Top 32 Best Honto Alternatives To Read Manga Online

One of the top websites for free online manga reading is Honto. There are no better places to learn manga, manhua, and manhwa than in Honto. You can read free, high-quality manga online for free on Honto. Honto wants to make sure that you receive the top manga comics. Honto was created for manga fans interested in reading a wide variety of manga and even manhua. Every day, The Honto adds new comics to its extensive collection. On Honto, you may read newly released manga updates for free. Additionally, Honto has the most recent updates for manga. Honto is free, so check it out if you’re interested in reading the newest manga.

Top 32 Best Honto Alternatives To Read Manga Online

We’ve compiled a list of the best Honto alternatives to read manga online.

1. MangaHub

The most popular manga is available on MangaHub. You must first log into your account to read every manga from a website. You can look for manga using the Directory, Popularity, or Updates search options. Manga is published daily. It offers a sizable database where you can look for your best manga. On the manga website, you can download complete chapters with subtitles and dubs in addition to reading. You will get the latest news and updates from the manga industry. It is one of the top Honto alternatives.

2. MangaEden

MangaEden is the second-best alternative to honto. It is a great website for manga lovers, but there is relatively little variety of genres available. The collection is regularly updated with the latest items.

It is easy to use because of the simple UI. Although using the website is free, some features are only accessible after registering. You can access it from any platform honto yajuu, and there are no annoying ads.

3. MangaFox

You can look for the newest and most well-liked manga genres with Manga Fox. Mangafox lets you read manga for free, but there are many different kinds of manga, such as action, comedy, drama, fantasy, romance, school life, shoujo, and shounen. Although you must sign in or register to view them, it offers the most popular manga releases. There is also a mobile application accessible. You can download free manga for your iPhone, iPad, or Android phone. It’s also one of the top Honto alternatives.

4. TenManga

TenManga is a great option for Honto. There is numerous manga for you to read and many more to find there. Your favorite manga comic can be located by using the search feature. The TenManga website has a vast database of comics in various genres.

You can use the “Surprise” function on the TenManga website if you’re unsure about what to read or want to learn something new. The website has a user-friendly interface. One of the main benefits of our site is that there isn’t any advertising to keep you from reading. A visit to this excellent website is highly recommended.

5. MangaPark

Another website where you may read manga online is Mangapark. You must create an account and log in before you can read the manga on this website. Additionally, these honto teriyaki alternative websites include a range of genres. You can locate the book by using the search feature for the genre. The page themes on the website are editable. Please note your favorite manga and refer to it as needed. The series is complete, and it has been posted.

6. MangaKakalot

Honto is an option to MangaKakalot. It is a standard website with straightforward navigation. There is a good collection of comics on the website. You can use it to search for the manga you need. Even for young users, the interface of this website is exceptionally user-friendly. This website operates without hiccups and problems. It is free and accessible on all platforms.

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7. MangaKatana

MangaKatana is an excellent user-friendly website for reading manga online for free. Your favorite titles are easy to find. Unquestionably, the latest manga from every genre is available thanks to the website’s hourly updates to the manga. If you’re searching for a new manga, Manga Katana is the place to start.

8. Mangainn

If you are a beginner and are confused about where to start reading manga comics, Mangainn is the ideal option. Despite its straightforward user interface, you will like reading on this top honto ni in japanese alternative website. My favorite aspect of this website is that there are no adverts. You could read nonstop for days. The quality and selection are superb, and you will have a great time reading manga here.

9. Mangaz

As an alternative to Honto, is among the greatest sites to read free manga online. Due to its baby pink and white color palette, it is one of the cutest manga websites ever created. This is not everything, though: On the website, mangas are organized according to gender, age, and other factors. There are also daily additions to the site’s more than 10,000 manga. You can access all the information on the site for free. Due to its easy-to-read content, Mangaz is a popular manga website.

10. MangaKisa

Mangakisa is a site similar to Honto, where you may read manga online. However, there are no advertisements. So they won’t distract you while reading manga. It is made possible by crowdfunding. You can read a lot of manga on this all-in-one manga reader website daily in HD quality.

One of the top manga platforms is Mangakisa, which has many additional features, user interfaces, and services. Mangakisa is a website that offers more than just manga reading honto meaning. You may also view anime on it.

11. MangaStream

MangaStream has the newest manga available. To read your favorite manga, you must first register or log in. Please choose the desired manga from the navigation menu to begin reading it. You can look through a list of complete manga to find one that piques your interest. These top Honto alternatives websites are looking for writers and designers.

12. MangaReborn


MangaReborn is a fantastic replacement for Honto. Even though the website is straightforward, it has some insightful content for readers. The user interface of this website has been kept simple and intuitive. The website has a news area where you may stay informed about the most recent manga news. At some point, you might have to register. The website is accessible from any platform and free of intrusive adverts.

13. ComicExtra

You may read whole comics on Comic Extra, a well-known comics website. There are numerous comics and animated programs available on these top Honto alternatives. The most famous comic book publishers are DC and Marvel. Additionally, you may read and download many anime series, so you might discover what you’re looking for. Here, you can find your favorite anime or comic book.

14. Comico

Comico debuted in Japan in 2013 for the first time and was dedicated only to manga. It’s had a protracted history. NHN Japan Corporation owns the platform; thus, if you want to use it, you must purchase it from them. The website is now widely used in Asia, and users from all over the world praise it. You should read the latest manga that is posted on the website. The finest Honto alternative for reading manga comics online is, one of the sites.

15. KissManga

Another option to Honto is KissManga. Despite having a modest collection, it provides high-quality content. You can access the newest chapters of your favorite manga in the comic collection daily. It informs you about the recently added chapters.

It’s simple and convenient to utilize the UI. The website is safe and appropriate for children honto jp manga. You won’t be distracted while reading because there are no ads. It is also available from any platform.

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16. SenManga


The newest manga novels are available at Senmanga. You must first create an account on the website to read and download the most recent updates to the manga. The categories are displayed as follows: most recently published, most popular, and manga of the day. Finding the series list is pretty simple with Sen Manga. You can alter almost anything by adding your preferred episodes and chapters. It is one of the top Honto alternatives.

17. Renta

Renta is included in our list of the top Honto alternatives. As the name suggests, it is a manga rental service where you may rent any manga title for two days. If you want more time to read a manga comic, you can upgrade to unlimited time. It has a simple UI and a modern web design. The homepage feature design is very enticing because it lets readers view the most recent manga preview. Renta specializes in shojo, erotica, and harlequin romance manga with a vast collection of manga comics.

18. Chia-Anime

On the website Chia-Anime, you may read manga and view your favorite animated series and cartoons honto ne. The website has a modest yet frequently updated manga library—a search bar on the page to help you locate the content you need. The user interface (UI) is simple. There is free content on the website. The website is accessible across all platforms and does not contain pop-up ads.

19. MangaDex

MangaDex has an endless number of magazines available. The best way to search our site’s manga magazine database is in this way. Go to the homepage and click the manga dropdown menu to access options like a title uso no honto, update, search, features, and random. The best part is that you can use the “Add” button to add manga magazines. You can create a group and active forums in the community section. On social media sites like Twitter and Reddit, you may also publish updates about comics. It’s websites such as Honto.

20. Manga Effects


Manga Effects is an excellent manga website that is accessible for free online honto?. There is a broad selection of well-known and well-liked manga books that won’t let you down. The top manga of the past week and a list of all-time favorite genres are presented to you by Manga Effects. We appreciate that they offer a timestamp with each manga upload to show when an update was done.

21. MangaTown

MangaTown is among the top alternative sites to Honto, where you may find a variety of genres. You don’t need to register to read all of your favorite manga comics online. The list covers a manga directory, the most current releases, and popular manga. There are more than 15000 manga and manhwa series available here, including the popular series Naruto, Bleach, One Piece, Air Gear, and more. Every day, the website updates the list. Look for free manga on line in alphabetical order. Your favorite manga and comics are easily accessible.

22. MangaDoom

As with the other websites highlighted in this piece, MangaDoom is an excellent Honto alternatives that offers a good collection of manga comics for reading. On MangaDoom’s website, you may read any manga title for free. MangaDoom’s website structure is straightforward, featuring key aspects like Popular Updates, Popular Manga, a Genres section, and a Comments section.

Users of MangaDoom can access a particular chatbox function. It may not be active, but it is an option to discuss the Manga you are reading with other readers.

23. Viz

This fantastic Honto alternatives site has been in existence for almost three decades. Manga novels for readers of all ages are widely available from Viz. It contains some of the most popular anime brands. The community section of Viz also provides information about the most recent books and what pleases and frustrates readers. Books, TV shows, films, and series are all included.

24. MangaOwl

MangaOwl is a good replacement for Honto. It has a massive database of manga comics, which covers all the well-known manga. To give you the latest chapters, the content on the site is constantly updated. You can look for the manga of your choice with MangaOwl.

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The website’s UI is user-friendly. It provides a discussion platform where you can share knowledge or update your fellow readers. The website is free of ads to enhance your experience. The website is accessible on all platforms without cost.

25. Web Toons

A great Honto competitor website is Web Toons, which lets you get the most famous manga comics. As a result, you receive everything you could want. Choose from the various genres to find one that you like.

26. ComicWalker

An alternative to Honto called ComicWalker compiles all of the most well-known manga comics in one place. More than 200 mangas are available on the internet, and you may rapidly search the comics by name and genre. The website is additionally accessible in three other languages. Many different gadgets may access a comic walker.

27. Manga Reader

The most popular Honto alternatives for users of all ages is Manga Reader. Based on its age, you can find the manga. Japanese manga is well-liked by people of all ages, including kids and adults. Here, you may browse a vast selection of manga with English translations and discover otaku culture. The newest, most popular manga books are constantly added to Manga Reader. The manga reader has an excellent search feature. You can get the latest, most popular manga volumes as well as your favorite manga magazines.

28. MangaPlus


For a vast selection of comics at no cost, MangaPlus is a top option for Honto. Here, you may discover both the latest and older comics. This site is fun to use and loads rapidly. The finest spot to watch Naruto and Dragon Ball Super is there. Please visit here at least once.

29. Mangago

Mangago provides the finest user experience for reading complete, recent, fresh manga. You can look for genres like adventure, drama, horror, and adventure. Other genres of manga include books about romance, school, Yaoi, Doujinshi, Shounen Ai, Yuri, Shoujo, and fantasy. By selecting the manga, you can read the renowned series chapter. On these Honto alternatives websites, you can read all the most recent popular manga releases for free.

30. Mangairo


You can also check out Mangairo to look for your favorite manga. The website offers a good range, from the most well-known to the most recent manga comics. The manga collection of Mangairo is consistently updated.

You can easily find the manga you’re looking for, whether it’s through the search box or the categorization into different genres. Additionally, the comics are available in other languages. It includes the era’s most well-liked manga series.

The website has a straightforward, user-friendly interface. You can read your comics uninterrupted on the ad-free website Mangairo, which is accessible on several devices. This is the best Honto alternatives website.

31. BookWalker

Through BookWalker, you may access all digital manga books and series. It is reasonable to view and buy manga and light novels. The best part is that you can enter the manga title and add it to your basket to buy it or search for a particular type or category. Both Android and iOS users can download the book walker app. To benefit from the discounts, include the voucher with the final transaction. It is websites like Honto and manga rock.

32. NiAdd


NiAdd is a fantastic Honto replacement site where you may read manga online for nothing. It has a robust manga directory that allows you to sort manga by release year, genre, status, and alphabetical order. There are also some original manga series there tenioha! ~onna no ko datte honto wa ecchi da yo?~. This website also features several well-known videos. Additionally, you can update NiAdd with manga and books.


We spent a lot of time researching useful alternatives for Honto. All of the sites offer manga of varying quality. You can read manga for free online at sites like Honto. On any of these websites, you can read your favorite manga online.

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