17 Best TorrentDownloads Proxy Server, Mirror, and Alternatives

TorrentDownloads is one of the top ten torrent websites on the web. For decades, the site has provided access to the most recent TV shows, movies, music, games, software, Anime, books, and other media. The website’s content is extensive, and you’ll be notified of new movie and application releases in seconds. Although the number of best torrent sites is reducing by the day, millions of visitors still visit our website regularly to download goods torrentdownloads for free.

17 Best TorrentDownloads Proxy Server, Mirror, and Alternatives

In this article, you can learn about torrentdownloads alternatives. Here are the details below;

TorrentDownloads Proxy and Mirror Sites 2022

The proxy websites for TorrentDownloads me proxy will be clones of their original website, The layout, torrents, and upgrades are identical to the first domain name. As a result, if you are unable to acquire TorrentDownloads for whatever reason, you can overcome the problem by using the Proxy torrentdownloads websites provided below

Proxies don’t work? Here’s the solution

The first step in unblocking is to discover a working proxy site; however, if proxy services do not work for you, you should consider using a VPN. Even though the top torrent sites are reducing day by day, millions of users use this website regularly to download stuff for free, according to acemyhomework.

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) will route all of your internet traffic through a virtual IP address, masking the website or app you’re accessing from your network or ISP. VPNs protect your data as it travels across the web. As a result, your information is entirely secure.

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How to Unblock TorrentDownloads using VPN

  • On your computer, download and install VPN software.
  • Click on one of the torrentz2 proxy/Mirrors once the VPN is enabled.
  • It will send you to the main page of torrentdownloads, where you may search for and download torrents for free.

17 Best torrentdownloads Alternatives to Download Torrents.

Best Similar Sites For TorrentDownloads

1. Limetorrents  – TorrentDownloads Alternatives with Verified Torrents

Limetorrents has provided customers with hundreds of verified torrent files for over a decade. They have maintained their performance and efficiency in terms of quality, making them one of the top torrent download alternatives available.

2. ExtraTorrent –  Alternatives of TorrentDownloads for Movies

Extratorrent is the name that every torrent user remembers, and it has been supplying torrents for over 13 years. It offers torrents in many genres, including anime, music, movies, and seasons.

3. Yts – Best Alternatives to TorrentDownloads for Movies

Yts torrent is the most excellent torrent source for movies since it quickly gives the latest movie torrents to its users.

4. RARBG – One of the Best TorrentDownloads Alternatives

Rarbg torrents have been around for well over a decade. It is well-liked by users worldwide, with more than 25 million monthly visitors. It’s also one of the best alternatives to TorrentDownloads.

5. TorrentDownloads – An Alternatives with Millions of Torrents

Torrent downloads, which go by the same name and offer millions of torrent files to customers, is one of the most incredible torrentdownloads options available today.

6. 1337x – Another TorrentDownloads alternative with more Users

1337x is presently recognized as one of the most popular torrent indexers in the world, with an Alexa rank of 254 and a daily torrent serving capacity of millions of files.

7. Torrentz2 –Another TorrentDownloads Alternatives with tons of Torrents

Torrentz was shut down in 2015, but its replacement, torrentz2, stepped in to fill the void by offering users the most recent torrent files.

8. The Pirate Bay

Usage Thepiratebays3 is a new proxy for 2022. The Pirate Bay (TPB) is a website launched in 2003. This pirated torrent site sells pirated files and magnetic links. It uses the BitTorrent network for peer-to-peer file sharing and has a very user-friendly interface.

In 2009, he received a one-year sentence for founding the Pirate Bay. ISPs have prohibited this website in several countries. However, there are still several proxy sites available on the internet. It is the world’s third most popular torrent site as of 2019.

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After an aggressive purchase of EZTV’s domain names and trademark by “EZCLOUD LIMITED,” the company was forced to close its doors in April 2015. It’s a television show torrenting website. The site’s ownership has changed, and it is now in charge of its torrent releases. These ‘new’ releases have prevented them from being distributed via torrent sites due to their troubled history.

There are a lot of old and new TV shows to choose from. This torrent may not be the most outstanding alternative for you if you want to view all of the famous, trending, and current series. For example, we enjoyed watching Fringe, Silicon Valley, and Orange Is the New Black. On the internet, even on-air schooling is accessible.

In some areas, EZTV restricts, and it has fewer television programs than its competitors. Despite this, it has managed to stay on our top torrent sites list.

10. Torlock

Torlock is a must-see destination for film and television fans. Other files included are games, music, apps, digital books, and anime. It has a vast movie collection as well as a television collection. You can get high-quality videos with direct download links on this 1337X alternative website. If you don’t want to pick up any phony gush information, you can use this site. It is commonly used in all nations except Australia, India, and the United Kingdom, with over four million spurts.

11. iDope

Until 2015, it was the most popular torrenting website. Until 2015, Kickass Torrents was the most popular torrenting website. This is iDope, one of the several torrent web search engines. It builds to celebrate the largest torrenting website globally, and it has an extensive directory website of spurts available. Among the things showcased on the site are films, songs, video games, tv shows, and an assortment of other things.

12. WiDownload

WiDownload is also a safe and free torrent download service. Films, music, television programs, apps, and other media can be streamed or downloaded. Its website does not require Adobe or any other application to see. You can quickly access the company’s records on a smartphone by downloading the company’s mobile application. Because it does not enable viruses or phishing components to transfer into devices, it is a torrentdownloads me safe site to use when downloading, installing, and mounting software.


BTscene is a fantastic TorrentDownloads alternative that allows you to upload and download torrent files. To begin uploading data and earning money, create an account on this website. It’s a popular public sharing platform for movies, music, games, software, anime, and other media. All torrents on this site have been thoroughly investigated and graded in size, quality, and reliability. So, you may use this service to get free and premium torrents.

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14. TorrentFunk

TorrentFunk may be a viable alternative to the famous TorrentDownloads proxy for Mac and other devices, owing to the vast amount of torrents that it provides. The site also includes verified files that you may download and install without worrying about infringing on any intellectual property rights.

15. is a content organizer and downloader that organizes and downloads content. It frequently uses a gush metasearch engine and a downloader for gush information. It is suitable for use with both desktop and mobile-based websites. You should, however, utilize a computer to view this site to receive more outstanding service and convenience. Additionally, it provides cloud storage space to clients. As a result, you may also post your information here for safekeeping.

16. Demonoid

It’s a great site that use all available stuff without a subscription. If you want to understand more about it, you may go to the previously mentioned website. This service, like TorrentDownloads , lets users download torrent files. It has over 800,000 surge data points from years of usage. It is available in almost 100 countries, except Ukraine and the UK.

17. KickAss Torrents

Kickass Torrents is the most famous and well-known torrent site. Former KickassTorrent employees are working on the new website. Its user interface is primary and accessible, making it an excellent choice for newcomers to the field. Like torrentdownloads, the site divides content into sections like movies, TV shows (including prior seasons), music, games, and software. Finally, using groups, subgroups, and ranges will speed up your search on

Which TorrentDownloads Alternatives best for you?

It’s critical to consider your needs when looking for the most excellent TorrentDownloads alternatives. YTS is the most acceptable option if you want to download movies through TorrentDownloads, while Limetorrents is the most incredible option for anime and music downloads. We hope that our list of Torrent Download Alternatives proves to be a valuable resource for www torrentdownloads .net.


The information on this list is offered exclusively for educational purposes; we do not advocate or encourage piracy or the use of pirated content in any way. Please do not use this list for any other purpose. We, as well as our affiliates, are not responsible for the behavior of our website’s visitors.

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