7 Best MOBA Games Like DOTA 2 For Real Gamers

Popular among games around is DOTA 2, or Defense of the Ancients 2. Its World Championship has one of the highest prize pools in eSports history, and millions of viewers tune in online from all around the world. But Dota 2 has a shelf life, and even though it’s always getting better, every once in a while a lot of people quit playing it. If you’ve decided to move on from DOTA 2 and are in search of other games to play, you’re in luck. Here is a list of the 7  top games that are similar to DOTA 2 that are worth checking out.

7 Best MOBA Games Like DOTA 2 For Real Gamers



If you’re not into the heroes and champions from the previous games, you may like Gods. Gods from many different mythologies clash in SMITE, a multiplayer online combat arena game. When you can play one of the numerous Gods from faiths and mythologies all over the globe, you won’t need a weak hero. In SMITE, you may take control of mighty deities like Zeus, Thor, Loki, and many more.

Unlike most other game online perspective arenas (MOBAs), this one is played from a third-person perspective, much like DOTA 2. The option to employ your god from a third-person experience is also unique, giving the game a more action-oriented vibe.

Although it’s a nice change of experience from DOTA 2, this DOTA 2-alternative still needs a little more balance to prevent players from consistently picking the same Gods and making the game too repetitive.

You may call upon the might of any God to smite your opponents if you are competent enough to do so (pun intended). Get a jump on the competition and give your god a boost by making smart early purchases. You need lightning-fast reflexes to win this game.

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2. Heavy Metal Machines

Heavy Metal Machines

Insanity-set Players may command a variety of machines and pilots in 4v4 rounds to deliver the bomb to the opposing base in Heavy Metal Machines. The bomb carrier must race across a race track while being assaulted by the other team, opposing the mission difficult.

Like DOTA 2, each machine possesses weapons that damage, limit, or boost your opponent. This must be coupled with your team’s powers to beat the other team. Your skills will determine your team position, from bomb-carrying to support or protection. Character skins and garage components provide extra customisation.

Each machine has fatal skills that smash adversaries into walls, burn them, or injure them if they go too near. Support machines’ speed tethers boost your speed while close.

3. Heroes Of Newerth

Heroes Of Newerth

Choose your hero in Heroes of Newerth and lead your army to victory. This alternative to DOTA 2 is all about teamwork and assaulting the opponent to destroy them. Thus, the game emphasizes cooperation and strategy. You have access to an excellent voice chat in the game, which you can utilize to communicate with your team and plan assaults appropriately.

This game, unique to DOTA 2, is based on the Warcraft 3 mod DotA, but includes numerous additional aspects that give it a unique aesthetic. Create a clan and recruit members to become the most powerful force in the game. The gameplay is fast-paced and focuses on teamwork rather than individual attacks.

Well, there are more than 12 free-to-use playable characters, and you can even purchase more goods using in-game cash or real money. Play ranked mode to increase your rating and become the top player on the Heroes of Newerth leaderboards; it takes time and perseverance to attain the top spot.

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4. Heroes Of Order & Chaos

Heroes Of Order & Chaos

Heroes of Order & Chaos was one of the first mobile MOBA games for iOS and Android. Like DOTA 2, Gamesoft published this game in November 2012.

Heroes of Order & Chaos has mobile MOBA gameplay. The game includes as many MOBA elements as possible while being basic enough for mobile play (although getting used to controls will be the largest part of your learning curve).

Heroes of Order & Chaos has over 30 heroes, including fierce combatants, mobile assassins, and powerful spellcasters.

After choosing a character, you may fight AI-controlled bots or other players in 3v3 or 5v5 matches. This makes this DOTA 2 alternative attractive to both competitive and casual players.

5. Panzar


Like DOTA 2, the third-person perspective is used in Panzar, another game online battle arena. It’s a free-to-play experience like many others in the genre, and it promises like it has a ton of complexity.

Well, Panzar takes place in a virtual world set just to sate a game’s need for bloodshed. In this world, you will enter as one of four ancient species (orcs, humans, elves, or dwarves) and battle for dark gods through a variety of desolate landscapes (which are all beautifully presented).

The CryEngine 3 that supports Panzar promises not just breathtaking environments, but also visually stunning abilities and character models that take the game to a level of realism unseen in games of this genre to date.

When it comes to gameplay, Panzar is more of an MMO arena game than a standard MOBA because of its many available game types. Domination, King of the Hill, and Siege modes will all be included, as will the one-of-a-kind Meteor mode, in which players must locate and claim an item for their team.

6. Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

One of the most popular mobile MOBA games, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, features 5v5 MOBA gameplay. Players may join a match in under 20 seconds, with an average match duration of 10 minutes. MOBA enthusiasts on the move love Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

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Players will battle in three lanes with turrets, monsters, and jungle camps on a familiar terrain. Your battle avatar is a typical archetypal hero. Assassins, healers, tanky initiators, and spellcasters all have unique skills.

The skills are attractive and suitable for each character, and the snappy and intuitive mobile control scheme lets you utilize them well, including skillshots. Aim assistance helps you move, attack, and finish. Mobile Legends: Bang Bang also has quick-press buttons for healing, execution, and recall.

Customize your character further by using items to change your stats. The game has a vast item pool and decent item depth and strategy, but League of Legends is better. One of the greatest DOTA 2 games.

7. Heroes Arena

Heroes Arena

If none of the above mobile MOBAs interest you, you can also try Heroes Arena, which is another good choice for people with smartphones. The game has a classic 5v5 mode, like all of the other games on this list, in which you battle with your teammates to destroy the enemy’s base. Also, the game has a 1v1 mode and a 3v3 mode, which are faster and less about strategy and more about skill.

There are 20 heroes in the game, each with their own special skills and six different classes, such as Assassin, Mage, Marksman, Support, Tank, and Warrior. This alternative to DOTA 2 is free to play, and you can change the game your favorite hero looks by buying cosmetic upgrades in the game. Even though the game is fun to play, the champion roster isn’t very exciting, which may turn off some of you who are used to seeing a wide range of champions.

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