8 Best Relaxing Games Like Stardew Valley To Play

Stardew Valley-like games are plentiful. Stardew Valley was a wonderful, unique game that incorporated the finest concepts from years of farming RPG experiences. It attractive visuals, relaxing gameplay, and sincere simplicity are enchanting players worldwide. Due to its popularity, several similar games have followed. If you’ve gotten your fill of Stardew Valley but still want something similar, take out the 8 games like Stardew Valley below, which are relaxing, beautiful simulations. We added some for looking forward.

8 Best Relaxing Games Like Stardew Valley To Play

We’ve looked at many other games like Stardew Valley and settled on these as the best alternatives since they enhance the original number while also bringing something new to the table. While games like Stardew Valley focus on action-adventure, others try to add more gameplay to role-playing.

There are, in number, a plethora of games that, like Stardew Valley, are meant to be challenging mental exercises. Since this is the case, the gameplay will never be a one-way traffic or too easy to lose interest in. So now that you know what these great alternatives to Stardew Valley have to offer, let’s get started with the list!

1. Story Of Seasons: Friends Of Mineral Town

Story Of Seasons: Friends Of Mineral Town

Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town is a must-play if you have previously played a Harvest Moon game and are seeking for a Stardew Valley alternative. The game is basically a continuation of the Harvest Moon series, and it is an improved version of the previous instalments.

In this game similar to Stardew Valley, you begin as a young, inexperienced farmer entrusted with farming their field effectively. Addition, you have lived in a city but have returned to it in town to care for your grandfather’s farm. In contrast to Stardew Valley, Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town’s story unfolds at a much quicker rate, making the game far more fun.

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2. Fantasy Life

Fantasy Life

Fantasy life is all about living a happy fantasy life in the virtual world, as the name suggests. The game has a beautiful, big, open world with cute graphics and different classes that add to the fun of playing. Each class has unique traits and activities that add to the game’s overall replay value.

You get to choose which life you want to play and enjoy all the skills and benefits that come with it. Playing each life adds to the overall amount of times you can play the game, and each class gives you hours of fun and excitement. One of the best games like Stardew Valley is Fantasy Life.

3. Kynseed


Kynseed is a lovely, never-ending indie game. Stardew Valley accelerates time. Continue farming, opening stores, adventuring, and gathering resources. Kynseed allows marriage, children, and death. Pass to your children. World’s first rebirth simulator!

The Fable team designed the British folklore-inspired game. The game’s antique visuals and intriguing sandbox world set it from Stardew Valley-like games. Ancient gods, evil fairy tale monsters, and strange sicknesses await. This fanciful world and cross-generational stories make a unique experience that is akin to Stardew Valley but also worth playing.

4. Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

It is foolish to play a farm simulation when Animal Crossing: New Horizon allows you to play a simulation of your whole life. The highly anticipated Nintendo game was published during the epidemic and has been a smashing hit ever since. The game sold one million copies within its first eleven days on the release and has since sold over 26 million units.

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This game, similar to Stardew Valley, permits the construction of a full town and has a strong economy. You may develop the infrastructure of your town by creating bridges, public town centres, and other monuments. You also have the ability to set and set the laws and standards of your town, and every citizen must adhere by your standards. This Stardew Valley alternative game is all about managing your town and its inhabitants, with adorable visuals and characters that make the game dynamic and engaging.

5. Forager


Looking for games like Stardew Valley? Well, Forager is a fairly new game in the genre of “idle” games, which are available on almost every platform. It is known for moving faster, which makes it a good choice for getting on and off on the way to and from work. The style of the art is cute and reminds me of the first Pokemon games for the Nintendo Gameboy. Also, you take the part of a cheery little guy who looks like a marshmallow with a pickaxe.

Because the game is faster and more focused on action, there is less of an emphasis on storytelling, making friends, and making a relaxing environment. So, if those were the things you liked best about Stardew Valley, you might want to pass this one.

6. Moonlighter


If you like action role-playing games like Stardew Valley, you should also check out Moonlighter. You take the part of Will, an enterprising shopkeeper who, in the game, spends his days running his store and his nights dreaming of saving the world.

Therefore, you must play the game in such a way that all of your actions contribute to the success of both goals. Sell the items you find in the dungeons in your store to make a rapid profit, and use the money you’ve earned to buy more powerful weapons. However, moonlighter is an entertaining game in the vein of Stardew Valley.

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7. Recettear


If you prefer simulation games but are interested in trying anything other than farming, we have the perfect Stardew Valley alternative for you. In terms of gameplay, Recettar: An Item Store’s Tale is quite similar to farm simulators; however, in this game, like in Stardew Valley, you are in charge of an item shop and must manage it. You begin the item as a young girl who inherited her father’s shop following his sudden death.

Keep in mind that you will be required to retrieve your items from hazardous areas. It is part of the game to explore dungeons, battle monsters, and acquire valuable items to sell in your shop. To settle all debts, you must restore the shop to its previous grandeur.

8. Farm For Your Life

Farm For Your Life

In most farming games, you build a farm, protect it from bad weather, grow it, and sell the crops you grow. Most of the time, this is fun, but it can get repetitive and dull at times. Farm for your Life, on the other hand, is never boring because it has many different types of games in it.

In a farming simulator, you get to grow and expand a farm. You can use defences to protect undead and zombies away from your farm, making it a tower-defense game, and you can also run a restaurant. So, Farm for your Life is a weird mix of different genres of games into one game one that has something for everyone. Another great game like Stardew Valley is Farm for Your Life.

Final Words:

It  is great, but try one of the games like it above to spice up your farming experience. If you’re tired of agricultural simulators, try several mixed-genre games with unique elements to keep you engaged for hours.

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