Top 30 Comico Alternatives To Read Manga Online

In 2013, Comico was established in Japan. Comico has been providing Manga with a platform since that time. The platform, which has expanded to other nations, is owned by the NHN Japan Corporation. The Comico website is now accessible to users globally and functional in various Asian countries.

Readers can subscribe to the www Comico com website to access even more series. Additionally, the website provides users access to many excellent mangas that have received praise, love, and criticism. The most recent intriguing mangas are always available on the Comico website.

Top 30 Comico Alternatives To Read Manga Online

We will discuss the best Comico alternatives to read manga online.

1. KissManga

KissManga is a website similar to Comico. Despite having a modest collection, it provides high-quality content. You can always find the most recent chapters of your favorite manga in the comic collection. Moreover, it notifies you whenever new chapters are available. The Kissmanga UI is incredibly straightforward and user-friendly. The website is safe for children while also being user-friendly. You won’t be distracted while reading because there isn’t any advertising. Furthermore, it is accessible on any platform.

2. MangaFox

MangaFox is a good alternative to comico, with many great manga comics. It’s a great location for anyone who likes to read manga for free. Mangafox is an easy-to-use website where you may read the manga. This website is modern and vibrant. So you can explore manga comics in some of the menu options. Mangafox has an incredible collection of over 9,000 manga comics, which is sure to blow your mind. And the website is updated every day with the newest and greatest manga comics. To quickly access your favorite manga from your saved list, you can establish an account and save your favorites.

3. Manganelo

Fans of manga may read and share manga online for free with Manganelo. The website is easy to navigate, and there is no need to register to read the manga. You can create manga, share it with others, and get real-time feedback, much as on Comico and all other websites that cater to manga readers.

4. Mangago

For reading complete, recent, and new manga, Mangago provides the finest user experience. You can look for things in categories like action, horror, drama, and adventures. Romance, school life, Yaoi, Doujinshi, Shounen Ai, Yuri, Shoujo, and fantasy are other genres of manga novels. By selecting the manga, you can read the renowned series chapter. On these cómico alternatives websites, you can read all the most recent hot releases of manga for free.

5. MangaKisa

Mangakisa is a alternatives online manga reader for Comico that doesn’t display advertisements while you read the manga. So they won’t distract you while reading manga. It’s possible because of crowdfunding. You may read many mangas on our all-in-one manga reader website daily in HD resolution.

One of the top manga platforms is Mangakisa, which includes many additional features, user interfaces, and services. Mangakisa is a website that offers more than simply manga reading. You may also watch anime on it.

6. MangaEden

MangaEden is the sixth best alternative to Comico. It’s an excellent website for manga fans. However, there aren’t many genres available. Episodes of the manga are updated often. Although using the website is free, some services do require registration. However, it is free of intrusive ads and is accessible from any device.

7. Mangahere


Mangahere is one of the greatest comico in english replacements for reading manga online because it has access to more than 10,000 comics. On Mangahere, every manga is available for free. Either you enjoy reading Bleach, One-Piece, or Naruto, among other things. The website offers every manga comics episode, whether new or old. It includes both English- and Japanese-language Manga. You may save the manga and sign up for the free Mangahere subscription.

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8. MangaClub


Our list of the best Comico alternatives includes MangaClub. Compared to the other manga reader websites we’ve discussed in this article, MangaClub is a relative newbie, but it is more than capable. MangaClub also has a wide range of manga comics, most of which are about love. The fantastic feature of MangaClub is that they give clients the option to preview a manga by giving them free sample chapters. If you want to read the sample chapters, there’s no need to sign up for an account; registering is only required if you plan to buy the book.

9. MangaKakalot

An alternative to comico is MangaKakalot. It is a typical website with straightforward navigation. There is a good selection of comics on the website. You can use it to search for the manga you need. Even for young users, the interface of this website is exceptionally user-friendly. This website operates without hiccups and problems. It is free and accessible on all platforms.

10. Viz

This wonderful comico alternative site has existed for over three decades. Manga books are widely available from Viz for readers of all ages. It contains some of the most popular anime brands. The community section of Viz also provides information about the most recent books and what pleases and frustrates readers. It includes books, TV shows, films, and series.

11. MangaReader

MangaReader is one more option for reading your best manga. It appears that MangaReader and Comico tw are similar. It has a continuous, regularly updated library of manga comics. You might even use it to watch the anime shows you enjoy. The website UI is comparable to teck comico due to the similarity between the two sites. The site is inappropriate for children due to certain adult content. The website’s continual pop-up advertisements may also be bothersome. But the website has an app for Android that you can get from the Google Play Store. MangaReader is also available on several different platforms.

12. Mangafreak

On Mangafreak, you may access all of your current manga comics without paying a fee or registering. One of the best Comico alternatives for reading comics online is this one. The most recent manga comics, including Naruto, One Piece, Bleach, Boruto, and others, are available on Mangafreak. You may get manga comics from all genres on this Comico alternatives. On its homepage, you may view all of the most recent and popular manga comics. You can also go through various manga by manga genre, manga list, new release history, and random manga comics.

13. Mangamo


Another fantastic Comico option is Mangamo. You can download the titles from Mangamo for free and without advertisements on iOS and Android devices. Due to its selection of exclusive titles, Mangamo has an advantage over other platforms for manga readers. In addition, Mangamo provides a large selection of titles and genres to choose from. Download the app on your device and pay the $5 monthly price to access Mangamo’s content.

14. MangaDoom

Like the other websites we’ve highlighted in this post, MangaDoom is a Comico alternative that offers a good collection of manga comics for reading online. The MangaDoom website provides free access to every manga title. MangaDoom has a simple layout that includes the main portions, such as the Latest Updates, Popular Manga, and Genres and User Reviews sections.

Users of MangaDoom can access a particular chatbox function. You can use it to talk to other manga readers about the manga you’re reading. However, it might not be particularly active.

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15. MangaHub

The most current manga is available on MangaHub. You must first log into your account to view every manga from a website. You can look for manga using the Directory, Popularity, or Updates search options. Daily manga is released. It offers a sizable database where you can look for your best manga. On the manga website, you can download complete chapters with subtitles and dubs in addition to reading. You will get the latest news and updates from the manga industry. It is one of the top comico alternatives online.

16. MangaPlus


One of the finest Comico alternatives for free is MangaPlus, which has the most comics. Here, you may buy both recent and vintage comics. This page loads swiftly and is engaging. The finest place to watch Dragon Ball Super and Naruto is there. You should visit this place at least once.

17. Comixology

Comixology is a cloud-based alternative to Comico that lets you read comics. You can browse through more than one lakh comics there. You can download the program and use it on a Windows computer, Kindle, iOS, or Android smartphone.

The website was established in 2007 and was purchased by in 2014. Amazon now runs the Comixology website. You can find a wide variety of comics on the internet, including manga from China, the United States, and Korea. The website’s content is not as high-end as its look.

18. ComicWalker

ComicWalker is a sister site of BookWalker. This website, like comico, focuses more on providing anime to its audience than comic books. You will see that it is not extremely beautiful if you browse the web. Although a little monotonous, the content is well-organized. This portal is easy to use and has both English and Japanese content. ComicWalker has been made available for PCs and mobile devices, but I think it is only available for Android devices now.

19. TenManga

TenManga is the next comico alternatives for online comic book reading while comico is unavailable. It is a nearly new scanlation website with all the major components to give viewers of the seasoned manga comic website some relief. They are trying to find a reliable comico alternatives.

20. Mangainn

If you’ve never read a manga comic before and are unsure of where to start, Mangainn is an excellent choice. You’ll like reading on this website, which is among the greatest comico alternatives. My favorite feature of this website is the absence of advertisements. You could read nonstop for days. You will like reading manga here because of the outstanding range and quality.

21. Bookwalker

The best place to go to read manga is Bookwalker, which is similar to comico. Many great options are available in the website’s beta edition. The best manga comics are available on the website, and a vast collection of comics. It includes comics from series such as Dragon Ball, Astro Boy, and One-Piece. There is a feeds and updates section on the website that is user-friendly.

Moreover, you can post any inquiries you have there. There won’t be any pop-up ads to disturb you. It is the most well-known and popular comico alternatives website.

22. MangaKatana

MangaKatana is another easy-to-use website for reading free online manga. Your favorite titles are easily accessible. The manga on the website was updated hourly, which is fantastic and unquestionably the most current manga of all genres available. If you’re searching for a new manga, Manga Katana is one of the top comico alternatives.

23. WebToons

You may find Web Toons, the website we think is the finest alternatives to comico. It includes all of the most well-known manga comics in the world. Because of this, you get the best possible result. You can find a genre that interests you by selecting many different types.

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24. MangaTown

Manga Town is one of the greatest comico alternatives where you can learn about different genres. You don’t need to register to read all of your favorite manga comics online. The list covers a manga directory, the most current releases, and popular manga. There are more than 15000 manga and manhwa series available here, including the popular series Naruto, Bleach, One Piece, Air Gear, and more. Every day, the website updates the list. Search for free manga online using the alphabet. Your best manga and comics are easily accessible.

25. AniWatcher

It’s one of the most popular comico alternatives where you can watch both finished and ongoing anime series at once. You can also use this website to read manga and other exciting books. AniWatcher is a safe site for folks who like to view anime and read manga because it offers a large selection of these shows.

26. MangaReborn


MangaReborn is a fantastic alternatives for comico. Even though the website is simple, readers will find some valuable information there. The user interface of this website is simple to use. You can stay updated with the most recent manga news in the website’s news area. At some point, you might need to register. There are no intrusive adverts on the website, which are free and accessible on any device.

27. MangaOwl

MangaOwl is a suitable replacement for comico. It has a massive database of manga comics, which covers all the well-known manga. To give you the latest chapters, the content on the site is constantly updated. You can use MangaOwl to look for the manga you want.

The website’s UI is user-friendly. It provides a discussion platform where you can share knowledge or update your fellow readers comico app. The website doesn’t have any ads to make your visit more pleasant. This website is available on any platform and does not charge a fee.

28. MangaDex

One of the greatest comico alternatives is MangaDex, which offers online comic book reading when comico is unavailable. It is a website that translates manga comics. It has one of the biggest collections of Shonen, Seinen, Josei, and no ta comico manga. On the website, you can read manga comics in more than 20 languages, such as German, Italian, etc. Each manga has many different versions, including colored versions, fan-fiction endings, and official crossover manga series. You can make groups collect, share, talk about, or upload manga series. Also, readers can follow groups they like based on manga edits, releases, and other factors.


Another well-known website for the manga, including Japanese comics, is Here you may find the complete collection of Japanese manga and comics comico webtoon. You can create your manga in addition to reading new ones. To access the reading, downloading, and uploading of information, you must first register petipan comico. Before adding content, you’ll need to make a chapter and a set of related files.

30. Manga Rock

Manga Rock is different from other websites in that you can’t get all manga and series free content. You can access a variety of genres with only one click on the WIKI icon. Here you can find manga authors and characters. You could read your favorite character with ease feliz dia del padre comico. With the search bar, you can look for a specific character or author and find manga about them. Manga is easy to spot because it has big genres and navigation bars. You must create a profile to start reading manga. It is comparable to Bookwalker and Comico.


We spent a lot of time researching all of the top Comico alternatives. All the sites on our list have specialties in providing manga to their readers. These websites, similar to Comico, are excellent places to view online comics. You can visit any of these sites to read the manga.

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