6 Best Games Like Minecraft You Need To Try

 This article is about games that are like Minecraft and that you should try. Well, a small game called Minecraft was a big deal for video games at the turn of the century. It inspired a whole generation of players and developers. Markus “Notch” Persson created a blocky, sandbox-style world where we could make and share with our friends whatever we wanted. It was a cultural phenomenon that sold millions of copies before the small studio that made it, Mojang, was bought out by Microsoft in 2014.

There have been a lot of games like Minecraft over the years, but none of them have been as complete as Minecraft. Well, on top of the vanilla experience, players have created Minecraft mods and Minecraft server plugins that add even more creative options to the game, like changing the Ender Dragon or playing as Thomas the Tank Engine, or even remaking the whole game with mod packs like Feed The Beast.

But you might only want a small part of Minecraft, with other tastes and moods added in. Here are some of the best games like Minecraft. We’ve made a list of 6 games that are like Minecraft in some way, whether it’s the creative part, mining, exploring, or something else.

6 Best Games Like Minecraft  Alternatives

Minecraft-like games have emerged since the blocky survival symbol went worldwide. Minecraft, introduced in 2009, still boasts 126 million monthly active players, so other games want a piece of the nether wood pie. Well, if you’re a Minecraft addict seeking for a new outlet for your creating or want to play with the genre in a new manner, we’ve prepared the ideal list of games like Minecraft, so you know what’s available. You’ll find something you like among the variety of Minecraft-like games below, all of them are playable right now.

1. Eco


Eco is number two on our list because it builds on what Minecraft started and feels like a big step forward. It has been used as a teaching tool and a game, just like Minecraft, and for good reason. Everything in this world is connected, and you have to start from scratch to build a civilization. That means you’re not only chopping down trees to build a place where you can craft your different recipes, but you’re also chopping down trees in places where it won’t hurt the soil and keeping the waste from your crafting to a minimum so it doesn’t pollute the water. There are many ways to play, but one of the hardest is to work with other players to build a society that can stop a meteor from destroying everything. Yeah. Best wishes for that!

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2. Fortnite


You may be more acquainted with the battle royale mode of Fortnite, but did you know there is also a co-op option? In Fortnite: Save The World, you begin the game with nothing but a gigantic pickaxe, which you may use to whack trees, rocks, and almost anything else in your quest to build the best fortress ever. This fortress must also be constructed expeditiously, since zombies are on the march and seek to destroy everything in their path. It sounds pretty similar to Minecraft to us. If you choose to play Fortnite: Battle Royale, you will find what occurs when crafting for survival meets PvP.

3. Space Engineers

Space Engineers

A great alternative to Minecraft is Space Engineers. Itallows a typical space sandbox with survival and creative modes where you may build your own spacecraft, vehicles, and planet bases. You may excavate, build, and destroy everything you see thanks to the game’s unique volumetric physics engine (and nothing is more in the spirit of Minecraft than that). The game’s technology is based on what could be possible in the near future, making it both entertaining and instructive (sort of). Multiplayer mode allows up to 16 people per world, enabling you to work together or compete for dominance. The game also has a robust modding community that adds new content like spacecraft and planets for you to discover.

4. No Man’s Sky

No Man’s Sky

If Minecraft popularised the concept of procedural generation, No Man’s Sky took it and took it sky-high into the vastness. Well, You’re not exploring a single world, but over 18 quintillions, though the familiar survival crafting loop is still alive and well; there’s just spaceships and aliens involved now as well. The game had a rocky start because it couldn’t quite live up to the high expectations of players. However, it has since been completely revamped and reshaped into a truly worthwhile experience brimming with activities, tired of a planet? There is no need to create a new world; simply hop into your spaceship and fly to another. All in all, No Man’s Sky is one of the Minecraft alternatives.

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5. Rust


You’re alone in a brutal world. Die. Die again. To evade other players, radiation, and weather threats, you’ll learn to construct guns, gear, and shelters. Minecraft players may recognize that portion, but Rust is an experiment in human depravity. This implies raiders will die your freshly created avatar often. However, a cooperative group of like-minded players can make the survival experience fun. Facepunch Studios deserves credit for developing a game without kitsch.

6. Lego Worlds

Lego Worlds

Lego Worlds and Minecraft are heavily influenced by Lego, therefore they may share many similarities. In Lego Worlds, you may use the game’s powerful construction tools to build wondrous creations, or you can use those same tools to demolish whole worlds in one foul swoop. However, Peter Serafinowicz’s wonderfully dramatic narration complements the game’s story mode, collectibles, and classic Lego-style action. The Lego Worlds adds its charm charm of endearment to the genre it pioneered, making it an addictive quality that wins over even the most classic of players with only a few minutes of game in its brick-based biomes. Overall, Lego Worlds is a great substitute for Minecraft.

Final Words:

Here we conclude our list of the top 6 games that are similar to Minecraft. If you’re aware of any further games that are comparable to Minecraft, please share the details in the comments section below.

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