Using Residential Proxies Results in Better Web Scraping

If you want to become a successful company and grow your clientele, then it’s essential to know the market and the latest trends. Knowing what your customers want is an excellent way to know what marketing strategy you should consider. One way to obtain this information is through scraping websites. However, this action can often be blocked, so proxies are crucial. But, before we look at the benefits of using proxies, we must understand what web scraping is, why it’s necessary and the benefits it has for businesses.

What is Web Scraping?

Web scraping is when you gather public data from websites automatically. You then consolidate the data into excel sheets or other easily readable formats. Using this method, you can gain essential market statistics, data about your competitors, and the latest user trends. There’s nothing illegal about this method of gathering data, as the data you collect is public information. You can even collect data from multiple websites and areas using a suitable web scraper.

You can also set the parameters and filters of what information you’re after when collecting the information. Overall, this method allows companies to stay updated on market trends, know the best marketing strategy, and gain an edge over their competition.

What’s a Residential Proxy?

While web scraping is a great tool, it can often become blocked by websites. That’s why proxies are crucial, and more specifically, residential proxies. A proxy server acts as a middleman between the website and you and ensures your IP address isn’t exposed to the website.

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A datacenter proxy is one of the most common types and is cheaper, as it’s hosted in a data center. However, this proxy type is generally more easily traceable, making them unreliable and easily blocked when used to access websites multiple times. Another option is a VPN, which provides an encrypted server that hides your IP address. However, online software and websites have also become better at recognizing VPNs. This also causes VPN to be an unreliable tool to use when accessing some websites.

A residential proxy is connected to an actual residential device, meaning the IP address is that of a real mobile, desktop or smart device. Since the IP address used is an actual address, it’s basically untraceable and unrecognizable as a proxy server. This means there’s little to no chance of a website blocking your access when you scrape the web. There are many great residential proxy lists you can find and use to ensure you choose the best proxy provider to keep your IP hidden.

Benefits of Using Residential Proxies

While we know residential proxies to be some of the most reliable options, we know you might not be as easily convinced. So we looked at some of the primary benefits of using a residential proxy.

More Reliable

Residential proxies are more reliable since your information is secure. Free proxies often have data leaks or other people using the same server. A residential proxy better protects your information and allows for more accurate data.

Higher Request Volume

It’s no surprise that if you go with a free proxy or a cheaper proxy, you have lower capabilities when collecting information. Using a high-quality residential one dramatically increases the volume of websites you can web scrape without being blocked. While a datacenter proxy can web scrape multiple websites, repeated requests are a sure way to get yourself blocked from that website.

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Better Data Access

Since your residential IP address is an actual address and thus looks like a natural person, you’ll enjoy better data access. The website will treat you as any other user, and depending on which country your residential IP is located in, you can even access geo-blocked content. Overall, these residential networks are more extensive than data center networks by around 2,000%. It means they have a much better global reach, and you can penetrate and gather from the global data market. The value of this global data market is valued upwards of $36 billion, making it an opportunity to make money with web scraping using a residential proxy.

Generates a Better Revenue

Many don’t know that you can make money with this proxy type. It’s natural that if you gain better access to the global data market and gain data faster than your competitors, you can put that data to good use, attracting customers. Studies have shown that using a residential proxy increases the profits you gain by web scraping by 300%. This increased profit margin is thanks to how fast you can gather the data and the quality of the data. By scraping for relevant information and building a marketing strategy using that data, you remain relevant with your clients and have increased sales.

Enjoy Better Web Scraping and Revenue

Web scraping is vital for ensuring you have all the information to keep your business relevant in the market. It provides user statistics and trends, but you can also see what your competition is doing and how their marketing strategy is working for them.

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However, using reliable proxies are crucial when scraping websites. Otherwise, you can find websites blocking you, restrictions to content in other countries, insufficient data, or even slow results. Staying on top of the market is the constant goal a business should have, and using these tools means you have the means to do so. It will lead to better marketing strategies and information and help increase your company’s revenue.

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