22 Top Sites Like KissCartoon to Watch Cartoons for Free

This post will define kisscartoon, kisscartoon alternatives 2022 watch cartoons online reddit, and watchcartoononline. Kids and puppies adore cartoons. There are many places where you can watch cartoons online, but they are not all free. is one of the top cartoon streaming services, however, it is not always available.

22 Top Sites Like KissCartoon to Watch Cartoons for Free

In this post, you can learn about kisscartoon and also kiss cartoon alternatives. Here is the list below;

What is KissCartoon?

Free animation and anime dubbed websites streaming without registration on this website. Its animation series are updated and classified for users. There is no perfect free animation website on the internet. Therefore, kisscartoon nz offers certain benefits and drawbacks, as I stated previously. Users desire to know the top KissCartoon alternatives.

If this site falls or you can’t find your selected animation or anime, check these 22 kiss cartoons alternatives. This list will help you, therefore bookmark this page so you can use it to travel to another website.

22 Best KissCartoon Alternatives & Similar Sites

All That said, I must warn you that watching free animation online may or may not be illegal in some regions, so please be aware of this before proceeding.

One by one, I will give facts about the web site’s purpose, user expression, and popularity. As well the official website.

1. Anime Toon

Anime Toon is a great alternative to the watch cartoon kisscartoon app. Users may search for Dubbed Anime, cartoons, and movies.

The user experience is very similar to other sites where you may explore anime, animations, and movies. Like another site, clicking on the video player opens a new tab in your browser.

AnimeToon boasts 3 million monthly visitors, with the bulk from the US and UK.

2. WatchAnimeDub

Watch Anime Dub is like Kiss Cartoon io, it has lots of Anime and animation videos. However, the URL is different.

In addition to Dubbed cartoons and Anime, there are also movie categories available. I enjoy it because it has a nice user interface and experience; the video gamer is quite similar to YouTube. This website has over 40 million monthly visitors 50% of traffic comes from the United States.

3. CartoonCrazy

CartoonCrazy is a great alternative to KissCartoon safe for anime and animation shows. It has a massive library of recent anime and has excellent English dubbed anime.

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This site’s interface and user experience are excellent. Around 12 million Internet users every month visit CartoonCrazy in the US, UK, and Canada. The domain name is unstable and changes frequently.

4. Anime Wow

Watch your favorite Anime on our site kiiss cartoon. Also, the site has a section for new anime releases. Users will find the site’s interface and user experience familiar. The header has dedicated categories for anime series, movies, favorite anime, and new anime releases.

Around 500,000 visitors per month, with most coming from the US and Vietnam, making it a good alternative for Vietnamese users.

5. AnimeRhina

A lot of anime and cartoons are available on this portal. This website’s header has simple access for Anime, Cartoons, Movies, etc. This site is incredibly user-friendly and anyone who uses the internet can use it. You may also enjoy your favorite anime or cartoon from this site.

AnimeRhino has low monthly traffic, yet it is very popular in the USA.

6. Toonova

Toonova is a great place to watch different cartoons; this website is for animation and movies, not anime kisscarton. The homepage is identical to another, with different cartoon titles in categories like Animation, Comedy, Drama, etc. Toonova receives roughly 1.5 million monthly visitors, mostly from the US and UK.

7. Cartoon Network

Do you kisscartoon love Cartoon Network? This website has all the cartoon network material and some kid-friendly games. It’s the best pick for simply Cartoon Network content.

This site offers a unique user interface and experience because there are no pop-up ads and you can play a cartoon in two clicks. It also features a great video gamer which enhances your streaming experience. Visit this site now and start enjoying cartoons.


Not having any anime on this website suggests not being dedicated to anime fans kimcartoon safe. Animations are plentiful here, and you can easily choose the one you desire.

Because all adverts will open in a new tab in your internet browser, you can ignore the redirection to another site.

After clicking “Light off” all undesirable items are removed from your screen and only the video remains. The HD video streaming quality allows you to experience more. KimCartoon alternatives receives roughly 15 million monthly visitors from the US, UK, Canada, and Australia, respectively.

9. Adventure Time

If you are a fan of Adventure Time, then this page is for you because it contains all episodes in HD video quality. This site is easy to navigate and will redirect you to another page when your video plays.

Adventure Time to dedicate to a certain series and has less than 1 lac visitors (according to the similar web).

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10. Watch Online Cartoons

It is also a great place to watch free cartoons from Disney, Nick, and Cartoon Network. Watch Online Cartoons offers a user interface.

The control button gets you a good video gamer. Clicking on the video will open a new tab in your browser. You can also look for a cartoon on the internet. You may also see the list of anime series; it receives around 30K monthly visitors.

11. CartoonsOn

Users can choose their favorite animation series. They have a small library. However, if your photo is online, you can watch it on this website.

The user experience is poor due to repeated invalidation’s and intrusive adverts. You can search for any cartoon or anime on the website.

Animations On is a popular alternative to kisscartoon alternative with over 5 million monthly users from the US, UK, Canada, and the Netherlands.

12.  KuroAni

KuroAni also has various cartoon and anime series; I recommend it since it has both called and subtitled cartoons and animes. Its homepage lists animations and videos.

Despite the lack of traffic, this site offers a clearer and more user-friendly interface. Whenever you click on this website, a new tab opens up.

13. ToonGet

ToonGet is another choice for Korean Drama, dubbed anime, and cartoons. However, it is not available on Google Play, therefore you must download it through a third-party platform.

Regarding the interface, both sidebars are ad-filled, as is the header. Like other websites, you will see pop-up adverts, but they will all open in a new tab.

ToonGet receives roughly 1 million monthly visitors, mostly from the US and Canada.

14. Disney Now

If you don’t know about Disney Now, I’m here to help you. Animated titles relate to their material. The Disney Now website is wonderful; it is an ad-free platform.

Disney Now has around 2.5 million monthly users, although it is exclusively available in the US.

15. FreeOnlineAnime

One of the top watch cartoon alternatives, but it exclusively offers Anime, so if you enjoy cartoons but not anime, this site is not for you. Free online anime may be the best alternative for anime fans due to the excellent user experience and streaming quality. Like YouTube, this website’s video player allows viewers to adjust the video’s quality and loudness.

This website is new but so has low traffic. That, I believe, improves user experience. You also have an integrated search option.


Here you may receive cartoon series, cartoon movies, and TV shows, as well as anime. It is a different website from above.

Compared to other versions, the user interface is amazing. Its home dashboard has some functionalities and animation videos.

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17. KissAnime

There are several reasons why KissAnime is the finest free anime streaming platform. This site is dedicated to Anime lovers and has practically every current and vintage anime available. Yes, you also get cartoons.

However, if you want to avoid ads, you can purchase the premium plan. The user experience is okay; you may be confused at first. Unavailable anime and animation titles can request here.


It’s the same name as before, but the website was different. Here you may view cartoons and anime. It also streams anime titles in English. Therefore, it is suitable for English speakers.

If this website goes down, you won’t be able to stream animations or anime. The video can play in 2–3 clicks. Yes, there is advertising on this site. receives over 13 million monthly visitors.

19. Enjoy Cartoons Online (EU)

The name is similar to the above website, except it offers dubbed animation and anime in English This site has categories including Experience, Family, Action, Funny, and more. Regarding the UX, it features a simple user interface, yet it contains ads. Anywhere on this website will open a new tab in your browser.

It receives roughly 1.5 million monthly visitors from the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and Germany.

20. WatchDub

WathcDub is a one-stop-shop for anime and animation. The left sidebar has a list of current anime and cartoons.

The greatest sidebar is full of ads, and to play a video, you must select a video mirror server kisscartoon reddit. WatchDub gets roughly three lac visitors every month, mostly from the US and Canada.

21. WatchCartoonOnline

Kids can easily run this website as it includes a navigation bar where you receive different categories like Dubbed Anime, Cartoons, Subbed Anime, and more. This site has some kid-friendly advertisements, making it a better choice for youngsters.

Visit WhatchCartoonOnilne now and share your thoughts in the comment section.

22. Dubbed Anime

Called Anime is the last website on the list of kisscartoons alternatives. It offers practically all dubbed anime vip, so there are more chances to locate your favorite dubbed anime websites here. If you want to get rid of the advertising, you can buy the premium plan, but I don’t recommend it.

You can download any anime or cartoon. Called Anime has 4 million monthly visitors in the USA.


You now have 22 kiss cartoon options to choose from, and you can use this list to visit them whenever you want. Even though there are numerous KissCartoon com-like websites available on the internet, I’ve created a list of the best 22. Keep in mind that some of the sites on this list are not suitable for children.

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