8 Best Typing Games For Kids To Learn Faster

Our world, technology, fashion, and the way we live are all always changing. A decade ago, typing was a skill that only computer professionals had. But now that everything is digital and online, typing skills are needed by almost everyone, from professionals to children. So, it’s important for children to learn to type at a young age because it will help them not only now but also in the future. This post is about the most fun typing games for kids that can be found in the app store.

One thing is certain: parents will have a tough time getting their children to start anything unless it follows the “Learning Can Be Fun” model of education and skill development. In light of this, I’ve limited the apps I’ve featured to those that may be considered kid-friendly typing games. However, these programs can be accessed online, are age-appropriate, and don’t cost a dime to use.

8 Best Typing Games For Kids

Parents will have a hard time getting their kids to start anything until the course is made with the “Learning Can Be Fun” model of education and skill building in mind. Keeping this in mind, I have only included applications that qualify as fun typing games for kids. These online games and applications are free and good for kids of all ages.

1. Free Typing Game


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On our list of free typing games for kids, the Free Typing Game web app ranks third. This website offers three possibilities to its users: games, lessons, and tests. To establish how much you have learned, it is recommended that you start with the Lessons, then practice with the Games, and ultimately with the Tests.

2. TurtleDiary


If you’re looking for typing games for kindergarten-aged kids, you can’t go wrong with Turtle Diary, which includes over 30 games such as Balloon Typing and Under Water Typing, among others. Users may choose both the difficulty level and the keyboard section to practice on. There are a total of 51 lessons in typing, which are separated into three levels: beginner, intermediate, and advanced.

3. Learning Games For Kids


Well, one of the fun typing games for kids is on the Learning Games For Kids website. It has many games, including typing games that help kids learn the whole keyboard. There are more than 20 options to choose from, and the difficulties range from easy to hard. This app has a test of your speed and accuracy.

4. Type Type Revolution


Dance Dance Revolution enthusiasts, rejoice! Here is a game that will get your child’s fingers going and teach him or her something. The aim of the game is to strike the proper letter before it reaches the top row of letters. Then, the user may “dance” to one of 10 songs. This game tests key recognition, therefore it is ideal for older children who want to improve their typing without looking.

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5. Dance Mat Typing


You’ve found the conclusion of your search for “free typing games for kids made by/for a well-known organization.” The BBC, well recognized as a popular source of news and information throughout the globe, is in charge of Dance Mat Typing. This teaching tool includes four stages total, with each level broken down into three sections using letters and rows.

6. ABCya


When it comes to entertaining typing games for kids, ABCya, which features diverse games sorted by grade level, cannot be neglected. Not only are the games grouped by grade level, but also by category, such as Math, Food, Story, Art, Music, and so on. Although there is no separate category for typing games, users may find them simply typing “TYPE” into the search box and pressing Enter.

7. TypeTastic


Typetastic is the next free typing game for children, and it includes 8 entertaining games for practice. These three-tiered games are enjoyable to play. Letter Trucks and Astro Bubbles are two of the most enjoyable games.

8. KidzType


KidzType is the first free typing game for kids. It has a lot of typing games, and users can choose how hard they want to make them. In this web app, parents have to look at the games to decide which ones are best for their kids. Two of the hardest ones are Car Rider and Bull Spell.

Final Words:

Parents and teachers must start teaching typing games to their children and students as soon as feasible. They are enjoyable, which makes it fun to use them often, and the children are unaware that keyboard familiarity and typing skills are being subconsciously implanted in them while they are having fun.

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