How to Get Avast Cleanup Premium for Free

Avast is one of the world’s best known tech firms. Almost all work nowadays is done on computers, and this is true all throughout the world. But, there are numerous hacking and security threats aimed at stealing personal data, and some software even injects viruses onto your computer, potentially causing serious damage. Avast Cleanup is an antivirus software provided by Avast that can help you avoid malicious attacks. It is available for free with restricted functions, while the paid version includes many extra features like as webcam spying, lockout firewall, and more. We’ll show you how to get the Avast Cleanup premium version for free in this article, so because premium version is costly.

Avast Cleanup is available for all major operating systems, include Windows, Mac OS X, Android, and iOS. Because Avast does not give a free trial for smartphones, we’ll go over how to get the premium version for free on Windows and Mac.

How to Get Avast Cleanup Premium for Free

In this article, you can know about Avast Cleanup Premium for Free here are the details below;

Avast Cleanup – Premium Features

– Clearing up disc cache, damaged shortcuts, and other desktop support tasks are performed automatically.
– Separate app sleep mode will put reduced apps to sleep without disturbing the app.
– All of the most popular browsers, such as Chrome and Firefox, are enabled by automatic browser cleanup.
– The rescue centre will help you in resuming the previous process.
– Avast will notify you in real time if there are any issues with your PC and will remind you to take action to resolve them.
– Safe user accounts, old files, and other items are automatically detected and cleared.

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Avast Cleanup Premium in Windows PC

If you use Windows, you can get Avast Premium for free without using a credit card or signing up for a subscription.

1. On your Windows PC, open your favorite browser.

2. Go to the Avast website.

3. Select “Try it for 30 days for free.”

4. After the software has completed installing, run it.

5. Finally, click the INSTALL NOW button.

6. Depending on your computer, installation may take a few minutes.

7. Many congrats! Avast Premium has been installed successfully.

8. Select Menu > My Subscriptions from the check menu.

9. You may see that your premium subscription is only good for yet another 30 days.

You can now get a 30-day trial of Avast Cleanup premium.

By Using MAC

For MAC, Avast Cleanup does not have a free trial. But, you can try Avast Premium, which contains almost all of the features of Avast Cleanup. It’s almost the same process as on a Windows PC, but the MAC version comes with a two-fold trial time. Because they offer a 60-day free trial for MAC users, they also ask you to checkout for 0$ using your credit card, and if you do not cancel your Avast Premium subscription in 60 days, your card will be automatically charged. To have the Premium version for free on your MAC, follow the steps below.

1. Go to the Avast website to get the software.

2. Select Mac > “START FREE TRIAL FOR 60 DAYS” from the check menu.

3. Fill out the form, including your credit card details, and click CONTINUE.

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4. Complete the 0$ payment.

5. The application will download automatically, or you can use the link you received via email to download it.

6. Login to your Avast account after software installation.

On your MAC, the Premium version is activated with a 60-day period of validity. You can cancel your premium subscription before the next due date because if you do not cancel before the deadline, Avast will automatically charge the amount from your credit card.

Final Words:

As a result, we learnt how to download the Avast Cleanup premium version for free in both Windows and MAC with up to 60 days of premium version usage for free in the preceding article. If you run into any issues when reading the above article, please let us know in the comments section below.

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