Guide to Faster Internet Speeds in 3 Easy methods – Updated for 2022

You might be one of the people who is wondering why their internet speeds is slower than usual. There is a chance that, like most people, your device or connection is suffering trouble with a set of things that can cause slow internet connections. There could be too many devices on the network, outdated software, or interference from the environment, all of which would reduce network performance Internet Speeds.

Troubleshooting your Internet Connection

Troubleshooting your Internet Connection

The first method in scientifically fixing any problems a system may have is to identify their origins. Checking with your ISP and doing other diagnostics online are two possible first steps in troubleshooting an internet connection. Setting the modem to “off,” waiting ten seconds, and then turning it back on again will also help the internet connection.

Several people have started using nonstandard methods to improve up and enhance their internet connections. One well-known method is to subscribe to a virtual private network (VPN) service that offers additional speed enhancements for your internet connection. By doing online research or knowing about certain government rules that may reduce interconnection rates, you may learn how to discern other distinct reasons and difficulties.

Subscription arrangements for internet service are sometimes the root cause of slow internet speeds. If you’re having problems, it’s advisable to phone your network provider so they can help you figure out what’s going on. Other computers and devices in the home can connect to the internet quickly and easily, but the one you’re using is slow, you may be able to fix the issue by doing some troubleshooting.

If you pay a provider internet to give speeds of up to a gigabit per second, but your router is incapable of handling such a large amount of speeds, your service is essentially useless. Investing in a router with high throughput capacity or, at the at least, two streams of wireless AC, is the best method to solve these problems. Having this device would provide uninterrupted internet access for all of your linked gadgets.

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3 Common Causes of Slow Internet Speed

When internet connections are slow, there are many factors to think about. These factors could also have to do with issues with the device, such as software and hardware that are too old. Overall, it’s not just your Internet Service Provider or your computer’s sensitive parts. Your internet connection may be having trouble because of a number of different issues that may be happening at the same time or in different ways.

Most internet connectivity problems stem from your device’s natural ways, its device-tracking problems, or a mix of these factors. Also, changes in temperature, weather, storms, wind speeds, and electrical connections may have something to do with the loss of internet connection. Your ISP can also decide how bandwidth is shared among their customers so that everyone gets the same amount.

1. Internet Access

Internet Access

Depending on how you connect to the internet, you may have sluggish speeds.


In this case, DSL stands for “digital subscriber line” (DSL). It’s the standard for Internet service providers (ISPs) to provide customers a connection over the public switched telephone network. Because DSL relies on high-frequency connections, internet speeds may suffer at distances greater than 2 kilometres (1.2 miles).


Dial-up is the traditional connection of connecting to the internet, which uses the public switched telephone connection (PSTN) to facilitate internet transmissions. One of the slowest types of Internet connection currently available is a dial-up connection.


You may utilise your TV’s cable to access the internet. In order to transmit information across cable lines, a cable modem digitises analogue data streams. In reality, the speed is affected by the host company’s connection to the internet.

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Fiber Optic Service is abbreviated as “FiOS.” Light, through an optical network, is used to establish the connection to the internet. With its superior speed to copper wire connections, FiOS offers several benefits.


The norm for current internet connections. Both the central placement of your device and its distance from the Wi-Fi provider have an impact on your internet speed. It employs a wireless transmission method to divvy up available data transfer capacity on the internet to connected devices.

2. External Factors

External Factors

Slow internet speeds could be caused by a number of things. Internet problems can also be caused by things like traffic jams, overloaded website servers, natural geographical interference, atmospheric phenomena, and weather conditions. Computer viruses that people unknowingly download from the internet can also mess up internet connections.

3. Device Issues

Device Issues

Likewise, it’s important to think about the many means through which a user could connect the internet. Applications like viruses, malware, and spyware may cause havoc on your computer by corrupting its essential software. It’s possible for your device to connect to the internet in the background, without your awareness, if you have certain programmes running in the background that you’re not monitoring. You should look for these applications of software and give serious thought to the order in which you use various programmes.

Get Faster Internet

People now utilise the internet for everything from homework and research to financial and scientific modelling, home-based productivity and leisure activities. Experiencing a sudden slowdown in internet connections might make it difficult to submit necessary papers and fulfil deadlines. Determining what’s causing your internet connection to crawl might be the first step towards fixing it.

Checking out all the available software tools that may aid in restoring fantastic and reliable internet connections is the next step after troubleshooting the slow connection speed. Sometimes, the problem is that your Internet service provider (ISP) is intentionally throttling your data transfer people so that everyone on their connection experiences the same download and upload speeds. You may also try the following other methods:

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Subscribe to a VPN


Subscribing to a Virtual Private Network may protect you from the prying eyes of an ISP service that monitors your everyday internet activity. It does this by directing your connection to its private servers, as opposed to the normal method of using ISP channels. Using a virtual private connection (VPN) is one way to circumvent ISP internet throttling.

Perform Upgrades

A membership to an Internet Service Provider capable of supplying more than one gigabit of internet speed, equating to at least one thousand megabytes, may resolve past issues with slow internet speeds. Upgrade the routers and modems that are responsible for spreading your Internet connection to all of your devices. A router that cannot withstand the increased internet speeds may cause connections to slow.



As amazing as the internet is, it may sometimes become unusable due to natural disasters. Atmospheric inversions, temperature shifts, or a change in the weather might all be to blame. In way to deal with these tasks, it is better to result on a few key activities rather than working several processes that might together need a significant Mbps intake.


Slow internet speeds may be caused by outdated hardware and software, mechanisms employed by Internet Service Providers to distribute equitable bandwidth to their users, or natural events such as weather inversions. The primary method is to troubleshoot your device and internet connection, similar to how you would reset your internet modems. Alternative methods, such as upgrading your software and hardware platforms and investing in web-based services, may also be used to safeguard your private connections.

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