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You can find all the information you require on, including instructions on how to enter code on YouTube and activate your Xbox One using code tv.

There is one more wise suggestion regarding Along with PCs and cellphones, you can access using a Smart TV, Roku, PlayStation, Xbox, or other device.

Only when it has been turned on can those tools be used. The link to YouTube is activated with just an 8-digit verification code generated on the device, which completes the simple activation process.

You need to use a computer or a phone to access this website link. Ensure sure the Wi-Fi connection is functional before beginning the activation procedure

Start by checking if the device or model is compatible with /activate. If the programs doesn’t already exist, mount it next. Similarly, ensure the Wi-Fi connection. The remaining steps are pretty simple to follow. On gadgets like your phone, TV, or other devices, you can utilize

How to Activate a Video at

  • How to make Roku work with YouTube
  • Activate YouTube available on your Apple TV.
  • Activate YouTube in Kodi
  • On a Smart TV, how to turn YouTube
  • Activate YouTube available on your Xbox One.
  • How to make YouTube work on a PS3
  • Activate YouTube available on your Samsung TV.

How to activate on YouTube using

You’ll discover how to activate on YouTube using in this tutorial. The details are as follows:

1. Activate on YouTube for Apple TV: activate on YouTube for Apple TV.

It’s easy to activate YouTube on Apple TV, and the website also contains recent app upgrades The steps are listed below.

1: open YouTube and select “Sign in and Settings.”

2: To view the 8-digit code on the screen, click “Sign in.”

3: activate your computer and click the link at code. Sign in first, then enter the code. Next, click Allow Gain access if asked.

It is easy to activate YouTube on an Apple TV using this process.

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2. Getting YouTube to work on a Roku: Getting YouTube to work on a Roku.

The YouTube app is officially turned by Roku, but it must first be activated. The actions you need to follow on a Roku device to activate are listed below.

1: set your Roku by going into your Roku account and your TV. Ensure that the Wi-Fi is connected.

2: To access the “Residence” screen, press the “Residence” button on the remote control.

3: Use your remote to select the Channel Shop option and press OK.

4: Select YouTube and click on it from the list of the best free websites Use the remote to press OK after that.

5: In the next menu, select Include Network and then click OK. Wait a short while for YouTube to appear on the Roku channels.

6: Return to the Home screen and select My Networks.

7: Open YouTube by selecting it from the list of channels.

8: On the YouTube network page, click the gear icon to access Setups.

9: Click Sign in and select your username and password for your Google or YouTube account. Depending on the options presented.

10: Write down the eight-digit code that appears on the screen. Keep the screen open, so you don’t forget the code.

11: sign in using a separate device, such as a computer or phone, at

12: Enter the eight-digit code that Roku just provided you with.

13: If the “Allow Access” option appears, click it.

This will turn YouTube on Roku correctly when you use the website link.

3 : Activate YouTube on a Samsung TV

Different styles of Samsung TV are available, and some of them are incompatible with YouTube. Therefore, before you try to activate the app, make sure your design is compatible with it. Similar to other devices like Apple TV, models that support YouTube share the same activation process. The following are the actions.

1: Open YouTube and proceed to the “Sign in and Settings” page.

2: write the 8-digit code and click “Sign in.”

3: Sign in on your computer by visiting the link Afterward, enter the verification code that you put.

This is a straightforward method for activating on

4. Activate YouTube available on Kodi: activate YouTube available on Kodi.

Another well-liked platform for watching movies and TV shows online is Kodi. It may be used to access YouTube, and activating it is quite similar to activating the other tools. However, in the case of Kodi, the extra steps could be difficult to comprehend.

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owing to the platform’s ability to store many add-ons. However, you may instantly activate YouTube on your PS3 using these. The actions are as follows.

1: select the Settings option in the Kodi interface.

2: Choose Add-ons.

3: In the third step, choose Repository/Get Add-ons.

4: Choose “Install”

5: Go to the Kodi Attachment Repository to complete the step.

6: Select Video Add-ons from that menu.

7: In the list of choices, find and click

8: Click Install at this time. Wait a moment for the application to load.

9: Return to the home screen and select the Videos option after the installation is complete.

10: select “Add-ons” under “Videos.”

11: click YouTube to launch it.

12: Click the “Sign in” link on YouTube. It’ll produce the eight-digit code.

13: Open the link on your computer, sign in, and then enter the code as we mentioned above.

By carrying out these actions, Kodi will activate YouTube.

5. Activating YouTube accessible on Smart TVs

There are numerous brands of smart TVs available, but not every one of them may be compatible with So, before you try to open YouTube on it, check sure your design can manage it.

The revised YouTube application is included in the more recent versions, which have been available since 2013. Although it is not incorporated into earlier versions, the YouTube app can be downloaded and set on them. They might continue to use the outdated Flash version of YouTube.

The steps listed below can activate YouTube on models manufactured after 2013. After confirming that the TV is Wi-Fi connected, carry out the instructions.

1: find and open the YouTube app from the main menu.

2: open YouTube and select the gear icon (Settings).

3: From the drop-down menu, select Sign-in.

4: Note the eight-digit code you’ll use to log in.

Step 5: Open the link we discussed in the previous step on your computer or phone device. Afterwards, sign in.

Step 6: Immediately scan the Smart TV screen for the 8-digit code. the same, please. Click the “Allow Access” button after that.

To turn YouTube on a Smart TV, follow the steps listed above. Videos can now be watched quickly.

A flash-based version of YouTube from before 2013 should be available if your television was manufactured before that year. Additionally, the updated version’s activation process is the same. The two versions will be very different from one another. The sidebar, not the Settings menu, contains the option to sign in to

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6. activate on YouTube for Xbox One: activate on YouTube for Xbox One.

On PlayStation, Xbox, and other devices, it is the same process to turn YouTube. Other than that, the activation process for both the Xbox 360 and Xbox One is the same. To activate YouTube TV on your Xbox One, activate the following actions.

1: Click the main menu and open YouTube.

2: select “Check In and Settings.”

3: Click “Sign in,” then press “X” to move on.

4: A code with eight numbers will be made and shown on the screen. Could you note it down for me?

5: Visit on your computer or mobile phone and sign in.

6: Enter the Xbox-generated code. If given the option, click “Allow Access.”

So, here is a process that works to activate YouTube on Xbox.

7: Activating YouTube on PlayStation 3

On the PlayStation, you can play video games in addition to watching videos on Similar to other devices, you can turn YouTube on the PlayStation using an activation link and an 8-digit code. For both PS3 and PS4, the process is the same. The procedure’s particular steps are “complying with.”

1: Open the YouTube programs on PS. If it isn’t already set, you can install it from the PlayStation Store and do so.

2: Go to YouTube and select “Sign in and Settings”

3: click “Sign in,” then press “X” to move.

4: An eight-digit code will be made. Note that down, please.

Step 5: Sign in using your Google credentials at the link on your computer or phone device.

Step 6: Choose the eight-digit code and click “Enable Accessibility.”


We can all agree that the finest way to find about things and have fun is on But few people are aware that you may make money on YouTube. All you have to do is find a YouTube affiliate marketing manual that explains everything you require to make content for YouTube.

Therefore, it appears that turning on YouTube is essentially the same for various devices and platforms. The key components of this process—the 8-digit code and the link—may alter slightly according on the models or tools used. You can check other articles here, such those about other web series to watch.

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