6 Best Fan Control Software To Try in 2022

The fans in your computer keep the parts and the whole system cool. They spin at different RPMs (turns per minute) depending on how much the system is being used. But sometimes, the fans may be set to spin at a high RPM by default, making the system loud. You can, however, use software to control the speed at which they spin. A good fan control app makes it easy to set the CPU and GPU fans to work best and make the least amount of noise. In light of this, we’ve made a list of the best software for controlling fans.

Both Windows and Mac computers can use the fan control software on our list, which is not in any particular order. Desktop users can also buy external PC fan hubs that let them manually control the speed of the CPU fan.

6 Best Fan Control Software To Try in 2022

1. Corsair ICUE

Corsair iCUE is software that makes it easy to manage all Corsair products on a Windows computer. This software for controlling fans checks the temperature in real time, makes custom lighting effects when the temperature goes up, and controls fan curves to change the speed of the fans. Corsair iCUE lets RGB lighting on all compatible Corsair products work together. There are four kinds of light waves: Rainbow, Yellow, Rain, and Visor. Based on what you do, ICUE controls how well the system works. By default, it has three modes: Quiet, Game, and Movie. You can create, among other options, a quiet mode for working and a performance mode for gaming. ICue can’t connect to every device, which is a drawback. But you can look at Corsair’s support page, which has a list of all the hardware that works with iQUE.

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2. MSI Afterburner

MSI Afterburner is free fan control software for Windows that lets you overclock your computer. In addition to adjusting fan speed, it shows real-time memory usage, FPS (Frames Per Second), CPU/GPU temperature, GPU voltage, and frequency. MSI Afterburner is free and can be used with any graphics card from AMD or Nvidia. The user can set up to five profiles for fan speed settings. This is helpful because it means you don’t have to adjust the fan settings to keep the computer running at its best. In addition, you can create your fan curve. Go to Options, then to the “Fan” tab in MSI Afterburner to turn on manual fan control. Next, click “Enable software-based automatic fan control.” Here is where you can create your fan curve.

3. Macs Fan Control

Well, if your Mac is too loud or too hot, the Macs Fan Control software is the best free fan control software. Macs Fan Control is the right software for keeping an eye on and controlling a Mac’s fans. It is a simple app that controls the speed of the fan for the best cooling. The simple slider-based user interface of the app makes it easy to change the speed of the fan quickly. When you start the app, it will show all the fans on one side and things like temperatures on the other. To adjust the Mac fan speed, click on the “Custom” tab and use the slider to change the speed of the CPU fan or intake fan. Then, click “OK.” On Preference, you can also see the settings that people all over the world like best.

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4. FanControl

The FanControl is one of the best free fan control programmes for Windows. Remi Mercier is the only person who made this app. This simple but smart app lets you control all of your fans, including the fans in your case. But you can’t use the app to control the colours of your RGB fans. The app’s user interface is very well-organized, with different icons in different places. FanControl is an app that is easy for even new users to figure out how to use. But it might be hard to put in place.

5. Zotac Firestorm

Zotac Firestorm is free fan control software for Windows that gives you full control over any ZOTAC component connected to the motherboard. You may customise RGB colours and fan speed on all ZOTAC components linked to your computer. The Zotac Firestorm can be used to overclock the graphics card. There are three options to change the speed of the fan: Auto, Manual, and Advanced. Auto is the default setting. You can set the speed (in percent) to your liking when you use the manual settings. No matter what the temperature of the graphics card is, the fan will turn at the speed that was set. If you choose “Advanced,” you may be able to set the fan curve to your liking. With just a few clicks, you can make any ZOTAC graphics card run faster and make less noise. The Zotac Firestorm has a problem in that you can’t control the RPM of the case fans.

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6. SpeedFan

SpeedFan is an old but great app that checks the temperature of the system and gives users a full report. This free Windows software lets you control the speed, voltage, and temperature of your hard drive. SpeedFan shows the temperature of hard drives by using SMART sensors. Because SpeedFan is an obsolete app, it does not receive updates. SpeedFan is not compatible with the latest motherboard model. If you have an old motherboard, it may still work.

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