8 Best Free IPad Games For 5-Year-Olds

It is quite simple to prevent children from having access to cellphones, tablets, or laptops in today’s information age. However, since IOS games have a minimum age rating, you can regulate what kids can and cannot view. The iPad is the best entertainment device for children, with a variety of exciting games. These games vary from those that stimulate critical thinking and creative problem-solving to those that are just for fun and entertainment value. If you have an iPad and are looking for educational ways to keep your children occupied, you’ve come to the perfect place. This post presents the best free iPad games for 5-year-olds to keep them happy and occupied.

8 Best Free IPad Games For 5-Year-Olds

1. Dodo Peak

Dodo Peak

Dodo Peak is an extra great iPad game for 5 year olds that is free of charge. Your child will play the part of a dodo bird in Dodo Peak, a game in which they must navigate a series of dangerous heights in search of their missing young and eggs.

This game pays tribute to classic arcade systems while incorporating modern features. The goal of the game is to go back to base while avoiding any and all obstacles. Players race across a stunning collection of hand-crafted islands in search of money and power-ups that provide them extraordinary speed or strength or help them avoid clever snakes and monkeys.

Dodos are unlocked for your child to use, and they may unlock new, faster ones as they go through the game. The game’s basic touch controls make it great for both short bursts of play on public transit and prolonged playtimes on the sofa, making it perfect for a five-year-old.

Doing Dodo is an exciting but challenging venture. After completing a series of obstacles, your youngster will be rewarded monetarily if they successfully collect the eggs. The game has an impressive user interface, simple controls, and a wide range of environments for children to explore, such as islands, hills, volcanoes, and scoreboards.

2. Readlax: Brain Games

Readlax: Brain Games

Readlax is next on our list of the top iPad games for children ages 4-5. It is an all-encompassing productivity tool that may aid in the development of your child’s critical thinking and problem-solving skills. This game has more than 2,500 logic challenges, brainteasers, arithmetic questions, and memory training games.

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Brain training, speed reading, touch typing, smart notes, and the reader view are the game’s key features. Brain training is a program of activities aimed to retain or improve cognitive skills, such as working memory and executive function, in your child. Speed reading involves obtaining meaning from written text by identifying and interpreting word clusters as opposed to individual remarks. In addition, by typing without looking at the keys, your child will learn touch typing.

Smart note-taking is a practice that facilitates the organization and storage of information. The reader view of Readlax is a browser extension that removes distractions and advertisements to offer your child with a smooth experience based only on text and images. The Readlax app is appropriate for children above the age of five.

3. Ludi


Ludi is the next game on our list of the Best Free iPad Games for Kids to keep them entertained. Kids are becoming increasingly interested in technology. Because toddlers like playing, you may simply mix play and technology to teach children about the world around them. Ludi shines in this area once again. The game has no toys, videos, or animations. Instead, it use carefully selected, high-quality photos of children’s environments to teach them key abilities such as language, intellect, attention, and focus. Ludi allows your child to hear the names of the items they touch and categorise or identify patterns in their surroundings based on similarities between photos.

Each Ludi game is made up of six or eight sets that are arranged according to their difficulty level to help children enhance their concentration skills by enhancing their interest and attention. As the game progresses, your child will face increasingly challenging challenges. Individuals might, however, identify crucial criteria in identifying certain sets, such as color and shape, owing to their past experience, boosting their attention to detail. The entertainment is informative. It teaches children important concepts like as colors, shapes, and animal classifications without being overwhelming. It also offers variation via a selection of games that are consistent and free of interruptions. Ludi is appropriate for children aged three and above.

4. Kokoro Kids

 Kokoro Kids

It is one of the greatest free iPad games for kids aged two to seven, allowing them to learn while having fun with a variety of games, children, activities, and music. Kokoro Kids’ activities are grouped by ability, such as positions, colors, addition, subtraction, and up to five-digit counting. It was created by neuropsychology and early childhood experts to help in children’s cognitive and emotional development via game-based learning. This app’s skills and information may be applied to various areas of your child’s life. Kokoro’s hundred games and activities provide your child with a level-appropriate experience. With Kokoro, your child may learn to play instruments, solve puzzles, count, and express creativity.

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Activities and topics in Kokoro Kids enrich preschool and elementary school curriculum. Furthermore, Kokoro Kids provides resources for the early stimulation and development of various intelligences and essential cognitive skills. Furthermore, the instrument helps children manage basic emotions such as anger, impatience, generosity, and empathy. The Kokoro learning technique also use artificial intelligence to provide the relevant knowledge at the right time, enhance the challenge in areas where the learner excels, and reinforce the weaker sections. The software follows security guidelines to protect your child’s safety and filters out unsuitable information and advertisements.

5. Way Of The Turtle

Way Of The Turtle

Way of the Turtle is a fun adventure game that puts your child on a journey to reconnect two turtles separated on a tropical island in the middle of nowhere. The island does not seem to be so benign at first glance, as it is constructed of components that transform into formidable obstacles and vicious monsters. The good news is that just a few things will interfere with your child’s desire to have fun on the app.

Your youngster may make friends with the island’s inhabitants to assist them in their trek back home. Way of the Turtle uses cutting-edge graphics technology and cinematic cameras to immerse your child in a spectacular 3D environment. To operate the player’s character, just simple touch motions are required, and there are no on-screen buttons. The game is designed for children above the age of four and has fun sliding down parts.

6. Kidoku- Kids Sudoku Puzzle

Kidoku- Kids Sudoku Puzzle

Kidoku makes Sudoku enjoyable and engaging for children. This game has a lot of cute characters and easy-to-understand beginning levels so that children can understand and enjoy it. It is a great game for early learning and child development. The game is fun for children and helps them improve their memory, hand-eye coordination, and thinking skills.

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Also, the matching blocks solver game in Sudoku makes sure that your child learns the basics of matching problems and gets smarter. The traditional number puzzle puts children in the middle of an animal puzzle that is both challenging and fun. The game has more than 60 levels, and your child will get better at matching tiles the faster they finish the Sudoku fun levels. Kidoku is good for youngsters who are older than 3 years old.



Do you still want to find the Best Free iPad Games for kids? The second item on our list of the top free iPad games for 7-year-olds is LEGO DUPLO WORLD. You may encourage your child’s natural curiosity and imaginative development with the game’s many open-ended construction, animal, railroad, and transportation playsets.

Each activity in the game has an emphasis on educational toddler and preschooler learning ideas, thus it is a good fit for kids aged two to five. The educational merits of each game are discussed in the parent section. Your child may use 3D bricks to create imaginary structures while learning to think critically and independently. Because of the game’s multi-touch functionality, you may play it with your child. You can get the game and play it for free, but there are certain extras that will cost you some cash if you want them.

8. Fruit Ninja 2

Fruit Ninja 2

Fruit Ninja 2 is a slicing and dicing game with a simple premise but sufficient challenge to keep children interested. The purpose of this game is to cut as many fruits as possible while avoiding the explosives that will blow off your virtual finger.

The game has high-variety sound effects and visuals, as well as many game modes that broaden your playing possibilities. In this action-packed game, collecting and upgrading blades and power-ups is extremely exciting. Fruit Ninja 2 has been updated to meet the needs of contemporary players. In contrast to its predecessor, children may now compete against one another and compare their results. Fruit Ninja 2 is appropriate for children above the age of five.

Final Words:

To keep your child busy while learning basics, choose a game they like. Limit screen time and promote outdoor play to enhance children’s health. These best free iPad games help strengthen your child’s soft skills. I don’t recommend they replace up their physical toys and activities.

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