4 Best RLCraft Server Hosting Providers For Everyone

Your Minecraft game experience might be enhanced with a reliable RLCraft server hosting solution that offers performance, speed, and responsiveness. If you like video games, you’ve undoubtedly heard about Minecraft. It has outstanding features, aspects, characters, theme, and location. You are thrust into a perilous world where you must fight enemies, build shelter, collect food and resources, and live under severe circumstances. Furthermore, RLCraft introduces additional features that make Minecraft gaming even more pleasurable. So, let’s go through RLCraft and how it may enhance your gaming experience.

What Is RLCraft?

RLCraft is a modpack for the popular sandbox computer game Minecraft. In RLCraft, RL stands for Real Life or Realism. It is comprised of over 120 modifications that were modified and assembled by its creator, Shivaxi. Minecraft is already a high-adventure game filled with thrills and excitement. RLCraft includes aspects such as pure survival, RPG and adventure, and immersive experience to make the game even more thrilling and difficult. This mod will transport you to a world of dragons, dungeons, castles, updated Minecraft mechanics, and new crafting and skill systems. Version 2.8.2 of the RLCraft modpack is presently compatible with Minecraft version 1.12.2. RLCraft contains the following characteristics:

1- F3 debug mode has been disabled.

2- Spawn at Random

3- Superior RPG Prowess

4- Structures, ruins, and caverns are randomly generated.

5- Redesign of the Game’s Sound System to Create a More Lifelike and Engaging Gaming Experience

6- Amount of thirst, degree of warmth, and ambient temperature

7- Improvements to the lighting system, including more realistic torches, tools, and weaponry,

8- Recovery after fasting

9- An Improved Map and Compass

RLCraft’s features have made Minecraft more fun. Realistic fighting, creating weapons and housing, resting, and eating. Players may also perish in a deadly world. To maximise the game, personalise it. RLCraft server hosting may be preferable for uninterrupted exploration. It’s because there will be many issues there, and if your server goes down, you’ll lose your virtual life in the game. Start again. Repeatedly, you may lose interest in the game.

If you have good RLCraft hosting, you won’t have outages, latency, or other users using a lot of data due to shared resources. You may also play Minecraft with pals in a multi-layer game. The hosting a multiplayer game on your regular server will be harder. Thus, the game requires a lot of server resources, dedicated features, and security to provide you more control over the server, game, and customization options. Thus, RLCraft server hosting is preferable than self-hosting. Offer RLCraft server hosting incentives for many reasons.

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Abundant Server Resources

Because you will have control over the server, you won’t have to worry about unauthorised access to the data. RLCraft server hosting gives a plethora of server resources, such as high-quality SSDs and powerful CPUs, so that you never run out of server resources. It will help you to play the game more effectively and increase its enjoyment value.

Better Performance

With dedicated RLCraft server hosting, the whole server is at your disposal, allowing you to play your game at an unequalled speed and performance. The performance of your game won’t be hampered by any other apps running on your PC. You will also benefit from a faster network provided by top-tier data centres positioned all over the world, allowing you to play multiplayer with friends from any location in the world.

More Control

A server hosting service for RLCraft provides you more control over your server and game. Using Minecraft software plugins, you may personalise the server, enhance its appearance, and perform a variety of other tasks that are not possible with self-hosting.

Higher Security And Privacy

There are security and privacy risks with online gaming, like DDoS attacks, data theft, stealing resources, and so on. When you use your regular internet connection to self-host Minecraft, you share resources with a lot of other people on the same network. They might cause security problems and use a lot of resources, which could slow down your game or cause it to stop working.

But using RLCraft server hosting will give you tight security with a secure data centre and preventative measures like DDoS protection, in addition to protecting your data. So, are you ready to play Minecraft in RLCraft mode and have as much fun as you’ve ever had? First, let’s look at some of the best companies that host RLCraft servers.

4 Best RLCraft Server Hosting Providers

1. ScalaCube


ScalaCube focuses on adding realism to Minecraft games by offering RLCraft server hosting with a one-click instal option for over 1000 different mod packs. It alters the gameplay by combining custom and mod scripts. If you believe in “hardcore survival,” you’ll like the hardcore gameplay mod, which is more tough than vanilla Minecraft.

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The game has numerous elements that make the levels more difficult. Prepare to die a lot in the game while discovering features like DDoS protection, server monitoring, quick setup, snapshot support, and more. Install the RLCraft server from the control panel (servers>>choose your server>>add game servers>>RLCraft) and enjoy. Are you still undecided? It’s time to hire your RLCraft game server.

2. ServerMiner


RLCraft server hosting from ServerMiner will challenge your survival skills. Carefully set up your base with temperature mechanics and choose survival gear at the right places. Cool, right? ServerMiner hosts RLCraft servers well. Enter the server address and connect. Install RLCraft with a single click and utilise ServerMiner to update the server automatically when a new version is released. Any version of RLCraft, such as CurseForge or Overwolf, may be installed on the server with a single click.

Within seconds after placing your purchase, the server will be set up. ServerMiner handles all technical issues including port forwarding. SMpicnic is the world’s most powerful server control panel.

Since the world is endless, disc space is unimportant. Install your favourite mod packs and game versions with the automatic game installer. ServerMiner lets you monitor players’ geolocation and daily habits. Free 10 slot Mumble Voice Server, 45-day Enjin Advanced Tier Website, BuyCraft premium, and database. Your world data, plugin data, modifications, and other settings may also be quickly restored for up to 7 days on your server.

3. BisectHosting


BisectHosting offers high-quality hosting for RLCraft servers and a lot of help. It has everything you need, whether you’re looking for something cheap or with lots of features. After you place your order, the RLCraft server will be ready right away, so you can start playing with your friends right away. For the mod pack to work well, it is recommended that you have at least 4 GB of RAM.

In the premium packages, you can give your players the option to play as many slots as they want. You will also get things like a free dedicated IP address, a free Modpack installation, a free Sub-domain, full FTP access, a free MySQL database, and more. All of BisectHosting’s game servers are run on SSDs and NVMe, which makes loading faster and cuts down on I/O time. Also, it protects you for free against small to large DDoS attacks.

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You can also use customised JAR files on any server. It also has its infrastructure in eight different places around the world, so you can choose the one that is closest to you for better latency. Every morning, BisectHosting does a backup scan and backs up all server files, such as plugins, plugin configurations, and worlds. It’s easy to manage your server with its simple control interface. What are you waiting for, then? Make the smarter choice and change your plan today so you can play your game without any problems.

4. ZAP-Hosting


ZAP-Hosting offers a server for the survival game RLCraft, in which you will, inevitably, die a lot. Numerous components contribute to its convincing authenticity. For instance, you may lease a server with built-in protection against Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks and web-based management tools. Aside from that, it offers paid gamers free FTP access.

ZAP-Hosting stands out from the crowd because of its prepaid plans, automatic setup, robust hardware, and custom-built web interface. Moreover, it has a solid-state drive server for faster data processing and superior efficiency. High-performance servers may now be built with lag-free gaming thanks to the inclusion of Intel E5-2650v4 central processing unit (CPU).

In addition, the plugins have enough of juice because to the 328 GB of DDR4 RAM. An online configuration editor makes it easy to instal the latest updates, make necessary adjustments, and get insight into your server’s settings with only a few clicks. You may also issue commands and the like through the in-game console. If you lose data on your server, you may restore it by importing a backup. As an added bonus, you can set up your server, pay for it, and have it running online in a matter of minutes.

Final Words:

RLCraft mode makes Minecraft, already a thrilling video game, much more so. As a result, utilise one of the RLCraft server hosting firms listed above if you wish to play the game without interruptions.

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