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How to Login My Optus Email & Optus Webmail In 2022

How to login Optus webmail will be covered in this article. In Australia, Optus Webmail can be used as an alternative to iiNet Webmail, MIS, or EQ Webmail. Try the Cos Webmail for users in the United States if you’re seeking for a Webmail that is similar to Optus Webmail. This Optus Webmail review will provide you with all the necessary information on Optus Webmail login, how to reset a lost Optus Webmail password, and other crucial details regarding the Optus email login service.

How to Access My Optus Email and Login to Optus Webmail

You may learn more about Optus webmail login in this post. Details are as follows:

Since the Optus Webmail email module-Operandi is the same as that of other email service providers, this brief essay will be easy to comprehend if you already use an email service like Gmail or Yahoo! Mail, both of which were made from scratch. Along with the phone number, email address, and website for the Optus email authority group, you will learn information about the Optus Zoo Webmail service for Australian users.

How does Optus Webmail work?

With the Optus login username [email protected] and the Optus email password that goes with it, users of this common email provider may access their accounts.

Similar email services like [email protected] and [email protected] are comparable to Optus email. Due to this, depending on their Optus email account, all users with an Optus account may send, receive, and manage their email for free through a secure connection.

You may compose and send emails to Optus email users and those who don’t using Optus email using an Optus email address.

Therefore, in this article, we will set with guiding you through the process of creating an Optus Webmail account before providing you with the rest of the information you want for this Optus email or Webmail tutorial. Also check a look at

Optus Webmail Essential Features

The Optus email service stands out for the following key characteristics.

You can monitor all the crucial aspects of your account, not just your webmail, with an Optus account.

It makes it simpler to cover expenses. Additionally, you may make at your bill to check for checking it.

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Check at the information’s use.

The Help and Support website is accessible to Optus Webmail users directly from the user account dashboard.

Security for Optus Webmail Com

Optus employs 2 login security measures. As follows:

  • Regular security.
  • reliable connection

When you wish to sign in to your Optus Webmail account, you can do so using any option. A simple or secure connection is available before you sign in to your Optus email account.

Link up with the Optus Paper Billing Service

Paper billing will end as soon as you connect to your service. You will all have to manually make your paper bills as a result.

Create Optus Webmail

Any Australian person may create a new Optus Webmail account quickly and easily. If you reside outside of Australia and wish to make your own Optus email, you must use a VPN provider. We use IVACY VPN, which has a monthly fee of only $1.33.

  • To access Optus Webmail, go to and click “My Account.”
  • Type the email address that you used to register.
  • Enter your accurate birthdate, then click “Next” to move on.
  • To complete the Optus signup process, type your personal information and follow the on-screen instructions.

Sign in to your Optus Webmail.

To visit or sign in to your Optus email account, follow the steps listed below.

  • Visit on a phone or computer using a web browser. Additionally, you may sign in to your Optus account via the main Optus app.
  • Select the “safe and secure” or “standard” type of security for your account.
  • To check your Optus account, type your Optus email address [[email protected]] and password, then click the “Login” tab.

Note: Unable to recall your Optus user name? To find out how to retrieve your Optus email username, go to the Optus assistance page.

Optus Webmail Password Forgot

You may reset a lost Optus email password using a variety of methods. You may reset your Optus webmail password using the following methods.

Optus App

  • Open the Optus app on your phone.
  • Go to the top left and select the app menu.
  • I forgot my details, so scroll down and click it.
  • Select “Forgot password” in the pop-up box.
  • To reset and set a new password for your Optus email account, follow the on-screen steps.

Account for Optus Webmail

  • To reset your Optus email password on the Optus website, follow the steps below.
  • To access the Optus login page, click here.
  • Simply select “I Forgot My Password.”
  • Enter your Optus email address here.
  • For your Optus account, enter your birth and select “Reset Password.”
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Follow the directions on the password reset link that is provided to your email in order to reset and set a new password for your Optus login.

Optus Webmail Android Setup

Here’s how to use your Android device’s built-in email feature to set up Optus Webmail.

  • Open the Gmail app on your Android phone.
  • Click “Menu” in the top right corner, then “Other” from the list’s bottom.
  • Your Optus email address and password must be entered before you can click “Manual Setup.”
  • From the “Account” drop-down menu on the bottom left, select “Add Mail Account” and “IMAP4”. To proceed, be sure to click the “Next” tab.
  • Type the name you wish to display on your Optus email in the provided column.
  • Type your Optus email address in its entirety, such as [email protected], together with the password associated with it. Click “Continue” to move after that.
  • Set the server type to “IMAP4”, the hostname to “,” the port to “993,” the SSL to “SSL/TLS,” and the authentication option to “Autodetect” for the Optus inbound server.
  • You set the Outgoing Server in the manner described above. “” as the hostname, “465” as the port number, “SSL/TLS” for SSL, and “Autodetect” for authentication.
  • To link your Android phone to your Optus email, click “Next.” Check into the tools for employee involvement and feedback

Set up Optus email on Windows 10

To start using Optus Webmail and get notifications from it on your Windows 10 PC, follow these configuration instructions.

  • Your Windows 10 mouse should move to the bottom right of the screen, where a search box will appear. Type “Mail” into this box.
  • Under “New Email,” choose “Account,” then under “Manage Account,” choose “Add Account.”
  • Scroll down to “Choose an Account” and click “Advanced Set-up.”
  • To access your device’s “IMAP & POP” feature, select “Internet Email” under “Advanced Setup.”
  • Enter your username, password, and Optus Webmail email address. To appear on your emails, give your Optus email a name. Check all the boxes below the aforementioned settings and click “Sign In” to sign in to your Optus email on your Windows 10 device. Set the incoming server as, account type as “IMAP4”, and outgoing SMTP e-mail server as “”

Setting up Optus Webmail on an iPhone

By utilising the IMAP settings to access your email and sync it to your iPhone, you may set your iPhone to send and receive Optus email from your contacts.

  • A gear icon for iPhone Settings will select on the app menu.
  • Select “Mail >> Accounts” from the menu as you scroll down the screen.
  • Under “Accounts,” tap “Add Account.”
  • On “Other” to select.
  • choose “Add Mail Account” from the menu.
  • Tap the “Next” button in the top right after entering the required information for the new account, including your Optus webmail email address, the name you wish to appear when sending emails, a description, and a password.
  • Your phone will make an immediate attempt to sync your email information, but if it doesn’t succeed, you’ll need to utilise a manual setup procedure.
  • Select “IMAP” under “New Account” in the settings menu.
  • Your inbound server’s address is, therefore set that as your IMAP hostname.
  • As the name of your incoming server, enter Optus.
  • In the Outgoing server settings, enter and press “Next.”
  • Tap “Save.”
  • Select the account option next to “IMAP” and tap the name you already made.
  • Under “Outgoing server,” select “SMTP.”
  • Toggle the “Primary SERVER” alternative on and tap the column.
  • Use SSL is an option that should be unchecked.
  • After selecting “Authentication,” tap “Password.”
  • In the top left corner, select the back arrow.
  • Type “25” as the server port number and click on “Server Port.”
  • To finish, click the “Done” button.
  • Upon returning to your account, select “Advanced” by “Outgoing server” by clicking.
  • Uncheck the “Use SSL” checkbox.
  • To choose authentication, select the button.
  • Re-select “Password.”
  • In the top left corner, click the “Back” button.
  • Enter 143 after choosing the server port number.
  • When finished, tap “Done” and the back button.
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Congratulations! You’ve successfully set your iPhone to sync with Optus email, allowing you to send and receive email directly from Optus on your phone.

Info on the www Optus Webmail server.

The information you need to know about the Optus servers is provided below.

  • Network Service Service Settings.
  • The primary domain name server is
  • The second domain name server is
  • Suffix to the domain name au.
  • Incoming POP3 mail server: (port 110).
  • Server for outgoing SMTP mail is (port 25).
  • is the Time Server (NTP).
  • is a WebSpace FTP Server (Host). Au (port 21). (port 21).
  • [email protected] is the address of your email.

Use Optus to compose and send email.

It’s positive. Therefore, we’ll compose how to send and send a message from within your Optus email account to a contact. Also check a look at

  • Go to in your browser once it is open.
  • Click the “Login” tab after entering your Optus email address and password.
  • To compose, click the “Compose” tab.
  • Enter the email address of the recipient.
  • Your email should have a topic.
  • Write the content of your email or other document. By selecting the “Send” tab, you may also click extras such as documents, etc.

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