Top 22 Best uTorrent Alternatives In 2022

Before BitTorrent, Inc. acquired it, uTorrent was formerly praised by every torrent downloader. It was an extremely lightweight, open-source client, but BitTorrent made it a closed source and loaded it with ads and spammy offers. Even though it is still widely used, some users unsatisfied with how uTorrent download movies is now functioning look for alternatives.

Fortunately, both open source and closed source Torrent clients are widely available. Some of them are very similar to uTorrent free download, while others might offer different unique features that not even uTorrent has. However, picking the best uTorrent alternative can be challenging because many other torrent clients can include spyware and viruses that could harm your problem.

We’ve compiled some intriguing uTorrent alternatives with the least amount of suspicious behavior below to aid you in your search. Some of them still offer AdwareAdware, but if you are cautious, you can easily deny it (don’t worry; we’ll let you know about those).

2022’s Top  uTorrent Alternatives to Try

The top uTorrent alternatives for 2022 are listed here. To find all you need to know about the uTorrent web download replacement software, including features and offers, go through the list below. These programs and applications are all secure alternatives to uTorrent.

Top 22 Best uTorrent Alternatives In 2022

1. Tixati


Tixati One of the best uTorrent alternatives available, this torrent client is brand-new. It is a closed-source torrent client that is free to use. Both novice and experienced users have a lot of options with the client. Despite the fact that it differs significantly from the typical torrent clients, the interface could be unfamiliar.

Even the client employs charts to display information that might be easy for the user to understand. The information on the screen is presented in a neat and orderly manner. You can join many channels using this client, which already contains peers and seeders for sharing files utorrent preview release. You also receive features like filters, DHT, torrent search, bandwidth control, and UPnP. We do not adapt to using this client if you are new to torrent clients because it may be difficult for you to get used to the interface.

2. Transmission


The transmission comes in second on the list of top uTorrent alternatives. This is the best decision to make if you use a utorrent Mac or Linux. This Windows torrent client can also be used as a third-party download site. Anyone can use this client because it is open-source and torrent-compatible. The part that this client is free of malware, ads, and other harmful dangers is its best feature.

The transmission offers web seed support, a web interface, peer exchange, DHT, tracker editing, and speed control, to name a few features utorrent download mac. On utorrent Linux and MacOSX systems, it offers wealthy torrent clients a simple, clean interface.

3. Tribler


One of the safest torrent websites is called Tribler. This torrent client has the cleanest interface of any of the uTorrent alternatives for Windows and other OS, so if you’ve been seeking one, your search may be over. You will receive all the other tools you require in addition to a clean user interface, all of which are available for easy download utorrent from the internet.

Although this uTorrent alternative may operate slower than other torrent clients, this problem can be remedied if you have a strong internet connection that offers high-speed internet.

4. Boxopus


Another uTorrent alternative on our list is Boxopus, which you can test. It has replaced uTorrent as the default operating system because it is available on all major platforms. Unlike other torrent clients, this will save anything you download immediately onto your Dropbox. Therefore, this uTorrent alternative is the best option if you want to free up space on your computer.

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This client’s sole drawback is that users have occasionally reported that Dropbox has suspended their accounts. In these circumstances, users can upload the files to Boxopus servers for simple download.

5. Halite


Halite is another outstanding uTorrent alternative on the list. The best option for Windows 10 users is this one. What more could you want for a client than a lightweight, user-friendly torrent client? The interface is straightforward, and its best feature is that it provides an ad-free experience. In addition, the client offers a fast download speed to ensure that the user has no downloading problems. Overall, Haliet is a fantastic replacement to uTorrent that you can choose and opt advantage of for hassle-free downloads.

6. Frostwire


The following torrent client on our list of the best uTorrent alternatives is Frostwire. This torrent client is straightforward and lightweight. Beginners can utilize it as well. The client offers many features that can make downloading files simple for you. The best part is that, in contrast to other torrent clients that constantly barrage you with ads, you won’t see any when using the client.

A built-in search engine, magnet links, a media player, the ability to import files from iTunes, and many more features are available in the torrent client utorrent apk. Additionally, you receive a lot of bandwidth management tools.

7. Web Torrent Desktop

webtorrent desktop

Web Torrent Desktop is the final option on our list of the best uTorrent alternatives. On desktops, it is among the best uTorrent alternatives. The open-source program offers a user-friendly interface, no ads, and the time to 1download several torrent links at once. It is compatible with Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X. Additionally; you can stream media while the download is running.

Using the Web Torrent Desktop, you can stream videos on tracker servers, peer exchanges, DHT, DLNA, Airplay, and Chromecast. The WebTorrent Desktop, however, is still in the beta stage of development and may contain flaws. However, the developers are working hard enough to produce flawless results.

8. Folx


Folx, a macOS uTorrent alternative, comes next on the list. It functions as an all-in-one download manager in addition to being a torrent downloader.

Folx can effortlessly detect download links and carry out speedy file downloads on your computer after installing the browser extension. Magnet links are included, as you would have predicted.

Folx features a very user-easy and well-designed UI. When the download is finished, the program can quietly run in the background and let you know.

A built-in search box in Folx lets you paste URLs to download torrents immediately. Folx is the only torrent client that works flawlessly with Monterey as well.


We have found a fantastic platform for you when looking for the best uTorrent alternatives. You may quickly and conveniently download any form of a file with This software is still in top place since it offers a safe cloud platform where you may save all of your downloaded files without even using up any space on your computer. It is a better option than uTorrent without downloading or installing due to the security protocol.

The software’s user interface is so simple that it makes using it feel like utilizing a cloud platform. You can quickly access all of your files without the internet as well, unlike cloud solutions. The best part of this uTorrent alternative is that it can be used directly from the internet without needing to download or install anything. You only need to make an account to use this alternative. You may download anything you want from the internet.

10. qBittorrent


Ideally, uTorrent’s replacement, this torrent client, was created. This platform is lightweight, open-source, and free to use. There are no more ads that could impede the process. The user interface is relatively easy and concise, making it simple to comprehend how the tools operate and the facts provided.

Like uTorrent, qBittorrent is a solid option for a vast user base. This torrent client makes it simple to download your preferred files from the internet, regardless of your level of knowledge. You may download any torrent, search torrents, manage bandwidth, create filters, and do much more with this torrent client. What else can you anticipate from a free alternative to uTorrent, even though you won’t find the sophisticated tools in this torrent client?

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11. Vuze


Due to its user-friendly interface, Vuze is among the best uTorrent alternatives. This place is a good choice for uTorrent. The torrent client not only has an easy-to-use interface but also has a lot of other features that might make downloading easier for you. A bandwidth management tool, an HD video player, and options for RSS updates are all included in the list of features.

Additionally, it includes support for magnet links. It may be difficult for new users to adapt to this because it has complicated clients and many resources. Overall, this is a fantastic uTorrent alternatives for 2022.

12. BitTorrent


BitTorrent is a fantastic uTorrent alternative for Windows. It is among the list’s more seasoned torrent clients. In the past, the company has replaced uTorrent as its subsidiary brand. Since the launch, neither the features nor the user interface has changed; they remain the same. While some tools are introduced to BitTorrent, the devices also include the start page for the browser.

This uTorrent alternative offers users ads and spam offers, which can be annoying while downloading. But since the torrent client is entirely customizable, it may be changed. According to your preferences and demands, you can adjust the parameters.

13. Deluge


Based on the same BitTorrent source code, Deluge is an alternative to uTorrent. The earlier version of uTorrent and BitTorrent are similar to this. Although the uTorrent replacement’s interface is clean, it is a touch clumsy compared to qBittorrent. The best thing about this client is that it offers no spyware, AdwareAdware, or ads in the primary interface, making it free to use.

Although the client has few features, you can utilize a plugin to offer around the problems. You may easily download any plugin you desire to give the client more functionality. Encryption, peer exchange, UPnP, speed limit, password protection, and bandwidth management are a few of this client’s functions.

14. KTorrent


KTorrent might initially have a strange interface and seem confusing, but you get used to it quickly and might even fall in love with it. It is an open-source, totally free torrent downloader. This site enables peer-to-peer uTorrent sharing and can produce trackless torrents. It is an all-purpose tool for both experienced and novice users. As a result, it functions flawlessly as an alternative for uTorrent.

15. Picotorrent


PicoTorrent is a user-friendly BitTorrent program for the Windows operating system. The high-performance grade and reduced power consumption make it a viable alternative for many familiar torrent clients is utorrent safe. Additionally, it has a good user community and is free and open-source. For the benefit of its valued users, Pico Torrent offers strong encryption and tunneling support via I2P, along with a multilingual user interface.

16. BitSpirit


BitSpirit gives users complete control over sharing, searching for utorrent movies, downloading, and transferring almost anything. The main benefit is how little CPU and memory it uses; however, downloading and transmitting data speed restrictions can be changed. It also helps without a tracker and has an advanced disc cache setting. Overall, using BitSpirit is a practical and efficient method of doing things.

17. BitComet


Most BitTorrent protocols, including Magnet Connect, HTTP Seeding, DHT system, and others, are supported by BitComet, a reliable and cost-free torrent downloading server what is utorrent. Bright disc caching is just one of the outstanding features that BitComet offers. It also aids in resolving a variety of seeding problems by using a Long Term Seeding function. If you lose seeds while downloading, your torrent will use the help of this feature to find other sources to finish its downloads.

18. Torrent Swapper

Torrent Swapper

The open-source P2P file-sharing software Torrent Swapper employs a time of functions to make it enjoyable for the user to download web content. To save you time from constant browsing, it provides you with the most recent uTorrent options. A setup for both local and worldwide uploads and downloads is offered for each torrent.

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19. Final Torrent

Final Torrent

It’s not precisely simple to share files and download movies, software, and other things. And only clients for uTorrent like FinalTorrent make this possible. Yes, it’s new and perhaps not as widely known as other clients, but it offers speed and convenience. Your downloaded files can be accessed free, and a library is built in. Its incompatibility with operating systems other than Windows is just one of its many drawbacks.

20. Torrentz


You can’t make it work. There are others besides you. The majority of popular torrent search engines are no longer operational. Notice to the site’s owner by EuroID, the organization in charge. Eu computer register, due to a domain that the general public saw, such as a broken link.

A Public Prosecutor’s order caused the Torrentz domains to be deleted. There are rumors that there will be a drawn-out legal battle even though the order details are yet unknown.

Video games, movies, books, uTorrent music, and many other Internet users may all be found on The Pirate Bay was one of the most popular uTorrent search engines. It displayed outcomes from popular torrent websites like LimeTorrents, RARBG, etc.

21. ExtraTorrent


When sites like Mininova and TorrentSpy were the most well-liked locations to download things like movies and TV shows, ExtraTorrent initially launched in 2006. ExtraTorrents was the second most popular torrent site, while Pirate Bay remained the most well-known. Every day, a lot of visitors come to visit.

Movies and television shows were frequently stored on the website. Many companies and domain name service providers received complaints as a result. This led to the website’s shutdown, which is uTorrent. It’s unclear whether the law contributed to the torrent kingpin’s demise.

22. LimeTorrents


Limetorrent is the top torrent website on the web. You may use it to download songs like music, software, Android apps, movies, TV shows, and uTorrent com. BitTorrent, a peer-to-peer data transfer protocol, is used by the website.

Because of legal and piracy difficulties, no gush website can endure for very long. What is known is this free down utorrent app. This means that you don’t need to worry at all. Every day, several brand-new torrent websites with cutting-edge features are launched. I do have some free time, yes.

The most recent Limetorrents proxy and Lime gushes uTorrent mirror sites, which have the same data, indexes, and new products as the original site, are found by Lime spurts drivers and other torrent enthusiasts. This aid is similar. The best method to distinguish them is by their names.

Alternatives to uTorrent – FAQs

Is BitTorrent still functional?

BitTorrent continues to support its client, uTorrent and offers features like download scheduling, compact size, web browser compatibility, etc. Clients from all over the world utilize it, and it has been around since 2005.

What is an alternative to uTorrent?

Tribler is one of the most secure uTorrents available online if you’re looking for a better, safer alternative to uTorrent. It offers security features, data encryption, and many more safety protocols for a continuous and secure environment.

What else can I use if uTorrent is not working?

Although BitTorrent and uTorrent have the same parent firm, there aren’t many differences. Even though uTorrent makes less storage on your device, BitTorrent is a better choice.

Is there an uTorrent alternative?

Yes, there are many uTorrent alternatives out there. However, out of the options available, we have listed the best 12. You can browse the list and choose the one that is most appropriate for your device.

2022: Pick the Best uTorrent Alternatives

The best alternative to uTorrent is provided in the list above. The uTorrent-like applications described above are 100 percent similar to use. The torrent mentioned above clients are identical to one another and offer more features than free downloader uTorrent. We hope that the list can find you choose the best uTorrent alternative. Write the name of the torrent client you used to replace uTorrent in the comments area below.

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