Best 10 Windows Software/Converters for Speech to Text (2023)

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People are constantly using computers, writing, or performing other jobs due to the exponential growth of technology in recent years. At certain points, people grow weary of typing text documents or clicking when playing video games. Or, some people simply type too slowly to complete any work on time. Speech-to-text software can help with this.

The technology to convert audio to text using speech to text software is made possible by technological breakthroughs. Such tools are widely accessible online or as downloadable software.

Let’s talk about some of the greatest audio to text conversion tools.

Best 10 Speech to Text Software for Windows 2023

As every speech to text converter comes with a different set of key features and sometimes drawbacks, it is wise to review a few and choose the one that seems most suitable. Here is a list of the top 10 speech to text converters.

1. Speechnotes

Price:  Free

The Speechnotes tool is a speech-to-text converter that is both effective and powerful. Since there is no need to download, register, or subscribe, it is simple to access. You can start dictating to turn audio into text by clicking the microphone icon when the Speechnotes online link is opened in Chrome. On the left side of the screen are several, commonly used commands and shortcuts. Additionally, Speechnotes autosaves documents and capitalises prepositions in sentences. The text can be exported to Google Drive or saved straight to local files after completion.

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2. Google Docs Voice Typing

Price:  Free

The Google Docs application may be used through the web includes speech-to-text software. You can work more quickly with this fantastic free tool without having to put anything in. There are about 100 voice commands that can be used to format and edit text. This Google voice to text software is great if you need to add bullet points, move lines, or underline a word. Although it is accessible online, downloading is not possible. Visit Google Docs and click Tools then Voice Typing to use this. Allow the use of the microphone, and then start speaking.

Google Docs Voice Typing

3. Window’s Speech Recognition (WSR)

Price:  Free

Users of Windows can benefit from the voice-to-text software already included in the platform and requires a short and simple activation technique to start. Users of different programmes, browsers, or applications can convert audio to text using Windows’ speech recognition software. With this, you may start or open programmes, create calendars, or even search for and play music. Enter Windows Speech Recognition in the search bar to turn it on. Follow the instructions to enable voice recognition on your computer, and you’re ready to begin.

Window's Speech Recognition (WSR)

4. Dragon Professional Individual

Price: $49.99 for the basic edition and $500 for the professional and enterprise versions

As its name implies, this speech to text software is a highly effective tool for simplifying a writer’s life. It can type 160 words per minute and includes a tonne of editing commands. It works with a variety of programmes in addition to the browser and offers accuracy of about 99%. You can easily activate and convert audio to text after installation. Through this tool, single-speaker pre-recorded audios can also be speedily transcribed.

Dragon Professional Individual

5. NaturalReader

Price:  $99.50 (one-time payment)

In order to save users from straining their eyes, NaturalReader is a type of speech-to-text software that can read or narrate a variety of text and numerous document types. It is beneficial to convert text into audio files like MP3. Even a word’s pronunciation can be changed at your discretion. NaturalReader offers both a downloading edition and an online version. There is also a free version, although it has fewer functionality.

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6. Braina Pro

Price: $169 for life (a one-time offer) or $59 per year

Braina Pro functions as a full-featured virtual assistant rather than merely a speech-to-text converter. It can perform an open range of operations on your computer, like setting alarms and opening and closing files. This software also has a mobile app that you may use to control your PC remotely without having to physically access it. More than 90 languages are supported by Braina Pro. However, to do so, you’ll need a working internet connection. Simply sign up, download the app, launch it, and select the microphone icon. To use it, click and then say, “Enter dictation mode.”

Braina Pro

7. Sobolsoft

Price: Free (500 monthly minutes)

You may easily and effortlessly convert audio to text files and save them with Sobolsoft. Every month, 500 minutes of audio can be corrected using the free version. After installation, you may click on convert to start the conversion process and submit audio files. Additionally, you can submit and translate many audio files at once. The text can be modified after transcription and saved. However, this speech to text software can only convert MP3 files.


8. Bear File Converter

Price: Cost: Free

The speech to text converter is only one of the many features that Bear File Converter provides. It can be used for free online. When you click on convert, you can upload audio files no larger than 3 megabytes. The audio file formats that this speech-to-text programme supports include MP3, OGG, WAV, WMA, and numerous others. You may also provide the URL for audio files. Simply click the convert button to start. The files are saved as a word document on the device.

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Bear File Converter

9. Voice Finger

Price: $9.99

Voice Finger is a speech-to-text software that is incredibly effective and simple to use, which makes a wide range of computer chores. This tool allows you to play video games without using your hands or carry out tasks without using the mouse. Voice Finger can also easily perform all clicks and grip specific keys. This voice-to-text software is ideal for people who play video games or have lengthy writing assignments because it makes things simple. Voice Finger has you covered whether you want to move the mouse, type documents, or click to shoot in a game. Simply download the application and use it. There is also a free version accessible.

Voice Finger

10. Windows Dictation

Price:  Free

Everything you say is easily converted to text by Windows Dictation using the built-in Speech Recognition. It is quite simple to use, and a variety of commands can be used to control the text and write with astounding accuracy without using the keyboard. Press Windows icon+H to launch this speech-to-text software, and turn on the online speech recognition option in the settings. There will be a toolbar with a microphone icon. Click the microphone and say Start Dictating to convert audio to text. You can bring the process to a close by commanding Stop Dictating. To utilise this dictator, you will, however, require a live internet connection.

Windows Dictation


Consider a few viable possibilities before deciding to subscribe to or buy a random speech to text software. Then, pick the option that best satisfies your requirements. Always make sure the voice to text software works offline if you plan to use it when you are on the go and don’t have access to the internet.You can read our fast evaluation of the best speech-to-text programmes here, which can help you get more done in less time and with less effort.

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