7 Best Gaming Headsets For Every System

With its superior audio, Gaming Headsets elevate the gaming experience. If you’re a gamer, you already understand how significant the audio is. Many people, however, still use subpar PC or monitor speakers when playing games with advanced visuals. If your opponents have high-quality audio equipment, they will have an edge over you.

The importance of sound in the vast majority of games has been established through basic study. Best gaming headsets allow you to hear environmental signals, which greatly improves your performance. It can be the difference between life and death in numerous critical game circumstances.

Additionally, with the best audio setup, you can easily tell the direction your opponent is approaching from just by listening for the sound of their footfall, giving you a distinct advantage in games. Experienced players always choose for the highest quality headsets to provide a more immersive gaming experience.

Let’s have a look at some things to think about while choosing the best gaming headset before you run out and buy a high-end one.

7 Best Gaming Headsets For Every System


The most important thing to think about is your gaming platform. There are gaming headsets for the Mac, Windows, and Linux operating systems. Also, different headsets have different ways to connect, such as a 3.5 mm jack, USB, Bluetooth, and wireless.

Sound Quality

When selecting a gaming headset, sound quality is the most utmost thing. Most gamers choose a headset with a 40 mm driver and a robust bass effect to make their gaming experience better. A good gaming headset also has a noise-cancelling addition. It would help block out background noise when talking on the microphone and let you experience the game the way it was meant to be played.


For the best results in multiplayer games, it is essential to coordinate with your group. An excellent microphone is essential for this quality. A microphone, which can be used to provide in-game voice instructions, is an essential component of any gaming headset. The microphone need to have a good noise cancellation feature to reduce the impact of background noise and keyboard noises. To top it all off, check the microphone’s quality to make sure your voice comes through clearly.


You will be unable to play for lengthy durations if the headsets are unpleasant. To avoid straining your ears, you must instead utilise a lightweight gaming headset. Cushioned headsets are helpful since their soft surface protects your ears and helps you to concentrate on the game.

In addition to these requirements, you must examine whether the headsets are wired or wireless, as well as their cost and longevity. Following consideration of these aspects, you would get the best gaming headsets for an engaging and immersive gaming experience.

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Best Gaming Headsets To Use For Pro Gamers

1. Logitech G733

Logitech G733 headphone

It is one of the highest-rated Gaming Headsets of 2022. The innovative and technologically superior game consoles produced by Logitech have never failed to wow players. The Logitech G733 Wireless Gaming Headset was designed with comfort and style in mind. With the lightspeed wireless technology, you may play for over 29 hours without interruption.

In addition, the Pro-G drivers have been specially designed to produce accurate, full-range sound. The surround sound system will completely immerse you in any game as soon as you put on your headsets. Certified by Discord, the immersive audio experience makes communication crystal clear.

These headsets are extremely lightweight, weighing only 278 grammes apiece. The suspension strap was designed to uniformly distribute the weight, allowing for prolonged gaming sessions. In addition, the headsets’ dual-layer memory foams allow for a delicate fit around the skull and provide exceptional comfort, even during extended gaming sessions.

This best high-end gaming headset is very customizable. For instance, there are 16.8 million colours and two zones for customising the illumination effect of the headset. In addition, you have the option of using the default animations or customising them to match your gaming gear. Logitech has combined high-quality gaming with distinctive design and vibrant colours so that every gamer may find the proper equipment.

2. Razer Blackshark

Razer Blackshark

As a result of its affordable pricing, intuitive interface, and low-quality sound, the Razer Blackshark V2 has led this list of the best gaming headsets.

A new, unique design for 50 mm TriForce Titanium drivers with independent ports for low, mid, and high audio frequency replications has been created. Enhanced trebles, clearer midrange, and punchier bass are all results of this feature’s sound. Titanium-coated diaphragms further enhance the quality of voices, making it easy to make out every syllable.

Plus, you’ll have a fantastic time thanks to the ultra-clear microphone’s enhanced speech pickup and noise reduction. Since the microphone may be removed, there is less chance of obstruction, which in addition enhances the quality of your speech. With the use of the USB support card and Razer Synapse, you may adjust your speech output.

The best PC gaming headset gives you access to a number of features, such as an ambient noise reducer, a microphone equaliser, a volume normalizer, and a microphone boost. We provide these excellent headsets for gaming at a low cost, and they have in-headset controls.

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3. HyperX


Never has the quality of HyperX’s gaming headsets failed to wow gamers. They are quite comfortable and offer the best sound quality. The HyperX Cloud II Wireless is wireless in addition to keeping its legacy of unparalleled comfort. A single charge is sufficient for a full day of gaming.

You must own this equipment if you indulge in lengthy gaming sessions. Memory foam and optimal weight distribution are utilised to ensure comfort. In addition, the 53 mm drivers deliver rich, dramatic sound with enhanced clarity, letting you to immerse yourself in the game without missing critical audio cues.

Addition, there is a removable noise-canceling microphone to eliminate background noise from your chats. In addition, a mic monitoring device enables you to listen to your voice and ensure that you are not speaking too loudly when wearing headsets. This gaming headset is compatible with several platforms and features a strong metal chassis, which is its best feature.

4. LucidSound LS50X

LucidSound LS50X

The LucidSound LS50X is a premium gaming headset that lives up to its reputation as a gaming headset if we are discussing the best gaming headsets. It is compatible with Xbox One and the upcoming Xbox consoles of Series X and S. The LS50X is LucidSound’s premium wireless gaming headset, boasting interference-free and low-latency audio.

Additionally, at the push of a button, this wireless gaming headset could switch between Bluetooth devices. You simply need to click one button to go from playing your favourite game on your PC and console to answering a call on your mobile phone. Additionally, the 20-hour battery life allows for uninterrupted gameplay throughout the whole day.Use two microphones for discussions that are crystal clear. Both mics minimise echoes and background noise for improved online gaming conversation. The volume sliders on the earcup controls allow for volume adjustments, while the centre button serves to mute, answer calls, and change music.

Even after lengthy gaming sessions, there is no need to worry about your ears since the ear cups are filled with ultra-soft memory foam.

5. HyperX Cloud Stinger

HyperX Cloud Stinger

The HyperX Cloud Stinger is a fantastic piece of equipment for gamers in search of affordable, high-quality headsets. Each of these headsets is exceptionally lightweight, weighing only 275 grammes. Moreover, the 50 mm directional drivers deliver high-quality audio with pinpoint precision.

Additionally, the earcups can be swivelled to a 90-degree angle for enhanced comfort during extended gaming sessions. A solid-steel, adjustable slider suits each headset and increases their stability. In addition, the positioning of the directional drivers is exactly parallel to the user’s ears in order to deliver enhanced clarity and precision to the gaming audio.

Simply switching the microphone off will quiet it. In addition, the HyperX Cloud Stinger has a passive noise cancellation system to reduce ambient noise and enhance audio quality. On the headset’s earcup are simple volume controls for convenience.

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6. Logitech G635

Logitech G635

In terms of sound experience, the Logitech 7.1 LightSync Gaming Headset is unparalleled. When compared to standard 7.1 channel surround sound, the accuracy of this performance is remarkable. If you were utilising these headsets while gaming a game, you could pinpoint the exact location of your opponents.

Learning to listen to your surroundings well might be the difference between success and failure.The 50 mm Pro-G drivers were created to deliver enhanced definition, clarity, and depth at any volume. This would make the low-frequency sounds, like explosions, seem more theatrical, while the high-frequency sounds, like footfall and gunfire, would be more distinct.

App-specific profiles in the Logitech G HUB gaming software allow you full control over RGB lighting and in-game instructions. So, every participant gets to totally tailor their experience to their liking. The designers put a premium on comfort and longevity while making these headsets for gamers. The oversized earcups ensure that you’ll have a pleasant experience even during the longest gaming sessions. The earpads are detachable and hence may be cleaned by hand.

7. Astro A50

Astro A50

Looking for the best-rated Gaming Headsets? The Astro A50 Gen 4 is an updated version of the Astro A50 Gen 3 gaming headset. The design of these best headphones for fps gaming has been made more sleek and subtle, but the sound quality has stayed the same. Professional gamers want an iconic design, and this gaming headset has everything a gamer could want.

This headset works with all platforms, such as PC, Mac, Xbox, and PS4. Astro Audio V2 is used to smooth out the range of frequencies that the headset can handle. So, whether you choose highs, mids, or lows, the sound will always be perfectly balanced. Dolby Audio compatibility gives you a cinematic-style audio experience. Also, the MixAmp technology that comes with it makes sure that chat volumes and game sounds are at their best.

Also, the flip-to-mute feature that players can use is a great way to ensure sure everyone can hear each other. The rechargeable battery lets you play for 15 hours straight with high-quality audio. With the ASTRO Command Centre programme, gamers have full control over their audio experience.


As a professional player, you should seek out gaming headsets of superior quality to enhance your gaming experience. Even if you play for several hours, better gaming headsets protect your ears. Consequently, consider gaming headsets that fit your budget and watch realistic sounds to your games.

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