port on your computer. Nevertheless, you may restrict access using a password or the administrative panel. The USB lock software is useful for high companies, technically savvy persons, government security organisations, educators, and others who demand a high level of security. Today, we will provide you with the top 10 USB Port Lock Software to safeguard the privacy and security of your valuable data.

1. USB Block

USB Block

If you desire to prevent a data leak, we advise you to block USB devices using security software. Yes, I am supplying the name of the USB block. This exceptional software protects data loss from USB ports, CD-ROMs, and other sources.


1- Using the USB block software, you may determine which external devices are allies and which are adversaries, therefore decreasing the possibility of intellectual property theft.

2- This USB port lock software will notify you if someone attempts to steal your photos, documents, or data. Because it gives a log of unsuccessful password attempts and an audit trail.

3- This software’s resistance to theft provides a stress-free work environment.

4- It is a Windows-based software that requires Windows XP or a later version of the operating system.

2. USB Safeguard

It is portable USB lock software that protects unauthorised access to USB devices from external threats by employing an AES 256-bit key. It protects your data from external devices, USB memory cards, flash drives, and SSD cards. USB Safeguard can safeguard all operating systems, including Windows, Linux, and Mac OS. USB Safeguard is a shareware application, however the paid version provides extra security measures.


1- This USB port lock software is totally portable and has no back door.

2- With a password, you can grant access to anyone, but removing the USB drive locks the user out of the system.

3- It functions directly from your hard drive, thus installation is unnecessary.

4- All operating systems are compatible with this software.

5- It requires a minimum of 4 GB of RAM, with 8 GB being highly recommended.

3. BuduLock

BuduLock is a free Windows folder and USB drive lock software. It blocks unauthorised access to any external or flash drive without a valid password. BuduLock does not disable the external flash drive, but rather restricts access to the port. It is compatible with all versions of the Windows operating system.


1- Software development on the Windows platform is enhanced by the mouse click image cost.

2- This USB port lock software is available for safe and free download.

3- The folder and USB port are both operational.

4- By using a password, the owner protects it.

5- The password can be encrypted and decrypted.

6- Lastly, it is a robust method for preventing the theft of your data through data theft.

4. SysTools USB Blocker

We propose SysTools USB Blocker if you are searching for a paid Windows-based USB drive lock. Because it is an established and commonly utilised USB locking software. It can block and unblock USB ports on devices running Windows. This USB blocker is also capable of doing the same function on many systems concurrently.


1- The SysTools USB Blocker enables you to block and unblock all USB ports on any user device.

2- A username and password are necessary prior to use. There are other alternatives available. If you forget your password, you can join through email.

3- This USB port lock software is incredibly user-friendly, therefore no computer expertise is required.

4- When a password is required, any port can be unlocked.

5- This is premium software, however the first thirty days are free.

5. Gilisoft USB Lock

Your data is a precious asset. However, you are always concerned about the security of your data, since it may be accessible by any external means, including computer sharing, USB drives, flash drives, CD/DVDs, Android phones, iPhones, and any other external methods. Professional software capable of addressing this issue is Gilisoft USB. After enabling the software, college students may share their laptops with their pals without reluctance or tension. There are both free and premium versions available.


1- Gilisoft USB Lock restricts the access to read and write to an external drive or CD drive.

2- Creating a whitelist of trustworthy devices is feasible.

3- You may block access to any website you like.

4- It may block Dropbox, AIM, Outlook, and AOL, among others, from syncing your data.

5- Gilisoft USB Lock provides all computer information, including access banned, access authorised, and the whitelist for the computer.

6- It has the capability to disable the printer, modem, Bluetooth, and any other sharing system.

6. Netwrix USB Blocker

If you need an Endpoint Security Solution to protect your data against unauthorised usage of USB drives, you may use the Netwrix USB Blocker software. There are both free and commercial versions of the USB port lock software available. This software prevents unauthorised access and preserves sensitive data.


1- The Netwrix USB Blocker protects the theft of digital data.

2- It has built the data security system.

3- This software is only free for twenty days.

7. Phrozen Safe USB

Phrozen Safe USB is among the most efficient USB blocker software and may be one of your most productive tools. If you attach an external hard drive to your computer, it may get contaminated at any time. Consequently, this lightweight software can protect you from committing suicide. Moreover, this USB port lock software is straightforward, requiring only a few clicks to disable any USB drive.


1- Phrozen Safe USB is one of the most effective USB port lock software solutions for Windows users.

2- The software does not leave any traces in the Windows registry due to its mobility.

3- Due to its great UI, it is simple to use.

4- This application may be used to increase the security of a file without requiring much technical knowledge.

5- There is no discernible downside to utilising the software for no cost.

8. USBDeview

There is a question that someone is trying to access my computer via a USB drive or is copying data. USBExamine the conclusive response to this question. This software generates a history report for your USB drive. The report will include the USB usage date, the model number, and the names of USB devices.


1- USBDeview permits simultaneous activation, deactivation, and disconnection of the connected device.

2- It is an adjustable report-generation software.

3- This USB port lock software is compatible with both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of the Windows operating system.

4- USBDeview features an extra useful function that assists users in correctly disconnecting connected USB devices, hence safeguarding the USB disc drive.

9. USB Disk Manager

The USB Disk Manager is an additional essential USB Port Lock Software that we will examine. It has all the required security features to protect unauthorised access to your data. The USB Disk Manager protects you against the threat of data theft. Moreover, it also ensures digital comfort.


1- USB Disk Manager safeguards USB drive writing.

2- By restricting USB storage devices, your intellectual property is safeguarded.

3- It is able to disable the reading and writing capacities of all USB drives.

4- It can protect your system by deactivating autorun features.

5- USB Disk Manager conceals the USB drive completely, preventing unauthorised users from accessing the external storage drive.

10. URC Access Modes

The folder and USB lock software URC Access Modes is an all-encompassing data security suite. This USB security lock prevents the theft of data from your home or office computer. This software can handle your USB peripherals, such as your keyboard and mouse.


1- Access Modes for URC are free.

2- It is compatible with all Windows operating system versions from XP to 10.

3- All USB ports may be enabled or disabled individually.

4- You may also configure the USB port’s reading and writing permissions.

5- It is an efficient approach for protecting USB drives against infections.

6- This USB port lock software is user-friendly, portable, and password-protected.

7- You can enable or disable the command prompt (cmd.exe) and revoke the control of other users.

8- It is also useful for hiding files that you do not desire to be viewed.


We have already described in writing the best USB port lock software. Depending on the requirements of the users. We endeavoured to communicate in terms of individual users and institutions. You must use the best USB security software to protect yourself and your company in the digital era.

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